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Cold Thermogenesis for dummies -

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by aug19, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. aug19

    aug19 New Member

    Can anyone give me the break down of CT?

    I want to add this to my ongoing LeptinRX/LeakyGut/AIPaleo protocol.

    Plan on using my very deep garden tub.

    I need to get a digital meat thermometer for temperature.

    What temp water? (50's)

    What temp skin?

    Why wear Champion shirt and running pants?

    I need to dunk my face in some too?

    Any dangers?

    Anything I need to watch out for?

    Okay to do this daily?

    I sit for 2-4 hours for work daily - I need to lose most in my butt so should I be sitting on ice packs?

    Thanks for the advice.

    Love this forum! I could read and read all day long. It's all I want to talk about with others but most aren't interested in learning. Want so bad to be successful to 1. be healthy and 2. encourage others to do some research
  2. marthabob2u

    marthabob2u New Member

    Start by face dunkng in cold water for as long as you can, then don't wait for the digital meat thermometer, just do it!

    By all means if you are outside in a garden tub wear light clothing or the buzzards may circle!

    What I have been doing is adding ice blocks to my 'cool' Mexican water and just soaking for as long as possible. I add ice packs to my lardy tummy and you could sit on a couple for sure. It is OK to get red skin but don't go beyond that. I often start with a washcloth between me and the ice block, then do skin contact for a while, keeping an eye on skin colour.

    Do it as often as you can- I think every day is preferable. At first I didn't see much progress and then suddenly my waist dropped a couple of inches. It WORKS!

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