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chronic pain almost gone

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ash, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks for the update! ...great news.....
  2. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    hello :) it is great to read your news :) i am new to this site but i thought i would post a reply as i am in wales too.

    i have had some pretty bad experiences with the doctors here. they are usually nice but quite clueless in my opinion and i dont trust them at all, and never visit them anymore.
  3. Red20

    Red20 Gold

    How long did it take for you to notice a reduction of your pain? Did you have agonizing spine pain?
  4. Luigi_UK

    Luigi_UK New Member

    Hi ASH

    my recent lipid panel was

    Cholesterol 9.2 mmol/L
    trigs 0.5 mmol/L
    HDL 4.35 mmol/L
    non HDLC 4.9 (never seen this reading before)
    LDL 4.6 mmol/L
    ratio 2.1

    I am posting my results as like you mentioned most GP's would get quite excited seeing these numbers, in my case my lipids get tested as well as other parameters every 6 months as I have hep c, but I am posting my results because they are similar to yours. I know enough about all this to not worry about these numbers as its particle size that matters etc. I eat LCHF mostly mildly ketogenic and I have had chronic gastric pain since 2006. I am seeing a functional medicine practioner on wed. I have made many changes to my life the last couple of years including PEMF mat and Low Level Light laser (costs a fortune), swicthing of wifi, corded landline, grounding etc which is helping lots. Just wanted to ring in with my story as this post jumped out at me. I am from the UK too :)
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Hep C is a very special issue I need to write more about............the key is limiting Lineoleic acid in the diet.
  6. Luigi_UK

    Luigi_UK New Member

    Jack - please do!
  7. louise

    louise New Member

    hi luigi.....im ash 's wife so will answer for him as he started doing some of jack stuff last year after feeling at his wits end really with chronic pain
    he had gastric issues--really bad after meals and given omeprazole but he found with the super high fat ( saturated and fish) and lots bone broth that it went away completely.
    his other pains have subsided but he never stopped the opiate use ,more from addiction than really really needing it but the pain relief actually worked and they didn't rip his guts to bits anymore
    it has been interesting to see that EVERY time he relaxes his diet away from epi paleo that some pain or other comes back-----he has a sore back at the moment and he has been eating less epi paleo lately------bits of wheat, sugar, carbs and omega 6 has crept in-----he also gets some chest issues but nothing too much
    oh yes and he has relaxed the leptin rules by having a little sweet snack about 10pm......any co-incidence then that he has an achy back!!!!!!
    he spends more time indoors also where as in the spring and summer we live all day outside in the sun as much as possible anyway.
    so there you go 100% proof that the epi paleo way of life helps with health issues
    he never took the omeprazole by the way...thank goodness
    supplemented with some mg oil and vit b12 patches , high vitamin butter oil and has taken a good quality milk thistle for years
    oh we also have made kombucha and kefir for many years, lots green and wild herbal tea ---much wild meadowsweet,nettle, dandelion, watercress to eat around the fields by us
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  8. Luigi_UK

    Luigi_UK New Member

    hi louise

    i been doing home made bone broth from grass fed cows etc for a couple of months now, as well as betaine hcl with pepsin before protein, since doing this my pain has been the least intense for as long as i can remember. doing loadsa coconut oil, mct etc, it definetly works :)
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  9. eman

    eman New Member

    Thanks for the second choice. Amazon is easier for me than dealing with Paypal.

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