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Clearly, the scales are broken...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ashryn, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. diane

    diane Gold

    Funny I was thinking about that tonight while I was out walking. If the EMF affects our cells and weakens them, I wonder if it can also cause mutations for the positive. I'm not thinking Xmen type- but things that can give humans some advantage - height, strength, intelligence - or is it all destructive.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you mention interesting theories.......
  3. endless

    endless New Member

    I know what you mean....I still want to focus on other things as well. I am doing what I can for EMF and I refuse to believe that the other positive things I do are not worth anything. I know that I have noticed improvements from those things so I will continue 'pissing in the ocean':cool:
  4. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    Interesting that enough Schumann resonance is escaping for it to be read from space.

    Beautiful day here today isn't it Ashryn? I feel I really ought to go out into the sun now it isn't too hot.
  5. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    It is a lovely day AN.. I have had a couple of hours in the sun and pool so far, and am about to go to a baby shower for my SiL and then on to the polka dot markets (vintage chic a brac) on the beach with a glass of wine or two on the cards as well I suspect.

    Diane, I reckon we're going to need some help to make beneficial mutations.. The timescale is just too long otherwise. But they are working on all kinds of weird and cool genetic stuff, so I'm hoping..

    krista, I'll keep pissing in the ocean as well. Maybe it won't make a difference to mankind, but maybe it will make a difference to me.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I envy your sun - we have had rain for 2 days now. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow. I really believe all the positive changes we are making are so important and necessary and I do think that EMF is a huge game changer. It is so sad to me what is going on in that other thread. I don't understand what has happened to some's open heart and open mind and good manners.
  7. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Caroline, I suspect it is the addict response that we see in people when we tell them we don't eat carbs.. The nice thing about this community is that it is full of clever self-evaluators who don't just coast along but actively look at their thoughts and feelings to decide what their truth will be. Even if we snap under the strain of changing our assumptions, we knit ourselves back together pretty fast.. And I think most people are generous enough to overlook instances of bad manners knowing everyone has them.

    So... Back to the more traditional journal entry today, because there is a bit of strangeness going on.

    the last two nights I have woken mid-sleep with gastrointestinal disturbances. Diarrhoea both times and last night vomit as well, despite only having water and half a glass of red wine 6 hours earlier. Last night I also had uncontrollable shaking and a racing heart. It was all over within 10minutes and I was back to sleep for a few more hours, and feel perfectly fine today. What the hell?

    I think I have been in ketosis for 3 days (can only tell by strong smelling urine, and knowing that I have had no carbs)
    i am having hardwood flooring put into my library and there is a strong smell from the glue the tradie is using to direct stick them (could it be poisoning?)
    Both nights I saw more artificial light than I usually do, but still through my glasses.
    both episodes happened after 6 hours of sleep.
    Friday I only ate fish, Saturday I ate steak. Friday I took extra coQ10 Saturday I didn't, plus took no mag on sat.
    Friday no swimming, Saturday a couple of hours.
    Thursday and Friday I did spot icing for the first time in a week, and Saturday my cold came from the pool.

    Today the scales actually showed me 2kg down compared with Friday morning... Is this because of the evacuation events, or perhaps something gut wise has let go and this is another detox phase?

    This morning I made a bacon and egg omelette for BAB, but could only eat half of it. So roughly 25g protein and whatever fat comes from 3 strips o bacon, and 100g ish cheese and 3 Brazil nuts. No coconut oil in my coffee this morning because didnt feel like it. I haven't eaten eggs for a week. I have been taking krill oil again this week, and have added d ribose and removed the glucosamine/chondroitin/msm I had been taking for joint and back pain. (Last time I stopped that, the pain came back, this time, not at all-yay!)

    At the baby shower I was amazed that every piece of food on the table was carbs. There was not a single thing I could eat. It was ok though, the only thing that would have tempted me was the red velvet cake, and only because I have never tried it, but they didn't come handing it around, so I remained pure heheh. Came home and cooked a piece of steak for DD and I then went to the vintage markets...

    Found an awesome pair of black and silver corduroy flares with a lace-up fly for $8 and a super funky 70s style shirt that will fit me some day. Also bought a cute 60s denim skirt that, on reflection, will NEVER fit me. Even if you took all of the flesh off and just left me with bones the skirt wouldn't fit. (My sister did point out before I bought it that it was a perfect tool to use to destroy my self-esteem..) But in the dark I had no clue about just how much too small it is for me.. BUT IT'S SO CUTE! It occurs to me that I could take it to a tailor and ask them to make one in my size.. Then give this one to my 8year old niece.. Because I think it's a child's skirt :) also found a hippie wrap skirt that I will wear to the camping music festival next weekend, and a funky steam punk pocket watch for DH.

    oh yeah, DH's band is playing at the nannup music festival next weekend.. It's a hippie camping thang in the forest 3 hours drive down south ...looking forward to getting my nature on!

    people kept taking photos of me at the baby shower which I hate.. But every time I complained they showed me the photo and there was me not looking like me, but like some other happy chick with my hairstyle and clothes and a dimpled grin.. I say again.. What the hell? I always look terrible in photos. However.. Pink hair doesn't really go with a red t-shirt. Should probably remember that :/

    Speaking of happy, I hadn't noticed it, but DH has commented a few times in the last couple of weeks that I seem much happier and positive in general, and thinking about it, I haven't had one of those real bad mood days for a while, or one of those pissed off times where I radiate anger but don't speak about it.. This is a nice thing. Funny how you don't notice being happy.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hope you are feeling better Ash. I wonder if it is something like what struck me down ages ago? It was freaky too.

    I would love to see you all dressed up in your gear ... can you post pics?.... and your DH's band? ..sounds like you are going to have soooo much fun!!!
    and camping - should be great for the oxy!! and grounding etc. etc. etc.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have been wanting a denim skirt for ages ... there doesn't seem to be much available.....only mini skirts and I saw a pencil one - but I'm not s pencil style girl.
  10. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I wondered yesterday if you just had picked up a bug. Hope you're feeling better today.
  11. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    There prolly won't be any pics.. But if there are and they're not too horrible, I shall post..
    Slept fine last night, no freaky waking in the middle of the night, and don't feel unwell at all, so I shall just call it detox, since that seems to be the catch all for odd symptoms :)
  12. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Caroline I have a denim skirt that I bought years ago for a couple of dollars, and I love it.. Just the right length, colour and shape.. But it's getting old, and I have been trying to replace it but don't like any of the new ones that you can buy at the moment. The vintage one i got is probably a mini, but it has a nice circular cut (?) if it sat on my hips instead of my waist it would be perfect.. Oh, and if it fit!

    Last night I was sitting on the grass reading jacks book and a kitten decided to come and walk all over me.. SO CUTE! I am not a cat person, but cats are always ashryn people. It seems like it has been dumped and it is about the right age/ amount of time since Xmas for a child to have gotten bored of it. Stupid people. I don't want to have an animal to care for and get attached to then grieve over when it dies. Grr. What's the rules for feeding cats anyway? Raw meat only?

    We have a bunch of workmen doing stuff at our house at the moment and its making me in a really bad mood. I can't swim in my pool, my backyard and front yard have been completely trashed, the is no place tompark my car because they have left all their shit over the front yard, there is poisonous fumes upstairs, the floor guy had the aircon down at 16 degrees with the windows open, the door to the room with the vent in it shut, and the front door wide open all day letting in flies and chewing through my electricity. When I tried to tell him how to use it he scoffed at me telling him that on a 36 degree day there's no point putting it down as low as 16 because it just wastes power, there is no way it will ever get the inside temp 20degrees lower than the outside temp.. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LEAVE THE DOORS AND WINDOWS OPEN YOU MORON! I wish I had said it in exactly those words now.

    There isn't even a butt-sized patch of grass for me to sit on outside, and I don't want to sit in the hot dirty sand.

    For breakfast I ate meat muffins with cheese and wakeme seaweed and mixed raw nuts, but clearly not enough fat because I was quite hungry by 3pm. Made it home and had dinner at 4.30 though, so its all good. I could probably make those muffin things with tuna and cheese and they'd be pretty good.

    Bah. Fts. I'm going to have a cold bath with magnesium and salt and pretend I'm at the beach.
    So,much for not having a bad mood in a while huh?
  13. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Damn. Next time you might try smiling sweetly at the asshat and telling him you're going to dock his pay for all the power he's wasting.
  14. endless

    endless New Member

    I think your sickies were definitely detox....

    Are you thinking of keeping the kitten? I feed mine raw, but I buy a commercially made raw food. I'm sure you could make your own too though.

    It's maddening having people working in your house....just have to keep your eyes on the prize I guess and avoid them whenever possible!
  15. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Thinking about it ...I won't have it inside though, so it feels a bit mean.
  16. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Just spent a couple of hours in the pool (which is half full of sand because of the landscapers) having a big long chat to DD. it's interesting that the older she gets the better we get along. Guess I'm not the nurturing type. She is learning to speak Spanish, and she was telling me she really enjoys learning -THANK SCIENCE! She said it was nice to be using her brain for something and that she feels like she's just been watching TV and thinking about TV for such a long time... I am so relieved. Since I have been studying something for the entire duration of her life, and I have such a passion for knowing thing and understanding things, I was devastated when she deferred her psych degree and then told me she wants to drop out. (I know she can go back. And there is plenty of time and I didn't want to pressure her.) but I was terrified she would go through life never getting an in depth and comprehensive understanding of something. It seems like a crime to me, when education is available and there and subsidised by the government not to get the best education you can. Perhaps her new diet is letting her brain cells wake up and function more efficiently so learning isnt such a struggle. Perhaps it's about her making the choice for herself to go back to study. Who knows? I'm just happy she is extending her brain.
  17. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Yay for your daughter!

    I'd take your kitten off your hands if you were anywhere near me. I'm such a sucker for cats. Probably when I'm 80-something i'll be known as the cat lady. Frightening thought.
  18. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    So... Last day of summer... Roll on winter!
    i am only half way through the latest blog, but I did spend part of my work day listening to last nights QA.. Thanks so much for recording it! It was very interesting.

    it seems the forum trolls have returned, full of helpful advice about low fat diets and exercise...

    I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend's camping trip. It has been such a long time since I have been camping. And the place were going is awesome forestryness in the heart of hippie country.. Yes that still exists here!

    Spent lots of time in the sun today getting the photoelectric effect on my skin (as much as was exposed anyway) and then in the pool as the sun set.. I am interested in what JK was saying about there being an optimum time to be in the sun.. How would I work out what this is for me? Is it to do with where you were born? I am 3 generations western Australian, prior to that we were all over Europe.. Germany, Ireland, Wales...
    Died my hair fire truck red this afternoon.. Who knew that red over hot pink makes the pink even more fluouro? Be interesting to see what it looks like when I wash it out :)

    Today at work I just couldn't be arsed doing anything productive, so I used up some of the time they owe me and wandered off down the street.. Found a hairdresser and had a haircut.. Came back to work feeling much happier.

    I have a new plant on my desk to catch the EMF from my screens. It sits between me and the CPU, so hopefully its doing some good :)

    i've been thinking about stuff lately.. (What's new, right?) mostly I have been thinking about my unthinkning connectedness to the earth.. I am barefoot whenever I can be, always at home, often at friends homes too. I go outside often, feel happiest at the beach, or on camping holidays, (provided we're not holidaying with electron vampires who suck the life energy out of me) When I had a second job editing a music website, that needed me to be online a lot and use my phone a lot, I was less happy.. I liked the job, for the live music, nd for the good i was doing for the local scene, but I had a phone that was so unreliable most people didnt bother calling me.. And I liked it that way. Now I have a reliable phone, but I have trained the people so they don't call anyway!

    I think I am epi genetically lucky in that my mum and grandmothers were reasonably healthy.. Ok, grandmothers both had cancer, breast and bowel and pancreatic.. One died of pancreatic, the other of a stroke.. But apart from the end, they were very robust. My mum also has had breast cancer (despite breast feeding 4 of us) but seems to be doing ok ish now, 5 years on. Though she is looking like a candidate for diabetes these days. She's never been sick before that, she always has her hands in the earth gardening and whatnot. Mums sister also had breast cancer 20years ago.. It isn't looking too good for my little sister and I, is it? But it kind of explains the stupid hormonal crap I have always had, and the PCOS... I am hoping the improvements I have seen in that area might head off the inevitable. (Which reminds me, I have an overshare for the oxytocin thread, if I remember) I can kind of see a pattern in the women in my family, like the disconnect took its toll on the hormonal parts, but because we lived here.. With ocean close by, and swimming daily (mum swam in the ocean with her dad daily till she got married, dad swam daily till he got married too, then he and I used to swim daily (yes even in winter) for a couple of years.. Then I did it on my own for a couple of years too. (Incidentally, Caroline, swimming at 5.30am is a whole new experience.. And the kinds of people who love the ocean so much they drag themselves out there every day year round are OUR kind of people.. Seriously, go get to know them!) perhaps it took longer for the damage to show up..
    mums mum's decline began when she got a microwave, and then after the health scare of breast cancer a couple of years after that she started following the CW eating plans and exercise and using sunscreen.. And inevitable decline.. Same with my dad's mum.. Got bowel cancer, had it removed, stopped eating so much fat, (she used to cook with dripping, and lard all the time.. Always had real butter) and started following the CW diets recommended to her... Died of a stroke about 10 years after that. (Interestingly, my brother had a resection due to colitis ...to avoid it developing into cancer....at the age of 30... Time speeding up) his 8 year old daughter has exactly the same iridology signs of systemic inflammation that I saw in his eyes years before his colitis became a problem.

    I started off saying I think I am epi genetically lucky... So what is my point here? I think these illnesses my family has/had, are like first stage illnesses. They look like they can be fixed with not too much effort.. I think that the nature based lifestyle choices (situations actually, since they probably wouldn't have chosen them excepts that's just how life was then) have slowed down some of the negative effects I might have had to live through myself otherwise.

    Thank science I found JK when I did!

    Oh.. The journal update... Same as usual, nothing new to report..
  19. diane

    diane Gold

    LOL -I had the same thought when you said epigenetically lucky, then rhymed off all the disease. :)

    Love your attitude! And would love to see the red hair.
  20. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    That makes two of us... great attitude.

    I tell you what, the fact that your family suffered as it has when switching to that so-called "heart-healthy" diet speaks volumes. And your story is one more reason I got rid of the microwave. Glad it's gone and that we never used it all that much.

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