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Coming to a new beginning

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sufoto, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Sufoto

    Sufoto New Member

    It has been about a month since I began to explore the ideas put forth by Jack Kruse. Read his book. Getting up early to greet the day. Finding the sun. Looking for the sun light. Wearing my blue blockers while on the computer.
    My basic info

    An older woman ( a grandmother) who still feels like she is in her forties or maybe fifty. I am not retired rather I am a working person who has an on-going career.

    I have noticed inflammation lately and high blood pressure for the past few years
    The high blood pressure comes from my mother and maternal family. Mother had congestive heart failure and died too young at 78. Mother had pneumonia and pleurisy as an infant leaving her with weak lungs and she had many bouts on pneumonia during her life. Smoking for most her life did nothing to help.

    Her mother died of heart failure as well in her 70's.

    Father died of a heart attack even younger - in his late 50s.

    I have managed my blood pressure by diet and exercise. I was doing well without meds until very recently.
    Then in June was at the gym and blood pressure spiked and had me seeing double so I went to the ER. I thought I might be having a stroke. I wasn't and didn't. My doctor (integrative medicine) tried several different BP meds all of which made me feel worse. I cut them in half and then could barely tolerate them.
    The last time I took them was several weeks ago. I recently took my BP and it was 160/82. Now trying to stay away from caffeine. Eating a Big Ass Breakfast. Getting the light.

    Only last week I found that I had had a smart meter put on the house while I was in California in June. I think this may account for the spikes in BP and am addressing the meter with my electric company. I will have an opt out. Soon I hope!!

    There is much more to add but it's getting past my bedtime. (This used to be an early bedtime)
    So I will continue this tomorrow.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. Sufoto

    Sufoto New Member

    Good to be here!
  4. Sufoto

    Sufoto New Member

    Where I reside: Columbus, North Carolina. 35° 15′ 2″ N, 82° 12′ 8″ W
    We have lived here since October 2005. The town has just under a 1000 people. We live in a house on 8 acres of mostly hillside forest. The three bedroom house is two stories. The main story is upstairs and the basement level built out and if I want to be "grounded" I would need to be downstairs. My office is downstairs, inside the wall where the meters are. This is not something I gave thought to , at the time.
    The news on the smart meter. I spoke with them today. The electric company will remove the smart meter. It will cost $50 to remove it and $11 a month to have a meter reader human come to read it each month. But I am happy to do that to save my body.
    Trying to find a place where the light in the morning and the grounding can happen. we have a deck that gets early light through the trees. But nowhere on the ground and because of the trees very little light on the ground until the sun is high. This is a dilemma I am trying to resolve. Forgot to put in the elevation of the town which is 1100 feet.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    wise choices
  6. Sufoto

    Sufoto New Member

    Trying the hardest to get the most light early in my eyes. My eye doc in NYC who wrote the book "Total VIsion", Richard Kavner, recommends looking at the clear blue sky. I used to do that and I worked with him on my eyes' convergence, a problem I didn't know I had but it was significantly improved with his exercises.
    We had a well put in when we had been here a year and the water seems fine when we have had it tested. No chemicals.
    Took me a time to find out that there is radon naturally occuring in this area and we had a very minimal reading in the cellar so put in the device to vent it.
    Also making an effort to eat paleo. Pastured meat. (Recently found Butcher Box). No gluten for quite a few years and had been grain free but fell off that now going back to grain free. Starting the CT with the iced face in the sink which I did years ago when I read it was something that Paul Newman did every day. Kept him looking pretty great. Ah, vanity!
    And I am reading reading reading to get up to speed.
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