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CO2 carbon dioxide

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Arborescence, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. In the ubiquination series, Jack is saying that CO2 rise in the atmosphere leads to hypoxia which is not a good thing for living things and that high concentration of CO2 induces anesthesia.

    My questions are : Why do we advise people with asthma or spasmophilia/hyperventilation to breathe in a bag which will be full of CO2?
    CO2 seems to be a doping agent facilitating semiconduction in proteins through bonding to amino groups forming carbamino groups increasing coherence and facilitating oxygen delivery in the body, allowing for energetically efficient oxidative metabolism.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    1. CO2 is what drives the breathing mechanism........that is why. It is not O2.

    CORTISOL. What does pseudohypoxia mean to our hormone panel? The cost of a high aerobic capacity is low fertility so that we can maintain our cortisol pathways from LDL and Vitamin A as I mentioned the Hormone 101. This is why the pregnenolone steal syndrome exists. Cortisol over sex steroids is due to the use of oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor in human mitochondria. So when cortisol drops chronically this tells you that your environment is not allowing you to effectively utilize oxygen in your mitochondria as a terminal electron acceptor. What does that mean in english? It means your ubiquitination levels are raised and your mitochondria are pseudohypoxic. This means you are using other gases to perform the tasks that oxygen used to when your environment was more optimized. This causes us to use too much NO, H2S, and CO. These are sub-optimal choices and this leads to altered cortisol and overall hormone panels. All these changes lead to a lack of catalase in cells and altered UV light light release in cells (too much) and all these sequential changes fuel this low fertility and a low cortisol. When you begin to read all the details of the ubiquitin series you will see how pseudohypoxia plays into every mechanism of disease we have in biology and medicine and then you will see this is the huge problem our environment creates and it alters the optical non linear communication pathways between the mitochondria and nucleus. Total failure of these optical pathways lead to oncogenesis with time. Other disease can manifest prior to the total failure of the energy pathways.
    What are people missing about ubiquitination? The energy contained within the wave is the only thing that determines an electromagnetic radiations power. That power is translated for biology by a protein called ubiquitin. Ubiquitin is the gears to the clocks in all of us. Time manifests or disappears based upon that fundamental interaction of light on atoms in use

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