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Coffee, coffee, coffee.....

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by caroline, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What kind of nicotine are you using? How much? How often?
  2. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    I've used lozenges. Played around with a lot. From 2mg - 16mg. I've gotten the "buzz" before, but never really felt a mental boost as I do from coffee. Never take it on consecutive days, and yes, I get plenty of strong sun light.
  3. Matthias

    Matthias New Member

    Coffee is great, both black and in BPC.

    Coffee, for me, acts as something of a supplement, so I try and be diligent to abstain for it for at least 3 days between every... ~3-5 when I consume. Something I've noticed is that I get a slight bone ache if I've abstained from coffee for too long.

    I have a minor casein sensitivity, so when I make BPC, I use I use ghee, coconut oil, a cacao butter wafer, and an egg. The cacao butter and egg help emulsify the ghee in addition to making it more nutritious. (I had mistakenly been using MCT oil that came in a PETE bottle, so I stopped. If I had to do it again, I would get this one because it comes in a glass bottle).

    When I'm on coffee/caffeine, I've tested myself to have faster reaction times and more concrete logical reasoning. (My testing battery is timed chess puzzles). But I'm a little less patient, and I move and think more quickly.
  4. Chlorophyll in water maybe a great morning pick me up in lieu of coffee. That's how I started my day today. We have also been making spirulina smoothies in the morning. Spirulina is high in chlorophyll, so that might be another option for you.

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