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CHRONIC Nasal Congestion

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Matty_M, May 11, 2017.

  1. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Mary now for the complex: Tyrosine is the base amino acid for all pigmented proteins like dopamine, melatonin, serotonin and melanin. All aromatic amino acids absorb UV and are excited by it and they activate or deactivate S-S bonds in cysteine or cystine residues. These AA are usually found in surface membrane receptors. Photo-excited tyrosine can fluoresce, decay non-radiatively, or undergo intersystem crossing to the triplet state, from which most of the photochemistry proceeds in the skin. The triplet state tyrosine is rapidly quenched by molecular oxygen (from blood plasma) or nearby residues like tryptophan or disulfide bridges in sulfated proteins (Bent & Hayon, 1975b). Here you begin to see where the Tensegrity 7 blog and sulfated lipids and proteins work with sunlight. CBS defects are present because your lineage was generally from places with very high UV exposure naturally. That defect acts to allow you too cool down easier in equatorial regions.

    An important photochemical mechanism in proteins involves reduction of disulfide bridges (S-S) upon UV excitation of Tryptophan and Tyrosine side chains (Kerwin & Rammele, 2007, Neves-Petersen et al., 2002 & 2009a). UV-excitation of tryptophan or tyrosine can result in their photoionization and to the generation of solvated electrons. The generated solvated electrons can subsequently undergo fast geminate recombination with their parent molecule, or they can be captured by electrophillic species like molecular oxygen. Molecular oxygen decreases the chance of pseudohypoxia and this make formation of an exclusion zone (EZ) in water in skin cells. This leads to coherent domains of H3O+, (at a lower pH) that allows photo molecular interactions to occur between cysteine and cystines (EE series of blogs on cysteine/cystine). In the case where the electron is captured by the cysteine, the result can also be the breakage of the disulfide bridge in proteins like glutathione. (Hoffman & Hayon, 1972). Here you begin to see how UV light and the aromatic AA begin to work to create energies that can modify sulfated proteins in the skin to control optical signal of sunlight. Activated electrons from the incident UV light is where the process begins. The UV light creates thiol free radicals.
    The resultant free thiol radicals/groups can then subsequently react with other free thiol groups in lipids and proteins in skin to create a new disulfide bridge. Reduction of disulfide bridge with UV excitation of aromatic residues has been shown for proteins such as cutinase and lysozyme (Neves-Petersen et al., 2009a, 2006 & 2002), bovine serum albumin (Skovsen et al., 2009a; Parracino et al., 2011) prostate specific antigen (Parracino et al., 2010), and antibody Fab fragments (Duroux et al., 2007). These phenomenon have actually led to a new technology for protein immobilization called light assisted molecular immobilization (LAMI) LAMI is being used now to design drugs using UV light to PREVENT cancer. This stands in counter distinction of the modern view point that UV is the major cause of cancer. The UV light creates thiol groups that can bind thiol reactive chemicals on surfaces leading to oriented covalent protein immobilization. This is precisely what sunlight does naturally in our skin as I mentioned in Tensegrity 7.
    In LAMI, pulsed UV illumination and the interaction of aromatic amino acids can halt activation of cancer cell membrane receptors. HERCEPTIN is a membrane receptor in the breast and epidermal derived growth factor (EDGF) is the main receptor in the skin associated with cancers. The UV illumination affects all downstream reactions that would lead to cancer, shutting down the cells’ biological functions stopping oncogenesis. LAMI uses the same process to halt cancer that is present in normal cells. This new treatment is based upon the fact that all stressed cells release ELF-UV light that cells use to activate the cell’s own cell death program called apoptosis. This has already been documented on two human epidermal cancer cell lines (Olsen B.B. et al., 2007). The photonic dosage necessary for therapeutical results has additionally been determined. It turns out it is pretty low frequency, matching the experimental data we see published in Russian experiments and in Roeland van Wijk’s book, Light Sculpting Light.
    This pathway is how cells use UV light from the sun to activate apoptosis pathways and prevents all cancers by deactivating disulfide bridges in cell membrane proteins. HOW?
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  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Throughout 4.5 billion year of molecular evolution, proteins have evolved in order to maintain the spatial proximity between aromatic residues (Trp, Tyr and Phe) and disulfide bridges (S-S) (Petersen et al, 1999). There is a very special spatial geometry relationship that exists because of the interaction with the most powerful part of the solar spectrum of light (UV) measures the collisions. The aromatic amino acids become the first step in determining where the position and geometry of residues to act as nanosized antennas in the protein world that can capture UV light (from ~250-298nm). Once excited by UV light they can enter photochemical pathways likely to have harmful or beneficial effects on protein structures by affecting specific bonds like disulfide bonds in cysteine/cystine which are the most rare amino acids in our proteins. It turns out cysteine/cystine disulfide bridges in proteins are excellent quenchers of the excited state of aromatic residues by UV light. This means they decrease the power present in UV light in excited aromatic amino acids. In this way, they contribute to protein stability and activity, thereby stabilizing ubiquitin rates. UV light excitation of the aromatic residues is known to trigger electron ejection from their side chains (Bent & Hayon, 1975a; Bent & Hayon, 1975b; Bent & Hayon, 1975c; Creed, 1984a; Creed, 1984b; Kerwin & Rammele, 2007, Neves-Petersen et al., 2009a). These electrons can be captured by disulfide bridges in things like glutathione, leading to the formation of a transient disulfide electron adduct radical, which will dissociate leading to the formation of free thiol groups in the protein. This photochemical change leads to non optical signaling. Once disulfide bonds are broken we can inactive detrimental cell membrane receptors that cause epidermal cancers like EDGF. The irony in all this is that UV prevents and does not cause cancer by these mechanisms. More irony for the skin and eye docs: This mechanism is now being used to develop drugs using nanotechnology and the ability of cells to make ELF-UV light. There is more…………

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  3. Penny

    Penny New Member

    UV light excitation of the aromatic residues is known to trigger electron ejection from their side chains to affect di-sulfide bonds. Dopamine is made from tyrosine and UV light. Aromatic residues are the nano-sized antennas in the protein world that can capture UV light (from ~250-298nm). Once excited by UV light they can enter photochemical pathways likely to have harmful effects on protein structures. If they are not present ubiquitination rates of the proteins increases. So how does aromatic residues in dopamine help us save energy? Disulfide bridges in proteins are excellent quenchers of the excited state of aromatic residues, contributing in this way to protein stability and activity and lowered ubiquitination. So if you have defects in the CBS enzyme it is because you genome is created from an egg that says your adapted to a strong light environment. This means the REAL problem with the CBS defects is not folate or foods but a blue lit world.

    These ejected electrons from UV excitation can be captured by disulfide bridges, leading to the formation of a transient disulfide electron adduct radicals like H2S. H2S is fully capable of dissociating the power in light to protect proteins leading to the formation of free thiol groups in the protein.

    So how does UV light stimulate this protection? Dopamine is well known in the literature to stimulate endogenous H2S production by allosteric activation and up-regulation of the CBS enzyme. Here is your CBS link. The CBS enzyme is part of how we lower the quantum yield of sunlight epigenetically. People who have this and move further from the equator and or live in a blue lit microwaved world will suffer. This is the bigger problem today and not food. At surfaces, serotonin and dopamine increase H2S gas production by the endogenous enzyme cystathionine-β-synthase (CBS). H2S production occurs when pseudohypoxia is present, and protect cells against hypothermia or rewarming induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation and apoptosis. Lack of UV/IR light with excessive blue light at night with high color temperatures cause a massive increase in ocular ROS. UV light makes dopamine via the RPE of th eye. Treatment with dopamine has been shown to double CBS expression through mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) to increased endogenous H2S production when surfaces are cooled then rewarmed by light energy. This is why glutathione levels have to be linked with precision to the incident light that excites the side chains on tyrosine to work. Sorry it is complex…….but it is accurate and explains why a half truth from an alternative practitioner can really hurt you.
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  4. Robert Marking

    Robert Marking Platinum Member

    I have been living in Florida (West Palm Beach) for 4 1/2 years fulltime and I get 3 hours sun per day, 3 to 4 days per week while out water skiing. I DONT wear sunglasses, ever.

    I have had Lyme and mold illness for over 45 years.

    I totally believe in the photoelectric effect and JK and Doug Wallaces teaching. I believe that 2/3 of your net negative charge should come from the sun, and 1/3 from food.

    I am an Autonomic Response Testing (ART ) Practitioner and have been heavily involved in Holistic & Energy medicine for 18 years and cutting edge nutrition of 27. I have my own hyperbaric oxygen chamber, ozone generator, Eng3 Nano Vi, near infrared sauna, 3 Low level lasers, EAV machine, test kits for every bacteria, virus, fungus, mycotoxin, protozoa, lyme and coinfections, etc. Most of what I do is Energy Medicine based on quantum physics.

    I use the Autonomic Nervous system as a guide to detect and address stressors (structural, chemical, emotional, electromagnetic, spiritual, etc) affecting the body that are causing the the cells to emit incoherent light from their chromatin, disrupting cell to cell communication, and causing regulation problems in the biophoton field of the person. This negatively impacts the core vibrational blueprint of the body, so its in chaos instead of harmony. If you have a sick biophoton field then you will have a sick body. This stress will cause a sympathetic response (fight or flight) from the ANS until the stressor is corrected. The goal is to clear the stressors and move the ANS into parasympethic mode, Yin which is healing and rest mode.

    Normal aging and stressors/trauma (oxidative stress) over a lifetime will cause inflammation and mitochondrial damage and mutations to everyone. So no two peoples stressors and normal aging processes are the same. And no ones starting point is the same, and n0 two RX's are the same. So, just because you expose yourself to the photoelectric effect, it doesnt mean that i will cure disease 100% of the time.

    As I mentioned, the 45 years of mold illness were not corrected by my 3 hour a day exposure to sun, hbot, ozone, etc. I had to undergo the surviving mold protocol to reverse it. I did eliminate the lyme and coinfections by using distructive interfence and Oxygen and ozone therapy.

    My CBS heterozygous mutation and possibly BHMT mutation was causing sulfur metabolism issues and i was smelling like ammonia and had a lot of inflammation from sulfur containing foods and supplements. Even with 3 hours of sunlight 4 DAYS per week. I am strengthening my mitochondria because I know according to Doug Wallace and JK, that mitochondrial DNA can affect the expression of the nuclear DNA. But until then, I have bad sulfur metabolism issues and must keep addressing that accordingly.

    For most chronically ill people, some of these chronic underlying stressors ARE NOT going to go away without a multifaceted approach. Of course , Photoelectric effect is the biggest part of that approach.
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  5. Penny

    Penny New Member


    And what were you exposed to the rest of the day? Mold is a pleomorphic (cell wall deficient) bacteria that grows 600 times faster when exposed to a wifi router - so is lyme and yeast - so you got out into the sun, then went indoors for the rest of the day because hey, you've got to work and it kept growing - then you got home and surfed at night - because hey we have to figure out how to heal ourselves - so that screwed up melatonin which increased the lag time of the pancreas shutting off the insulin pump which toasted zinc (insulin is made from zinc) - no zinc, no P5P=> no neurotransmitters including melatonin - plus since you looked at a screen you destroyed vitamin A, so no hormones either including vitamin d - a huge part of your immune system - your environment and your actions regarding your circadean clock determined your viral/bacterial load - the ol' yeast growing a hyphae experinment was done years ago and

    The Bioeffects Resulting from Prokaryotic Cells and Yeast Being Exposed to an 18 GHz Electromagnetic Field


    A tree in the forest will be happily growing covered in algae - but when its voltage drops, it will be overrun by it - this is what happens to us - when voltage drops, it's like a war cry for all bacteria to proliferate -
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
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  6. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    NAC brought me to my knees; I almost passed out. Still trying to figure out what that *surprise* meant about my various bio-systems compensations... It might have been as simple as I should take with food altho' the Life Extension bottle said with or without food...

    None of the others in your list, all of which I used at one time or another, had any noticeable negative side-effects; I don't consume extracted fish oils except for fermented cod liver oil occasionally.
  7. Robert Marking

    Robert Marking Platinum Member

    NAC is one of the supplements that impacts me the worse out of all of the ones listed. But just like a chronic low level infection, or low level hidden food allergy, or low level EMF, or low level parasite infections, or cancerous cell, consciously you may not be able to tell if you are being affected by a sulfur metabolism issue or not.

    Through these and other hidden low level stressors, your cells coherent light transmissions and biphoton field is being negatively affected and your Autonomic Nervous System senses this stress, and responds by moving into a sympathetic fight or flight mode. Most people cannot tell if they are in sympathetic fight or flight mode or in parasympathetic Yin (rest & healing) Yang (healthy energy & performance), let alone know if they have any type of low level stressor affecting them.

    Try eliminating sulfur containing foods and supplements for a week. and start taking 250 - 500 mcg of Molybdenum and 10 -20 mg of manganese before every meal, and after one week, see if you feel any better. If you do, then start slowing introducing small amounts of sulfur containing foods back in and keep taking the supplements. Keep track of how you feel.
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  8. Robert Marking

    Robert Marking Platinum Member

    Correction, on that part about the "mold growing 600 times faster", which isn't correct,.......according to Dietrich Klinghardt MD Phd, (I received my Autonomic Response Testing training through Dr Klinghardt and the Klinghardt Academy) I believe I remember him mentioning during class one day the he personally performed that study on mold.

    Dr Klinghardt took two petri dishes of mold and he exposed one to EMF's and the other was not, and the mold that was exposed to EMF's, through a defense mechanism, produced 600 times more mycotoxins (a biotoxin which has the same potency as a Brown Recluse Spider bite, or a venomous snake. )

    That means if you have mold illness, and if you have the genetic mutation HLA DR1,(which I have) your bodies immune system doesn't recognize mold as an antigen (threat) and will not mount an immune response to it. Therefore you will have mold/fungus (and co infections of bacteria with it) growing uninhibited throughout your body, producing mycotoxins.

    The bile when released by eating food (mainly fatty meals) contains the mycotoxins and then it reabsorbs back into the body and crosses the blood brain barrier causing inflammation, neurological damage, and potentially lesions. This inflammation can affect neurotransmitter production. You don't have to be exposed to artificial blue light to have neurological inflammation and damage. The NeuroQuant MRI (which I have had done) is being used to determine if there is neurological damage and if it is from mold or lyme. Lyme and mold damage the brain in different areas and this can be detected by the neuroquant. A simpler neurological test for screening for mold illness is the VCS vision contrast test at www.survivingmold.com

    If you expose yourself to EMF's the mold may increase its production of mycotoxins 600 times causing a very high amount of inflammation and stress throughout the body. This stress will cause incoherent light transmissions from the cells and disrupting regulation of the biophoton field which affects the regulation of your metabolic and hormone programs.

    Your Autonomic nervous system sensing this stress may move into a chronic sympathetic fight or flight mode causing more problems such as , more inflammation, high cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue, poor digestion, poor detoxification, etc, etc. Until the mold is addressed and the mycotoxins are removed from the body, the stressors will cause big problems for the biophoton field and the ANS.

    So whether you are in the sun or not, drinking great water or not, eliminating EMF's or not, chances are you are not getting rid of the Mold in your body that is putting an enormous amount of stress on the cells, disrupting cell to cell communications and causing chaos in the biophoton field (healthy cells emit 100,000 coherent light signals per second through their chromatin which regulates all the biochemical reactions throughout the cell and body)

    It's estimated that over 50% of all homes and 85% of commercial building have sort of water damage and mold issues. http://moldsafesolutions.com/homes-commercial-buildings-mold/

    Healthy Field = Healthy Body
    Sick Field = Sick Body
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  9. Robert Marking

    Robert Marking Platinum Member

    And what were you exposed to the rest of the day?

    I am either home or at the lake. I had the house tested 2 times in the past year , through mycometrics.com and the mold level was in a susceptable range.

    so you got out into the sun, then went indoors for the rest of the day because hey, you've got to work and it kept growing - then you got home and surfed at night - because hey we have to figure out how to heal ourselves - so that screwed up melatonin which increased the lag time of the pancreas shutting off the insulin pump which toasted zinc (insulin is made from zinc) - no zinc, no P5P=> no neurotransmitters including melatonin -

    I meditate alot throughout the day, including in the evening, I started that 17 years ago because I hardly enough energy to even get out of bed.

    I spend alot time in my hyperbaric oxygen chamber and in my near infrared sauna,

    Honestly I don't have any sleeping issues what so ever. I don't take any melatonin , I sleep through the night and keep track of my sleep with "sleep bot" on my iphone. I don't even get up to go the bathroom.

    My fasting blood sugar levels are fine, ranging around 100 . I tend to eat late night after my workout, which is a 30 minute workout at the gym

    I don't think that I have any neurotransmitter issues, Ive been taking and marketing smart drugs/ nootropics since 1990, tyrosine, acetyl choline, cpd choline, alpha GPC choline, gaba, etc

    I do have stage 4 adrenal fatigue from being stuck in sympethetic mode for 45 years as my body has been fighting mold and lyme. I have taken alot of energy products for chronic fatigue issues in an attempt to work and be functional. Over 40 years when you have to REV YOUR ADRENALs to have enough energy to get anything done during the day, you are going to get adrenal fatigue

    plus since you looked at a screen you destroyed vitamin A, so no hormones either including vitamin d - a huge part of your immune system - your environment and your actions regarding your circadian clock determined your viral/bacterial load - the ol' yeast growing a hyphae experinment was done years ag

    my vitamin d 25 levels are right at 70, I know a little high. Im clear of mold, viruses and bacteria now.

    my total testoserone levels are right at 1000 which is on the high side and my free test. is on the high side as well.

    My IGF1 Levels are on the high side as well at 200

    my thyroid numbers are good as well.

    I am 55 years old, 5' 11", 167 lbs, my body fat is at 6%, i don't do any cardio, I am in the gym 4 days a week weight training 35 minutes per workout, and my strength levels are better than when I was in my 20's or 30's. I have never used hormone replacement therapy or steroids

    Ive been off my hidden food allergies and sensitivities for over 18 years

    my profile photo was taken last week.

    my CRP is .2

    resting pulse is 43

    blood pressure is normal

    my Heart Rate Variability averages right around 70

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  10. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Look, on this blog, stage 4 adrenal fatigue=blue light toxicity... you are using an iphone *all* night - you are in the gym 4 times a week - you eat at night = circadean mismatch - you look great on the outside - so does my 16 year old niece who is doing kick boxing in a gym except her bones are disintegrating... if you can weight train 4 times per week, it seems you must have some amount of energy so I don't understand why you think you have adrenal fatigue - plus, if you're making hormones, it seems to me your adrenals are just fine? My only point with the person who free dives the arctic was that she did nothing but shrunk her respiratory proteins which increased her redox and she cured flesh eating bacteria... I don't know what she did prior to free diving in the cold - maybe other remedies - I would assume - were applied - but John Muir was told he had months to live, went up the Yosemite, laid down on the ground, was practically hypothermic and lived another 20 years - another redox win. You can also take for example methylene blue - does it kill bacteria or is the reason that it works is that it improves your mitochondrial redox? And have you ever tried methylene blue?

    My brother-in-law comes from Shri Lanka - he says they have mold in all the houses - and no one cares - although with all this wifi, maybe they do now:)

    You might be interested in the transcription - at least the first hour - of JK's nourishing Vermont lecture - I think it would blow your mind like it did mine:)
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  11. Robert Marking

    Robert Marking Platinum Member

    my DHEA is 369
    PSA .2
    Total TEST 1024
    Free TEST 118
    CRP (less than) .1
    Vit D 75
    Fasting Glucose 88
    Pregnenalone 10 (low)
    IGF 202
    Urea 10
    creatinine .87
    T4 free 1.0
    TSH 1.60
    T3 free 2.7
    T3 reverse 12
    ACTH 50
    Cortisol AM 17.7

    I have watched the Vermont 16, 17 multiple times and I agree with JK on everything.

    I was diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue back in 1999 before cell phones, and pc computers, and wifi.

    3 years ago I did two saliva cortisol tests and they both showed stage 4 adrenal fatigue. Mold illness because of the inflammatory response and cascade of issues that it causes, is notorious for this, along with neurotransmitter issues.

    The stress (inflammation) of the Mold illness and Lyme on my cells , caused my cells to started to emit incoherent light and this negatively affected cell to cell communication and the regulation of my biophoton field. Because of this stress my Autonomic Immune System kicked my body into a chronic Sympathetic fight or flight mode, so my adrenals were revving 24/7 as a result of "fighting" that stressor. My adrenals started to give out, chronic fatigue started to kick in, and to function I started consuming high amount of energy drinks way back in college. That made the problem worse.

    Just because someone doesnt have an acute response to exposure to mold, mold will still be a stressor for everyone exposed to it. This inflammation will traumatize the cells, causing the cells to emit incohorent light to some degree, negatively effecting regulation of biophoton feild to some degree.

    Low level stressors and inflammation throughout the body, is death by 1,000 cuts. Y0u add that on top of natural aging, and you will pay the price.
  12. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Another great post, Rabbit. Thank you.
  13. Penny

    Penny New Member

    You know who is really hot at this is Joe Cohen at selfhacked - I think it's TH1 or TH2 dominant something or other -(thymus?) sympathetic response - maybe he would have some more ideas for you:) Peace and I hope you feel better soon - BTW, I would kill for your labs:)

    Here are some links where he chats about it:
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  14. Robert Marking

    Robert Marking Platinum Member

    Thanks , I appreciate your suggestions. Over the past 30 years I have watched very very very little tv, I just got rid of my flip phone 3 years ago and I don't spend much time on my iPhone . The emfs from the pc, iPhone , led tv in the past make me feel ill so I avoid those. I now wear EMF protection device that blocks the harmful EMFs and converts them into harmonious energy for the body. Ive always have the lights off or very low in the house and flouresent lights are always immediately painful on my back and shoulders . No led or fliursent lights in the house.

    I do believe that Jk's protocols are the foundation for any wellness plan. But I do believe that there are other pre-existing stressors that need to be addressed in various ways as well , in an attempt to achieve Healthy cell to cell communication, a properly regulating bio photon feild , and as a result optimum health.
  15. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I just graduated from 12 years of government brainwashing prison, so I will first be traveling the world, then probably working in Doug Wallace's lab next summer (check out mattmaruca.com/blog), and then going to college in Sarasota FL for 4 years most likely.
  16. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    How do you suggest overcoming the underlying emotional trauma if it is emotional/mental but not exactly known? Therapy is way to expensive for me as I just graduated high school.
  17. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Great explanation!
  18. Whats your thoughts on Mo supplements? I seem to notice that I digest perfectly when I eat high protein meals and supplement Mo. Unless its wild moose meat, which I have always felt amazing eating, then I would bet most meat from farms is Mo depleted
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  19. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    What is Mo?
  20. Molybdenum
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