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Chronobiology Works - Dad's take a note for your wife and daughters

Discussion in 'Female Quantum Biology' started by James Lech, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. James Lech

    James Lech Platinum Member

    In an interview I did with Jack [ http://jameslech.co.za/2018/07/23/e...rgeon-understanding-how-nnemf-is-child-abuse/ ]

    One of the key messages was calling out BS on what I had been told by low dopamine environments. That you are good for nobody but yourself, and if you cannot be good enough for yourself, then you cannot be good enough for others.

    Jack also shared his great steps of how he F*cked himself, wife and children by his own actions and choices. An important message because by learning from our own failures, we are able to first fix ourselves before we can be an example to others.

    The interview was also impactful in that God was kind enough to give me my stroke at the start of the year, and the strength to use the knowledge learned from Jack's teaching (in the interview he says how the translation of the word Surgeon, is to teach). My predicament was how do I lead by example to wife, a very hard-headed person at times, to change in the shortest time to not only help me get even better but also get herself and our daughter better, because, daughters always want to follow their mothers.

    I have but one image to share:
    [ P.S. there was no photoshop in this image whatsoever ]

    My wife did a shoot of herself with our, in a few days, 3-year-old daughter. She is nearly 7 months and our upcoming third-child, also a daughter is in her tummy. What is great that after some serious chats with my wife, and her getting a greater understanding from my wife, her motivation to embrace chronobiology was to avoid the risk fo a c-section, and avoid a shitting pregnancy filled with months of pregnancy.

    I explained the pregnancy biohacks that quickly removed nausea, along by doing them with her and she did them on her own. She also understood the responsibility as a mother, that our daughter Lily will embrace and follow in her footsteps. My wife loves the grounding, sunlight, CT, changes in the of the lights in the house, computer, and blue blocking glasses. Even Lily, insists on wearing blue-blocking glasses, and when I forgot her pair at home when we went to the shops, she gave me a very big talking to and asked me to say sorry. Her vocabulary is amazing and her understanding of the science is sound.

    Everyone is about the proof is in the pudding. Well, I love how seeing the sunrise every day creates a cognitive bias toward nature. It has an infectious effect on my family. Alexa (my wife, nearly 7 months pregnant) has put together a special campaign to help get women enticed into Chronobiology.

    By taking all women, and giving them a special photo shoot to experience how nature changes their beauty. Having employed Chronobiology, this third pregnancy she has been her slimmest (no dieting), actually eating more, no exercise, and the specialist 4D scan showed the healthiest out of all our children, and in the doctor's practice, the specialist OBGYN asked again permission to use my wife's results at a Congress.

    If you want to learn and experience Chronobiology in a different way, I recommend booking a Real Women = Every Women campaign shoot.
    P.S. this shot was taken at sunset....get the idea?

    Seriously ladies, and husband, if your wife feels she is too overweight for the shoot, you would be surprised what this photographer can do, with NO Photoshopping at all (my wife).

    People call me odd, and often reference me to Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. But I am happy that female quantum biology presents alternative means to help women change their biology, create their cognitive bias toward nature, and thereby raise their dopamine levels.

    The sum of the point of this post:
    Literally but your skin in the game and into the sun because Chronobiology works.
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  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Nice...... :)
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    beautiful pics.........

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