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Clothing color

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Ruth Dejarnette, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. When choosing clothes for indoor wear in artificial lighting what color/colors are best and why?

    If I am limited at work to wearing iight blue surgical scrubs but can wear either black or white turtlenecks under them, which color should I choose and why?

    Is there a best color for outdoors? Are there any colors not to wear and why?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This question is misplaced. Ask yourself this......when any mammal emerges from the vagina how many are wearing clothes?

    Who cares about clothing colors when you realize a tarp over your solar panel is preposterous?
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  3. Well...in your skin in the game talk you said we need to cover our skin more while indoors because they are absorbing blue light just like we do our eyes.....you have also talked about only how you mostly wear purple and sometimes you have talked about wearing red and somewhere you mentioned women never wearing pink again.....I am not sure of the context....but my assumption is that some light gets through the clothing we wear and that different colors of clothing will refract or filter light differently so there must be some colors that are better than others. I guess I misunderstood you in thinking that color of clothing makes any difference.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Just avoid pink clothing and you'll be fine. Avoiding clothing during day time is most wise.
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  5. So, ...I am going to try this from a different angle....I understand that we need to be in the sun as much as possible with as few clothes on as possible. Naked is by far best but it is not always practical.

    I have listened and re-listened to many of your webinars, read some blogs, have your book. You do speak of color, I know I didn't imagine it. I just listened to one on the x-factor where you spent quite a bit of time on polar animals being either black or white and the significance of that in their survival.

    I am trying to educate myself and figure out how stuff works....during this endeavor and through life in general I have noticed color or lack there of has significance.

    Humans come in many shades; plants, birds, animals, fish come in every color I can imagine. We see it all around us and it is beautiful. We decorate with it, it makes us feel differently when we enter rooms of different colors, when the light shines through the window with one color drapes the hue in the room is so very different than in a room of another color. The sky at sunrise, sunset, during storms gives off very different colors and it makes us feel so very different, it creates in us different emotion. My conclusion, color is very important, I am just trying to figure out how and why.

    So even though a tarp over my solar panel is preposterous, I am still convinced there must be significance to the color, and for that matter the fabric, of that tarp. I want to understand a little more of the "science" involved in the choice of that color and how it affects us.

    I can make the observation that colored fabric reflects light differently, the light I see looks different when it shines through different colored fabrics. So my question is: What are the biologic, physiologic, biochemical effects that has on my body? What does pink do that makes it bad? Why do you wear a lot of purple? Why did you choose Red for indoors at the Nourish Vermont talk?

    The answer Just avoid pink and I will be fine doesn't tell my why, if I accept that answer I am just continuing in my ignorance and blindly following your advice. I can not do that, hopefully that is a sign that my dopamine level is on the rise...:)

    I really do want to understand why I should avoid pink and although I am no scientist I am ever curious and always learning.....just throw me a bone or point me in the right direction on something to read or listen to that you already published. I only became aware of your existence 6 months ago and became a member 5 months ago, there is a large volume of material to go over here and I haven't gotten through very much yet. Please do not enable me to continue in my ignorance on this question, my life and time are more valuable to me than that.
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  6. Another thing that makes me curious about color is that a wise old veterinarian once to told me the best cats to get are either a female tortoise shell or a male orange tabby.(like Morris the cat)
    Ever since that time I have always wondered how the color of an animals fur can affect it's personality. It seems related to "blonds have more fun", and red heads have fiery personalities. Is there a reason for this? How does it all work?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  7. Joseph Thia

    Joseph Thia Aspiring Mitochondriac

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