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Cold baths and migraine onset!

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by SarahF, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. SarahF

    SarahF New Member

    After a week or so of immersing myself in the coldest water from the tap in the UK for about 30 minutes I started to get daily migraines. I have been a sufferer before but previously they were associated with my menstrual cycle. The only thing I could come up with after hours searching online, was a possible link with histamine release from any change in temperature, women in their late forties seem to be more vulnerable to this. So I have embarked upon a lower histamine diet to see if I can reintroduce the cold baths, but don't really have any idea if I am barking up the wrong tree or not. Does anyone have any other thoughts/experience with this sort of symptom?
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    The only thing I do know is, at the beginning of CT you might experience detox... I did too. Migraines could be because of that......? Just thinking out loud...
    I would maybe take some liver support like milk thistle, and drink plenty of good water, back off a little with the CT and increase slower. Maybe some B vitamins too or loads of raw egg yolks. I craved those all the time when I started CT :)
    You can always try a lower histamine diet too, it want hurt I think!

    Have you bin doing the CT protocols like Jack has said it to be done, or did you just jumped straight into the baths?
    If that is - it might be wise to follow the CT protocol........ and start with face dunks :)
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  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    At the beginning I only soaked for about 7 minutes or so. But in a week or two, I was able to be comfortable for much longer times.
  4. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    ^^^^^This is what I think too. I've been getting headaches a bit more 'unpredictably' since I started CT as well.. but I get them all the time anyway. The headache 'patterns' just seem to be a little more unpredictable. For instance, I had one headache that came on fast and furious at work even though I really tried all I could to avoid one ...like drink TONS of water. That doesn't happen usually.
  5. I wonder what the temperature of the water is. Here, in the middle of Vancouver island (slightly south of the UK) the water runs at about 42 degrees this time of year, so I use a thermometer and adjust the temperature to 50f.
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