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Clearly, the scales are broken...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ashryn, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    I've been using the Internet since 1994 and have never kept a blog.. I lurk on fora but rarely post.. I'm outing myself as a lurker here, and have been inspired to actually participate in an attempt to change things (if you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always gotten). So here's the back story..

    I have always thought I was fat, turns out i was a healthy looking kid, full of muscle, energy and coordination but paralysed with self-consciousness issues because my mum was constantly dieting and telling me what was "flattering" (small child brain: you normally look fat but that dress hides it well) ...and etc. Pretty sure this is a common story so no need to expand further.

    After I had a child and stopped breast feeding I began to actually get fat, (and now that I think about it, the experience coincides with staying up all night to talk on irc with people who were interesting...ooh circadian snap!)

    I trained as a naturopath and knew all the nutrition things and the chemistry things and the herbs that would help, but they didn't - much. After I realised I didn't want to be responsible for anyone else's health and stopped practicing, I gradually forgot all the good things I knew and got fatter till eventually I went to fat classes to learn how to not be fat. I lost some..

    Then I discovered substances that not only made me not hungry, but also made me want to dance a whole lot and feel confident enough to do so.. I lost almost all the weight I needed to.. (Rockstar on the outside, blubbering mess inside was me. Moreover, looking good is kinda irrelevant when your lifestyle is so damn selfish that you destroy all of your good relationships... So I saved my relationships and started to put on weight.)

    When I was almost back to my starting weight, I decided it was time to get serious again and started doing all the cw things that, of course, made no difference. So I started to do some proper research..
    -I found out about leptin and heavy lifting, about cheat days and low carb.. It worked for a bit then stopped.
    -I tried subbing meals with shakes to lower my total calories down combined with medication (pretty much slow release speed) to give me energy to exercise.. Worked a bit then stopped.
    -Cut out sugar.. Worked really well, then stopped.
    -Tried adding more exercise.. No effect... Figured I must be destined to just be fat.

    I'm glad I tried all those things because it made it much easier to accept the crazy ideas I found here.

    I had already realised my body was no good at getting at the stored fat and using it for energy, so regardless of how low I reduced calories, I just couldn’t shift it. Reading the science of why was actually quite liberating, and gave me enough optimism to try just one thing and see how it went.. I found JK's site in mid November, read everything for 2 weeks and began to make some changes in December.

    Things I learned in the last 18 months;
    · about cardio – it is a complete waste of time, and actually makes you weaker and less fit. Exercise should be done no more than 3 times a week for 20 minute sessions and should involve lifting heavy things and not cardio
    · about sugar – its an addictive poison and breaks your hormones among other things which stops you from being able to utilise stored energy (also causes low immunity and hellish period pains)
    · about calorie counting – complete bullshit and doesn’t work.

    Things I recently learned about from the paleo people:
    · about saturated fat – your body needs it to function, and if you don’t eat it, you will store every carb you eat because your body thinks there’s a famine
    · about vitamin D – there’s a deficiency epidemic because of sunscreens and sunglasses and deficiency causes depression and low energy sore muscles (and some suggest, skin cancer)
    · about carbs - you don’t actually need them for energy and your body and brain function better with protein and sat-fat as its main source of energy
    · about sleep – how you utilise energy and heal is all tied into circadian rhythms. You release melatonin 4 hours after eating when it is dark. Any insulin spike stops the production of melatonin (=insomnia) Melatonin makes you release a bunch of other hormones that make you burn excess fat, stay asleep all night, and heal damaged cells. If you break the melatonin cycle, the hormones don’t happen and metabolism gets progressively brokener.
    - About cold - Cold heals metabolic disorders like insulin resistance and diabetes because it forces you to use other mechanisms than the sugar burning ones. Freezing fat cells causes them to suicide.
    (wow, this post is getting epic)
    - leptin reset – retrain your body to burn fat preferentially over carbs.

    I began the thing a bit half arsed, with just the giant breakfast and no snacking and mostly paleo eating, but after losing a kilo per day in the first week, I added more elements until by 21st December I was following these 10 rules strictly:

    1. Eat 50grams protein for breakfast every day within 30 minutes of waking
    2. Eat dinner early so that 3-4 hours elapses between eating and sleeping
    3. Never snack, never count calories, and don’t do any cardio.
    4. Eat less than 25 g carbs per day (it goes faster if you can do less than 10g/day because you go Keto, which is awesome for making you good at using stored fat)
    5. Look at no artificial light after the sun goes down each day (I have sexy blue blockers and f.lux) get to bed before midnight and 8 hrs sleep
    6. Lunch and dinner should be strict paleo (seasonal with no grains or legumes at all (and ever again))
    7. Supplement with lots of magnesium, krill oil and vitamin d
    8. Make sure you look at natural sunlight during the day, and get some on your skin
    9. Eat liberal amounts of coconut oil because it cannot be stored as fat and the body can use it for energy immediately
    10. Expose yourself to cold whenever possible

    Results after 1 month: (sample size of 1)
    · In 4 weeks, I dropped a couple of dress sizes, and can see my ribs and 6-pack muscles (yer, not buff yet, but I can see them)
    · I often sleep all the way through the night
    · I have energy all day with no dumb slump at 2pm
    · Skin is tighter, less wrinkles and less flabby skin.
    · I eat breakfast at 5am and am not hungry for 12 hours without lightheadedness, cravings, tiredness or any of the other cranky stuff that comes with being hungry
    · I don’t feel deprived by not eating deliciousness when it is around, I am not particularly interested in it any more
    · I no longer have sore muscles all the time
    · Less period pain no PMS (although I want a few months to test this to make sure it wasn’t a freak month) and shorter duration
    · Increased motivation / less depression
    · Frozen shoulder has mostly sorted itself out
    · When I get pedicures now, they don’t have to razor off the hard skin on my feet or cut out ingrowing toenails (Used to do this weekly)
    · No pimples

    Things I discovered:
    · Icepacks on your belly aren’t that uncomfortable, and they make you fall asleep fast afterwards, and they actually do make fat go away without leaving loose skin. (I’m considering rigging up something to ice my canteen lady arms!)
    · There is only so much bacon a person can eat in one sitting,
    · 50 grams of protein is an awful lot of meat.
    · Bulletproof coffee is focking awesome (see below for recipe)
    · Once you get past sugar addiction, it isn’t actually that delicious.
    · You can lose dress sizes and not have your scales change much at all
    · You can lose weight doing no exercise and sleeping more and eating giant amounts of fat per day (seriously giant amounts – 30% protein, 70%fat most days)
    · Coconut oil is awesome for removing makeup and moisturising and sunscreen
    · You don’t need fibre in your diet
    · I can actually cook.
    · I don’t burn as easily as I thought I did.
    · You can make awesome pizza bases with coconut flour
    · Homemade chocolate is really good
    · Cold Showers are quite nice… once you’re in!

    Not so fun things I had to deal with:
    · Detox the first week (itchy skin, trouble sleeping, skin breakout, scaly legs, nausea) I think this might have been easier for me because of giving up sugar 6 months ago.
    · Some cooking disasters and wasted food
    · One day of incredible sleepiness
    · Everyone predicting that I would get sick, constipated, destroy my liver/kidneys, have no energy.
    · Bad hangover after the first Wednesday night dinner with my parents (because I ate ice-cream I think)
    These things have all gone away now, but I haven’t tested the ice-cream thing to see if I get a hangover. People have stopped telling me I’m going to ‘die from my eating disorder’ because I look healthy and they can see it’s working.

    Caveman things I plan/hope to do in the nearish future:
    · Go camping more
    · Learn to like seafood
    · Swim in the ocean daily
    · Graduate from cold showers to ice baths (10 degC water)
    · Lift heavy things sometimes

    What a giant essay... I hope to track things I'm learning and things that work and don't work here just to stop myself getting it arse about in my head and make sure I stay on track. After all, it was reading other people's experiences that helped me put together the pieces, so here's my first step at paying it forward.
  2. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    PS I realise that much of what I wrote about the protocol is incomplete and simplistic, and I am slowly fitting more of the science into my understanding as I read more, but seriously, the first post was long enough, if anyone is reading it for a complete understanding, allow me to point you towards the blog index...
  3. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Hi Ashryn, WOW, I am thoroughly impressed. You are a meticulous observer. And WELCOME, happy to have a new contributor and such a knowlegable as that.
    I did experience a lot of the same. What also stuck was, that I used to have a huge build-up of skin on and around my feet, which needed extensive pedicure to keep in check, with itchy soles and open wounds (scratching) which made me miserable at times as it made walking a chore. Now, My feet just don't have that skin anymore and I haven't even had pedicure in a very long time. I also had some rheumatoid like pain in my left shoulder which is also completely gone. And lots of other little corrections that sorted themselves out.
    So I am looking forward to hearing a lot more from you.
  4. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Hi Charlotte, thanks for the warm welcome [​IMG] it's a bit sad that I don't *need* pedicures each week now.. Bt I figure ill just swap them for something more enjoyable.. Like a massage.

    And talk about opening the floodgates.. From silence to my whole life in a couple of hours... I feel an urgent need to write more things.
    Here goes;
    When I was studying naturopathy, I learned an adage in homoeopathy that has been on my mind a lot whilst reading people's journals... It is about the direction of healing, they say it proceeds from above downward, from within outward, from more important organs to less important organs and in reverse order of their appearance. It seems to me that this is the case with many many people in here, with old symptoms and illnesses cropping up as they walk their paths. (Luckily I've been reasonably healthy thus far, and did some hardcore healing with homoeopathy way back then so I hope I'll get away with only seeing a brief resurgence of eczema and hay fever... I hope. I have always had tight muscles and joint pain and nothing has really sorted that for any length of time but I am hoping the no grains and ct will get that gone too. )

    So, this week I have had some weird things coming back that I haven't had for years, hip pain that my parents used to call 'growing pains' (sorted that with spot icing) and cracks under my little toes (no idea what to do about that, a small voice in my head is telling me that's a candida thing, but I might just give it a few days before I go all mad rush to add more treatments!) as a child they got painted with mercurochrome, but I'm pretty sure that stuff doesn't exist or work on humans any more.

    What I really wanted to post about now is the amazingness of cold! How did I never work this out for myself? I've been sitting around reading this website for several hours a day with a giant bag of ice strapped to me... (DH and DD thought I was mad, until they saw the results.. They are both a bit miffed that the freezer is so full of ice that they cant fit any bread in... and then they cant have bread (snigger) thees plenty of meat in the house though.) anyway... I got a cool fat burner vest today and DH asked me about how it works, then said he'd like to give it a try.. Eh heh heh... I'll bring him with me on the journey eventually! Oh.. It might have something to do with the oxytocin therapy that ensues after a cold bath...

    It is going to be a challenge to ever manage to get water here below 10C... Even at its coldest the ocean doesn't go below 20C. Also there's a drought here.. Not a chance that I can waste that much water filling the bath every day or spending the money on ice... I have convinced the family that we NEED a pool stat. Until then ice bags and cold baths it will be.

    Other odd things I have noticed this week:
    Food tastes too salty
    I can walk much faster than recently
    I don't get tongue tied so much when I try to discuss the science of this stuff with people

    Things I need to find solutions to:
    I am struggling big time with the BAB- it was always hard but doable, and I pushed through because it is clearly the most important part of the reset.. But this week I physically can't put that much food in me. I am going to have to go looking for recipes that include super high protein foods in small quantities.
    I bought fish, but after two abortive efforts at cooking the stuff, (probably shouldn't have forced myself to eat it, but I was working on the premise that I'd get used to it if I ate it) I am having trouble trying it again... Maybe next week.

    Argh I have neighbours that sound like they are beating each other to death with their children.. I can't concentrate and have to go eavesdrop. Probably I'll be back later with more burning things to write about..
  5. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    I love when the flood gates open as that is a fountain of information also important to me. So keep pouring it out.
    I have never been a big breakfast eater myself, but I ordered me some good protein from this website here. A little tedious, as I have to have it shipped to my son in NJ and he then needs to forward to me. So once it is here I just make me a shake with that, raw eggs and oil. I can drink a lot and it is a good way to get fluids into my body. Also I eat lots of sashimi in the morning. It is so good when it is fresh and with all the fat it goes down very easy. I find it easier to eat BAB when most of it is raw. The cooked stuff often is too dry for my taste.

    Okay, CT. I have a suggestion. I bought me a bunch of hot water bottles at the supermarket for real cheap. Filled them with water and put them in the ice chest. I just take them out and use them. Since we have really cold weather now in Germany, I do not need to cool the water down, but to spot ice, they are perfect. If you fill you tub with water and throw the bottles in it gets pretty cold also. I will have to do this when the weather gets warmer here. This way you do not need to buy ice and after you are done just stick them back into the freezer.

    Now I must run, as my cake is waiting to be made. Your neighbours sound like a real challenge. When children are involved it gives me the creeps. Thanks that there is a law now in Germany that you cannot beat up children. I become a fury when I see that happen and I go to any length to stop that. Old memories of my own childhood.
  6. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Argh.. The raw thing. I am sure I will get the eventually, but right now, not a chance.. I will keep it in mind that you need less quantity when it's raw... But.. Ugh. Perhaps when I'm closer to optimal eh?

    So.. The food thing. The weight thing..
    I started tracking with paleo track because it has all the cool stuff like how many micronutrients in the foods you track, and also as a way to calculate 50g protein, so I really like it, except that I suspect the quality of food between the states and Australia is quite different, also there's foods I don't know the American term for, which is a bit of a pain, not to mention trying to constantly convert measurements between imperial and metric.. All that was ok, but the biggest thing that was doing my head in is knowing the number of calories I am consuming per day.. I am not counting intentionally, but it counts them for me, and I see that I'm up to 2500 or more and freak out. So I have stopped that for a while.. Though I did also learn that I am regularly not getting enough vitamin a or k - not even half of the RDI... So I have been adding in some herbs and baby spinach when it grows in my garden... I also have some spring onions ready to add, so that should sort out those two. Next multivitamin I buy will hopefully include them too.

    I'm going to see my doctor next week to convince her to give me all the tests that exist.. My plan is to tell her I'm doing a radical change to my diet and I want a baseline to start from so that I can compare in 6 months and make sure everything is ok.. Pretty sure she will play ball, it isn't her money after all..

    The first couple of weeks I was weighing myself daily and that was happy times for the first week at least, then the scales stopped moving. Each day I'd get up, look at the changes going on in my BC and be really excited to see how many more kilos I had lost.. But my scales are clearly broken because they haven't moved even though I've had to dig out old smaller clothes because my others were hanging on me. So my first journalling goal is to open up the "don't be ridiculous" suitcase of clothes in my garage and wear things from it [​IMG]

    Ok, so I should record the food here too I suppose... (Though it seems all kinds of obsessive and I want to avoid being so focused on food all the time, I guess it could be valuable to track potential issues, so I'll try)
    B: 3 chicken thighs crumbed with coconut flour, turmeric, sesame seed, almond and hazelnut meal fried in co, Bulletproof coffee, enough supplements to make me rattle washed down with water and lemon juice.
    L: nothing
    D: avocado and tomato salad with lemon juice avocado oil and black pepper and two GF lamb chops
    Supplements: milk thistle, women's multivitamin, vitamin d, magnesium, wild salmon oil, glucosamine

    Gawd.. That's really enough from me for one day..
  7. diane

    diane Gold

    Ashryn - that is amazing! All of it! Thank you so much for sharing. And glad you were able to get it all out LOL. I think you're like a lot of us who don't necessarily get all of the scientific stuff - but see the results so know it's working! I can't wait to see your journey!
  8. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I HATE you! (just joking). HOW you lost all that weight so freaking fast ... grrrrr.

    but WELCOME! Your story is absolutely breathtaking ... except for the fact I HATE you now (just kidding!).

    You've done a stellar job of explaining the protocol. I hope you don't mind but I want to email your first post to my sister (and now that I think about, my husband) who is still caught up in the "fat will kill you" syndrome and I can hear her saying to herself when I describe what I'm doing "OMG she's going to die!" LOL.

    I'm SO glad you quit lurking and decided to join the rest of us in sharing the journey. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!
  9. Thor

    Thor Banned

    I had no idea I was using the scales incorrectly to weight myself - this picture helps to explain the correct method of weighting yourself [​IMG]

    Way to go on your journey....

  10. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    THOR! LOL, I wondered where you'd disappeared to. And thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to adjust my usage next time I get on the scale.
  11. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Ha ha ha Thor!
    Diane, I get the science.. But i dont have the words to explain it (what? no words... surely this cant be true i hear you say) and i think translating the science into something practical makes it a whole lot easier to follow and explain to people in a non-evangelical way... the science reminds me of things I learned back in hippie school eg the vitamin d and sunglasses thing- I knew it years ago, and lived by it then gradually forgot about it as I moved away from being a hippie... Also I recently read a brilliant book called the brain that changes itself ( normandoidge.com/normandoidge.com/MAIN.html ) that turns out to be quite old but when I read it I thought it was new.. It started me thinking about the science again, and neuroscience... Actually coursera has a neuroscience 101 course starting this month that I am enrolled in... So like most other things in my life, my science is a bit dusty, but I'm going to give it a bit of a rub and see if I can't start talking the science talk [​IMG]

    Darleen, thanks for the hate [​IMG] I must confess it was your journal I read first all the way through that made me out my lurking self, so thanks.. It might be that I just wanted to talk to someone else that has a rock star connection... For the last 5 years I have been the state editor of a music website called fasterlouder.com.au I just recently gave it up and I think I'm having withdrawals finally... Though I can play several instruments badly, I love to write music reviews and take photos of bands rocking out, and I love finding new local bands before the radio stations do.. Can I ask what was the name of your band? And did you do originals that are recorded somewhere that I can listen to?

    DH is in a band and fills my house with original music that is awesome, and I'd love to dust off my vocal chords or an instrument and join him, but... Too shy. Maybe another goal for optimal eh?

    Of course you can send my first post to your sister if you think it will help... I suspect it won't since people can only come to this stuff on their own and when they are ready... My approach after spending many years trying to convince people the truth of things is just to be the example.. Answer questions when they ask, but not too fully, and I always caveat with 'this is my experiment... Lets see how it works for me before you try it..' Of course all my people are stubborn and more likely to try something if I tell them not to *evil grin*

    How I lost weight so fast? Dunno.. I wasn't all that strict the first week, so I suspect it was water weight that I didn't know I had. Add to that the low to no fat diet I have eaten all my life which means I am unable to use carbs as energy, and it makes a good case for getting into keto and staying there because then my body just has to find another source of energy. I must admit the lack of vegetables is making my brain shriek at me that this isn't healthy but I figure I'll just go with it for now and make sure my vitamins and minerals come from supplements until I get reset.

    The only dietary omission I struggle with is chocolate.. I used to eat it daily, but it isn't so hard now.. After Xmas our pantry is pretty much made of chocolate, but I haven't gone there. A couple of times after my bab I've thought a piece might be nice, then I think some more and just don't go there.. I do make bulletproof mocha about once a week, (Espresso, two tbsp butter, 1/4cup CO with a teaspoon of raw cacao powder) but after reading the travails of many people on this site who can't lose weight, it seems to me that the common thread in their stories is eating cacao, so I don't go there often.

    One other thing about the protocol that I love more than anything else is the stricture on no exercise... w00t! I hate exercise for exercise's sake. Don't get me wrong, I love being active when there is a reason, but it has to be a fun/life reason, not a get thin reason.

    Today's food so far totals 2900 calories.. (Damn you paleotrack) that's just the BAB! The only thing that makes this slightly ok is that I won't eat much else today but still..
    2 lamb chops (scooped the marrow out of the bones too.. Eww but apparently it's good for me so whatevs)
    1 chicken thigh same as yesterday
    2 eggs fried in CO
    Assorted herbs and things
    =51g protein, 302g fat, 4g carbs... That's 7% protein, 93%fat and 1% carb.. How this isn't going to kill me or make me put on weight I have no idea..
  12. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Yesterday's lunch was 2 lamb chops, and dinner was some Greek yoghurt with 5grapes a passionfruit and a sliced peach
    Went to play board games with friends last nit and drank wine and didn't get to sleep till midnight, but still woke at 5.30am tried to go back to sleep but got hungry!

    Today's BAB included 250g steak, 2 strips of bacon, 2 eggs and a handful of mushrooms all cooked in coconut oil with turmeric. Pus a bulletproof coffee. No idea what the numbers are I'll stick it into paleotrack later, it is definitely 50g protein though.

    I recently increased my dose of magnesium and have been doing 4 or more hours of CT in multiple sessions and I appear to be getting a bit of detox from my lungs this morning.

    I am heading to the beach for a long hard soak in not so cold water shortly.
    Sunburn from my idiotic nude sunbathing effort yesterday seems worse this morning despite slathering on CO all day yesterday. I'm going to try tea bags if the beach doesn't soothe it. (Imagine the look on DH's face when I carry not only ice upstairs to my cold bath but a box of tea bags as well!)
  13. endless

    endless New Member

    4 HOURS of CT??? Wow. I am impressed...I feel accomplished if I manage to fit in 30 minutes!
  14. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Endless: Ahh yeah but it isn't hardcore CT like others around the place.. Just spot icing and baths with tap temp water, which feels warm to me (summer here)
    When we got to the beach today, everyone was standing on the shore and the shark warning siren was going off so we watched for a while hoping they would chase it away.. Eventually they turned off the siren and we went in (but not too far out, DD would never forgive me if I got eaten by a shark) but then they turned the siren on again and we were advised to go no more than ankle deep. Being as how ankle CT is sub-optimal, we decided to drive down the road to the kids and nana beach (no surf, protected by a reef, no rips or blue holes) and after parking in the wrong car park and picking our way like mountain goats through the rocks for 15 mins we spent a pleasant couple of hours soaking, but not getting cold unfortunately.

    My sunburn damaged skin is quite painful, especially on the bit of my belly where the stretch marks from pregnancy are worst, which I guess makes sense.. The skin is very thin and papery there so it would damage more easily. I couldn't work out how to keep enough cold tea bags balanced there, so I just chucked 20 bags into the bath and had a bath in cold tea.. CTea *nyuk nyuk* No idea if it helped.. Slathered myself in CO afterwards and a couple of times since.. Not sure if its my skin or my clothes absorbing it so fast..

    Speaking of skin, my skin seems very dry in general the last couple of days, especially on my hands.. I used to say I had old lady hands, but have been quite happy with how they have been firming up lately, but now the skin seems super thin - I probably wouldn't have noticed except that I got a small scratch on one hand somehow and even though it is shallow, the skin is all inflamed and very red.. I've been keeping it soft with CO but it seems to soak in really fast.

    What with coating myself and my food and 'oil pulling' with coconut oil every day, I am really getting through it fast. I did some research to find someone closer to Australia that makes it because of the high carbon cost of transporting it to here from Fiji and I found a company called niugini organics that supports coconut growers in Papua new guinea, i bought some in bulk a couple weeks ago and am onto the second last jar already!

    Weighed myself today, no scale movement still, disheartening even though I know they aren't a reliable guide. I took no measurements when I started so all I have to go by are my clothes.. I know I KNOW it doesn't matter.. But it does to me. Today I ate 2 sausages for lunch and some more lamb chops for dinner with stir fried veg and butter.. I shouldn't have eaten the sausages because I really wasn't hungry and wasn't real hungry at 5 when I aim to eat dinner.. So I ate dinner anyway since its a circadian thing and the vagus nerve must be stretched, but I will go back to not bothering with lunch from now on.

    I have taken to freezing my wild salmon oil to hopefully prevent it from going rancid.. And I took an extra multivitamin at dinner cos I'm concerned that chronic vit K and A deficiency might be contributing to my skin's current condition.. Prolly need more vit c as well - guess I'm off to the shops tomorrow to get those things sorted..

    I am wondering about light cycles in summer because the sky starts to get light here at 4.30 am and we're lucky if we have full dark by 8.30pm at night.. I like the idea of watching the sun rise and set to get the natural light in my brain, but how does that square with needing 4 hours of dark for melatonin secretion, and getting a long enough sleep? (When I'm working I have to get up at 5am, so I wake up with the sun anyway)

    I am also wondering how to increase the intensity of my CT (economically) I have the cool fat burner on over a damp t-shirt and 6 kilos of ice packs strapped to my belly right now, and though I feel numb, and it takes about an hour for the iced areas to go back to normal, I don't really feel that shivery cold or have goosebumps... Am I getting cold enough? How can I ger MOAR COLD!?

    Ahh that's enough..I have to find some motivation to do the computer work that's waiting for me upstairs.. But it is just so nice to read everyone's stories in the lounge room on my iPad.. Feeling super lazy and inexplicably sad this evening.
  15. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Hi Ashryn, so sorry to hear you are sad today. When I read your last post, I thought, wow it would be nice to be on your part of the planet now. I just cannot get warm today. Even CT was a meager event this morning. I just could not tolerate the cold, so after 5 minutes I got out. Today is my first day after over 6 weeks of 500 kacal on hCG and all last week I have been looking forward to my first BAB. Well, was not hungry at all and all I ate was a bowl of bone broth which has been cooking since thursday with some bone marrow and meat. Well, come to think of it. I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to eat. When I remembered, it was already past 5 in the evening, and I did not want to eat so late, so I did not eat anything all day. As a result I could not go to sleep until after 3 in the morning and I woke up early nevertheless, so maybe that is why I am so cold today.
    Then when cooking (I am expecting visit today and tomorrow) I took three bites out of a raw milk cheese and 15 minutes later I had a big pressure on my liver. Guess, must get used to the fat slowly. How you can eat so much is beyond me. 2900 kcal just for breakfast, wow. I realize it is easy when you are eating a lot of fat but still. I have to work up to that.
    I got up early this morning and went to the quail farm to get eggs and looking at the little quails. How nic,
  16. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Here Charlotte, have some of our heat!
    I think the forum sprite ate some of your post... What were you thinking about the quails?
    I don't really understand HGC much, but I wonder if you could use the fact that your stomach is shrunk and you cant fit much in and used to not eating much to jump start yourself into the epi paleo über fish way of life? From what I understand, when you eat mainly fish, your appetite also disappears and you only need a couple hundred calories to function well. Or do you have to get lepton sensitive first for the fish thing to work?
  17. PrimalPam

    PrimalPam Silver

    I just want to say hi, and thank you SO much for all that you wrote! Outstanding! I'm bookmarking your thread to fully digest later. I actually have two (2 !!! ) family members who are moving from SAD to Paleo as we speak, and I'm going to point them to your thread.
  18. diane

    diane Gold

    Hi Ashryn. Here (in Canada) I usually get really dry skin in the winter - and this is pretty much the first time that I haven't. The naturopath had me adding a lot of Omega 3 and fish oil for my dry skin, and it didn't do a thing for me. I figured that something wasn't processing right which was accounting for the dry skin.

    Try adding seafood - since I've increased my seafood I haven't had dry skin. I usually eat beef for breakfast then try to make lunch and dinner seafood meals. I may eat other meat for dinner a couple of times a week, but mainly seafood.
  19. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    OOOH goody! A fellow rock enthusiast. You are lucky to have so much music still in your life. My DH cannot carry a tune in a bucket nor can he manage to move with the beat, LOL. when he used to dance I swore he looked like Ichabod Crane. And he calls ME "grace," LOL.

    Our band was named The Legal Limit. Guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, flute/sax and vocals. This is one of those things that really chopped me off at the knees ... the guitarist (a**wipe misogynistic pr*** that he was and probably still is) broke the band up on purpose just to get rid of me. He figured he could get everyone back together and off they'd go w/o me. Too bad for him the others saw right through what he was doing. It was a real shame because we were just getting some regional notice and could have done well.

    No we hadn't gotten to doing our own material yet. But I was starting to dip my toes into songwriting which is probably why he did what he did. He had evidently written some songs and entered a contest or two and had gotten nowhere. Did I already call him an a**wipe? Let me do it again. I let that rejection ruin my love of music for a very long time. It just hurt to even go there. It was like getting a divorce times 5. Have I mentioned I do not handle rejection very well? [​IMG]

    Eventually I moved past it. Music may never rule my life like it once did ... I think I have upwards of 400 lp's and at least that many CD's and then there's the stuff I've bought on iTunes and now Spotify. Did I mention I was also a DJ for a local radio station for several years? Yeah, that too. I had "Music is life is music" engraved on my first iPod.

    Anyway, returning you now to YOUR journey ...
  20. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Hi Ashryn, thanks for sharing your story but I'm with Darleen on the weight loss thing! Seriously though, great job explaining things and I look forward to reading about your continued success!

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