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Compound Cell-EMF Addiction?

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Scompy, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Any studies done on EMF pulses and addictive feedback loops in the brain? The reason why I ask is that it's such common behavior in people to DROP EVERYTHING they are doing and give the greatest importance to check an email or phone message that just occurred on their cell phone.

    Here is the detail that may not be accounted for: The actual EMF pulse at the moment of the received message is often pretty high like in the 100-500 microWatt/sq. meter range. Everyone attributes this cell-behavior to hearing-conditioning of the message, but I wonder if the combination of the sudden EMF surge helps to create a stronger addictive feedback loop, especially if the phone is touching the body at the time of the received message/call.

    Same reasoning why I think cells needs to be banned while driving. Distraction causes accidents, and with everyone's cell chirping 24/7, it's a no-brainer why it's now the leading cause of collisions.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    If you have been following my ubiquitin series this won't surprise you. Wifi, blue light at night or the lack of UV and IR light in the AM all are causative to sleep apnea because of how oxygen and light interact with the surfaces in our body. When this does happen, the BBB opens up and the cells in the brain alter their biochemistry to begin to craves glucose from carbs to try to harvest the UV light contained in carbs to offset the loss at cytochrome 1. But be aware that pseudohypoxia doesn't equal hypoxia. Badly lit environments are how apnea begins and it breaks down the BBB and alters heart function. Also be aware that nnEMF from microwaves, especially cell phones causes this based upon published research from Nora Volkow and Allan Frey. This is why HRV and right heart failure can kill you with apnea. Football fans will remember Reggie White (Green Bay HOFer), this is how he died.http://newsroom.ucla.edu/…/ucla-researchers-provide-first-e… With time it will be proven surface chemistry of the skin and gut is more important than biochemistry for humans. The AM photons can do several things at surfaces like diffract, reflect or be absorbed at surfaces. they do not accumulate anywhere. Those that do get absorbed, do so in a quantized fashion. From the absorption molecules that energy can be stored or re emitted. How it is re emitted depends upon the physical properties of the absorber or the surface involved. For apnea that is the eye, skin, and lung. Those that happen to be going down from the atmosphere gain a small amount of energy from the gravity field. (More energy = higher frequency = higher momentum) This implies, even a massless beam of light gravitates. People who lack the AM sunlight, thus lack gravity to absorb AM UV-IR light. Counterintuitive, but 100% accurate. Thus, photons interactions on the surfaces it hits and is absorbed, can produce more force on the surface. People with apnea can't and they dont absorb that energy and their brains and hearts pay a toll for that. That toll changes how the cells below act. This is why we see the BBB becoming permeable to chemicals. The brain mitochondria are looking for carbohydrates to steal their UV light to use at cytochrome 1 where NAD+ is much higher. NAD+ is higher in all pseudohypoxic states. If you think about all these quantum interactions, few do as I do, Then you see why apnea manifests. AM sunlight is fully capable of simulating a sailboat when you think about light as the wind and your surfaces as a sail. Light can then be changed into many other forms of energy to be useful. When the main driver is absent (wind) your sailboat won't go very far in the water no matter what you do or supplement. Changing your light environment is the key maneuver few make.
  3. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Thank you sir... I've read only the later installments of the Ubiquitin series. I'll go back and read the previous ones. You're logic above is profound to say the least.
  4. Jude

    Jude Gold

    AM sunlight is fully capable of simulating a sailboat when you think about light as the wind and your surfaces as a sail.

    Light can then be changed into many other forms of energy to be useful.

    When the main driver is absent (wind) your sailboat won't go very far in the water no matter what you do or supplement.

    Changing your light environment is the key maneuver few make.
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  5. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    My light environment is Seattle, WA., so I'm consuming a hella-lotta DHA now along with my family. I get morning sun initially at 7ish am, and then typically a walk from 11am for an early lunch on the weekdays. Even on my way to work now, I have the window down, and being far-north, I often get some CT with it too. Both Sat and Sunday, I get full sun-exposure for a good half hour or more in the mid-morning.

    Past notes: I saw a radical change in my family's health in 2010 when we moved here from Pasadena. That first winter, it was nearly overcast every single day for 180 days straight. By the spring of 2011, we all agreed to take a long trip to Sedona for lots of sun. I've been recently working with my 6-year old to get morning sun. My son has had poor health over the past 4 years after moving up here, coming down with colds way too easily, having coughs continue a long time after a cold, and constipation.

    Curent Protocols: The newer protocols have already been promising for my son. (My personal protocols are rocking bigtime with tons of health benefits). He actively does blue-blocking in the evening and things the amber-blockers are cool. Getting more cysteine into him, and at least some grassfed foods, but he's very anti-seafood at this age. The DHA supplements are risky... transfats due to their processing? Maybe, so I limit them to one a day. Instead, I've been getting way more grassfed butters and meats into him. I also did a ton of EMF mitigation at home and even made him an EMF reflecting cap with some sewing skills. The big thing is getting kids hydrated as much as possible. With all of these changes in about the last 2-3 months, we've already seen great improvements.

    His new school has him getting 3x morning recess times!, so he gets morning sun a lot. But I've got 3 problems at his school: Wifi, flourescences in the classrooms and even a microwave oven in the classroom to heat up lunches. I KNOW, TELL ME ABOUT IT. I measured 0.2 to 2.0 microWatt/Sq.m in his classroom for the WiFi. Luckily the microwave has a good feet of clearance for the magEMF, but still... come on. Then the fluorescence... will be long-sleeving him inside. I'm actively pursuing to talk soon with the administrators and principal about the science behind it all.
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