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Clearlight Saunas and EMF

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Rubicon, May 20, 2017.

  1. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    The Clearlight Sauna I purchased new in December 2016 had a high powered WiFi radio and gave off very high levels of RF EMF. The following is a description of how I discovered this, and what I had to do to eliminate it.

    My Sauna Experience
    Last December I purchased a Clearlight Full Spectrum Sanctuary Sauna. This line of saunas is marketed as having low EMF while providing full spectrum IR.

    When I first setup the sauna I measured the sauna panels for electric/magnetic fields and everything checked out as very low. This compared to high EMF measurements in my old sauna with ceramic far IR emitters. I was very happy.

    A few weeks later I was measuring the smart meter RF in my basement near my sauna. When I walked past my sauna (which was turned off) I detected a spike in RF. I was surprised, but followed the signal and found it was indeed coming from my sauna. The signal was stronger than a cordless phone. I was blown away.

    Initially, I thought it was some kind of high-powered bluetooth radio I was detecting. The audio system has bluetooth capability to let you stream audio to the stereo.
    It turns out that Clearlight also installs a high power wifi radio in their saunas so that the sauna can be controlled from a wireless device throughout a persons home. I was not told my sauna had this feature, and was not aware of it


    From that point, it took a few months and about 20 emails to finally get directions from Clearlight on how to disable the radio.

    Image Album
    Here's an album of 22 images showing what I did to detect & disable the radio. In the description for each image is more information & directions.


    The process also required completely disabling the audio system to turn off the bluetooth. If you have a Clearlight Sauna and want to disable your radio, the procedure may be similar, but Clearlight tells me that there are several different designs out there that may vary slightly.

    Throughout this process, I found Clearlight was very pleasant to deal with and they seem to have very good intentions to build the healthiest sauna they can with the features that people want. However, even with that they unknowingly shipped me a super high EMF sauna marketed as low EMF. The problem apparently is that people want too many wireless features and they're added without even considering/appreciating the implications.

    Having a meter and testing everything has become a necessity of life.

    Sauna Biohacks
    With the RF EMF eliminated, I tweaked the sauna by lining the walls with aluminum foil to more evenly reflect the IR. I notice the difference and it's great.



    You can see the external speakers I now use due to the sauna stereo being completely disabled to turn off the bluetooth. The wires for my external speakers slip under the door. No big deal, but definitely not what I was expecting.
    Last edited: May 24, 2017
  2. thrive1992

    thrive1992 New Member

    How are you going with your FIR sauna protocol?

    I am thinking of getting the Sun Stream Evolve Mini as clearlight is out of my budget.
  3. Walter Rice

    Walter Rice New Member


    A million thanx for this info and detailed adventure to a healthier Sanctuary. You got me here. Be well and have fun.
    Rubicon likes this.

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