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Cold hands and feet

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Boga, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Greetings guys,

    New guy here looking for a advice to a problem i have had for many years.

    Cold hands and feet is my problem, and i still dont get it why this is a problem. I have a healthy diet, trying to have a good circadian rhythm, exercise/ strength training, cold showers (always) since new year but still i see little improvement. Really sucks when im out on a mountain trip/tent trip and cant have a long break because im afraid that i will go too cold on my hands and feet.

    But the strange thing sometimes at evenings, i can get really hot on my feet and i need to take my socks off, but when morning comes im dead cold again.

    Would really appreciate if Jack or someone else could come up with a theory about my problem and how to fix it. Recently this has been very annoying because winter is coming and im livinig in north europe.

    Thank you guys, and sorry for my low quality of english :)
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    My bet is this is from a lack of storage of light energy in cell membranes, EZ, and the collagen tensegrity system.
  3. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Hello Jack

    I am so grateful that jack himself replied on this thread.

    Anyway do you have a soultion for this? I know that i will maybe find a answer in your blog, (and i keep searching for it) but your information is kinda heavy so its going abit slow for me.

    Would really appreciate for your assistance here.

    Thanks guys!
  4. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Add electrons so your proteins become more hydrophylic so they can hold more energy by increasing the exclusion zone... in English, this would mean eating more seafood, earthing (barefoot) - see this post for more ideas:
    Naturally, your environment probably sucks...
    I would also be popping benfotiamine - it helps with glycation which leads to diabetic neuropathy - get the Life Extension brand - you can also go to lef.org and search for glycation -

    Hopefully you are taking methylene blue...

    IP6 will "dope" your semiconductor so it's negatively charged-this is how it helps diabetes:

    You might also want to search for "Raynaud's" on the forum as I think that's what you have -

    Infrared therapy would also help - you can shine a rubilux light on your wrists and that would increase mitochondrial activity - Rubilux IR bulb on amazon - they even make infrared gloves - crazy huh? :)
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2016
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Lots of seafood lots of sun and water with a 7.6 pH will help. Sunlight is the key in daytime though
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  6. Penny

    Penny New Member

    So Dr. K, the rabbit bit me this morning and it drew blood - so I shined it under a UV light and at first I didn't see anything but red, but then - I guess maybe it dried a little - it shined purple - I'm assuming to test anything for flourescence, we can just use the material - like why did you say to put b12 in vinegar and is that the only substance we put in vinegar to test it? Could you test all vitamins this way? I wonder what would happen with a vitamin with titanium dioxide for instance?
  7. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Thank you Jack and Penny, i will try to apply them in my routine.

    My fish/seafood consumption has increase drastically these weeks recently.

    "Hopefully you are taking methylene blue..."
    Tryed methylene blue for maybe 1-2 weeks didnt feel any effect, either must i use it longer or maybe i under dose it.

    But i dont think i got Raynaud's, but i will try the Infrared therapy. The only thing that i am abit worried about is the sun, where i live, there is almost no sun in the autumn, so what can i do? Is sunbed an option?
    Would also say that my skin is always dry, hands, feet, lips.

    And Jack what do you think about hydrogen water then?

    Thanks for your respons!
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sunlight even at high latitudes has red........and red is 50% of the light that falls to us and our Q cycle needs to be drunk on red.........so there is still a lot of benefit.
  9. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Thanks for the advice Jack, im still trying to adapt to my new lifestyle but recently this cold hands and feet has got really worse these 2 weeks, even my nose is getting cold now. This is not fun anymore, and it's really bothering my life. Im still trying to collect all the piece of your work to find solution of my problem, but like i said earlier: your information is really heavy but trying my best to learn your work so i appreciate that you are trying to give me a helping hand.

    (earlier this week, i forgot my bank pin, so had to call the bank to create a new one, reason: cold, cold and more cold + bad blood circulation (this has never happen before). did measure my temperature of my hand one time last week and it gave me 22 celsius/ 71.6 fahrenheit.).

    Life is energy, and like you said earlier that : "im lacking of storage of light energy in cell membranes". So right now im trying to fix this problem. I now see why the sun is really important in life, (most my life i have avoided it because of body shame), but right now where i live there is almost no sun (living in north europe), so can sunbed be a option in my situation?

    I also wait for my vitamin d test next week to see how much vitamin d i got in my body (pretty sure its very low, because last time i took it (3 years ago) it was low) so i have aldready begin to take 10,000ui of vitamind d3 with k2 to try to raise it.

    But let me ask you jack if i understand your work right.

    My body is very bad holding energy, this is because i have not been good to expose my core body to the sun. right? (diet, exercise etc.. is fine)
    And because my whole body has not been exposed by the sun for many many years my so called "shield" for holding energy around my body has decay overtime, and now my light energy just leave my body because my "shield/skin" cant hold it. (my core body is much more whiter than the rest of my body who have been exposed by the sun when i have been out). So let me ask you, when the body get exposed by the sun, do the body produce something around the skin that will hold the light energy so it will not escape my body?

    Sorry if my post is abit chaotic and bad gramma, my brain did not cooperate and did use a long time writeing this because of my issue.

    Appreciate all replies.

    Thanks Jack, and the rest of the community.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    True......this is why polar bears and penguins can swim in freezing seas.......the higher their DC electric current/redox the more the repel cold.
  11. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Thank you Jack, good to know that im on the right track.

    But let me ask you something, since our skin are the biggest organ in our body, and if you will not take care of it, it will decay overtime (no sun expose, like my body = losing too fast light energy).

    So what happen when the skin get exposed by the sun? Are there any specific wavelengths from the sun that will create some kind of a barrier on the skin, that will not let light energy escape so fast?

    If so, what are these barrier called? (would be really happy if you could answer this question)

  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Everything alive decays over time. All organs are built to be perpetual motion machines. They sustain for a time because they remain far from equillibrium because of how the respiratory proteins work with light deep inside of cells. when motions slow on the inner mitochondrial membrane where the respiratory proteins exist heteroplasmy rates are said to rise and life first gets ill then it dies. The skin as a solar panel have to ferry sunlight to deeper levels. Your skin is a key ideal topologic insulator for sunlight that photo-electrically transferes sunlight in many ways to energize the blood and tissues below to lead to a bio-electric life that allows motions of electrons to persists for decades. Read Time 24 carefully. You probably would benefit from the last few webinars too. You need a human pic up soon or this thread gets shut down. New forum rule. Thank you.

    We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with nature in ways we do not perceive. This leads to collateral damage and collateral benefits as this video shows from 21:00 on. Everything is quantum connected. The essence of the quantum zeno effect is that invisible threads are the strongest ties to nature's innovation. Deep down, nature is inherently peaceful, calm and beautiful. So are we. The universe as a whole is perfect. The chaos, we call observable life, is on the surfaces of things. What have I learned about the universe when I decided to first question the dogma I was taught in biology? All truth is quantum. It is beyond the concepts space and time, we think we know. Why do I believe this? Relativity of all things but light only stamped this idea in my mind once I understood why light had to be different for all living things.
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  13. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Sorry about the profile pic, updated it now.

    Anyway, thanks for your answer and the video you shared, really interesting! :)

    Have read your Time 24 article now, but must read it several times more to understand it 100%.

    But i still wondering about this theory/concept/idea, like i said in my previous post that life is energy and the sun is a really important in our life, but lets make a scenario, we have two bodies, both are doing all "optimise protocols from our blog". But one of the bodies does not get exposed by the sun for many many years. Will not this body have much lower light energy in the body than the body who get exposed by the sun daily. Is this right, and what is the reason for that?

    Is it the wavelength from the sun who is responsible to create this insulation on the skin, that will help with less light energy losses? "example: my body is very pale, so i will have much light energy loss, but after daily exposure to the sun for many weeks, my body has now gone from very pale to brown, and because of this, can my body hold much more light energy" Am i on the right track?

    Thanks Jack, hope one time i will reach your depth about quantum health :)
  14. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Okay, so the "shield" i was talking about, was the collagen tensegrity system like you mention it in the first reply you posted.

    And as you and penny said that i need to red light to stimulate new collagen.

    But i was wondering, places where you do not get exposed to sunlight / red light, will it still stimulate new collagen?
    Example: You expose your whole body except your feet to the sunlight, and because of that, will you have higher energy losses because the collagen in your feet is not good like rest of your body who have been exposed by the sun. Is this right Jack?

    Sorry if you have aldready answerd my question, and im still asking the same question. Like i said im new to this, but it begins to settle in now.

    Thanks Jack!
  15. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to update my journey to solve my problem with cold hands and feet.

    Last week i was at the doctor and got back my blood results (she didn't allow me to take blood test without a appointment with her first :-/... )

    Anyway, my blood test was good, didn't see any deficiency (also according to my doctor). So i think my new diet helped me considerable with my nutrition. Even my vitamin d level was good from 34 (2015) to 107 (now).
    The only problem my doctor said was that i had high cholesterol. It was there things began to get really annoying. She dropped almost everything about my problem with cold hands and feet and began focusing on my high cholesterol. She even consider putting me on meds, and said to me that i had to go take a gen test to see if i have any "bad cholesterol genes"...
    I was still complaining about my issue with cold hands and feet but she only said: i cant help you, it seems that everything is fine with you. Maybe it is your nerves which are damage. Then she was considering sending me to a neurologist to check my nerves in my hands and feet...

    "We cant fix your problem if we dont know what is wrong with you, but we should focus on things that we can do", and mention my high cholesterol again. Now she want to me to check my cholesterol levels every 2-3 months. I will not going back there no more. What a waste of money and time, atleast i got my blood result which was the main reason for going there.

    Enough with that.

    Back to my cold hands and feet.

    Seems that my problem is getting worse, because the weather is getting very cold at the moment(ice outside now)
    I still try to eat as much seafood as i can (have harvest sea vegetables).
    When there is sun i try to go outside, but like i said earlier, almost no sun here at this season. (much sky at the moment)
    When i workout i still feel very dehydrated even if i bring my 1L flask with water and drink it. Little sweat, much pee if i drink to much. And when i drink much water at the gym, i always feel full so much that it begins to mess with performance. (seems that my body dont hydrate effective)

    So i have an idea to considering buying a sunbed to see if that will help my problem. I found some lamps with these >>Uv-ray<< . What do you think guys think? Really want to hear your opinion.

    PS: hope i will get an answer on this one, i know that im not so knowledgeable in this topic but i hope that i atleast got some replies back, i would really appreciate it.

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  16. thrive1992

    thrive1992 New Member

    Hi, how did this turn out?
    I also have cold hands often - not sure if it is raynauds or just poor circulation though
  17. drezy

    drezy Gold

    That guy hasn't been around in a while.

    In case he doesn't pop back up, I've eliminated cold hands that I had since I was 14. Just like the above advice states lots of sun esp. morning sun btw.

    Cold hands were really inconvenient when I wanted to hold a woman's hand (let alone any other contact). Reaching out and freezing the one you admire gets old quickly.
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