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Chronic Eczema hacking for years & no cure! EMF or Methylation?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by LaurenR, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Long post...
    I have been hacking my chronic eczema all over for 3 years, tried many things...

    Diagnosed as infant with eczema, asthma etc. Flare ups age 17yrs through to mid twenties, also IBS, allergies, chornic sinusitis (all fixed now).

    Aug 2010- Chronic eczema on inside of forearms- dermatologist UV B treatment, helps a little.

    Sept 2011- Still eczema, saw naturopath- started herbal meds & herbal cleanse, followed by probiotics (standard weed, seed stuff) .
    Also stopped asthma meds and pill at same time = MASSIVE flare up! Face, neck, arms, upper body- lasts for months!
    CDSA-4 stool- says no parasites, extreme dysbiosis, little to no good bacteria in gut.

    Mar 2012- Series of 4 colonics & stop anti-depressant meds results in complete body flare up, EXTREME odema- legs,ankles, Extreme flaking of skin all over, in car, in bed, all day and night.

    Next 3 months- extreme itching and burning sensation- like having acid poured on me, also little to no sleep at night- fall to sleep usually around 3am-5:30am, impacted life, ability to work etc.
    Jul 2012- start a cortisone cream so I can sleep, function, work etc, helps greatly, continue use of cream.

    Jul 2012- Jan 2014- continued chronic eczema, rash. Better, but not healed, some flare ups. Eczema forearm/elbow, behind knees-weeps, bleeds.
    But also a general all over rash on back, outside of arms.

    I have been Paleo (a little dairy) for 3 years, Dairy-free for 2 years, STRICT epi-paleo for >1 year.
    My diet is tight: seafood/fish daily, grass fed/ free range red meat, some pork belly, coconut oil, coconut milk, limited veg (broc, cauli, brussels etc ), herbs, turmeric, ginger, garlic, onion, some 90% chocolate. I don't eat any of my IgG intolerance foods.

    Starting again and simplifying: Currently redoing on a gut healing protocol- glutamine, aloe vera. Also bottled spring water as only water I drink now and reducing EMF where in my control (no sleep pad yet).
    I still have "standard" eczema symptoms- sun makes it better. Showers, wool clothes make it worse.

    Why am I posting in here? I AM GOING TO HEAL THIS IN 2014! But it's time to look DIG DEEPER!
    I'm wondering about the impact of EMF (emf 7). I'm wondering about methylation.
    It is more than a leaky gut!!!

    I'm am wondering where to from here, as I begin an new year, try new labs etc.

    I thank you for your time taken to read this. I appreciate your help to finally overcoming this issue.
  2. HoneyChild

    HoneyChild Gold

    Maybe this thread might be of interest to you...


    Also, I'm sure I remember reading that LDN was a good treatment for all sorts of things including skin problems.

    There was also a TV show where it was shown that soaking your skin in water with oats in it can help. They used a machine to analyse the skin to prove that it wasn't just a placebo effect, I think there was something like a 10% improvement as opposed to 0% with the placebo group. You simply place oats in an old pair of tights or muslin bag and let it sit in the bath.
  3. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Thanks, will take a look. I have done the oat bath thing, didn't help.

    I should add I have not had any change in body composition with paleo or epi-paleo. I weigh around 52kgs / 114lbs (i don't weigh myself anymore).
    I have 2-3kgs or 5-6lbs of fat to shift. Doesn't happen.
    Only in last month or two seeing a slight change in body composition (rib cage, waist) with very very heavy lifting.
  4. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    So from that link: gene coding olymorphins impacting estrogen metabolism.
    Supplements of I3C, DIM, calcium-D-glucarate

    Is the current 23andme test for ancestry reports and raw genetic data useful?
    Or do I need the health related tests?
  5. HoneyChild

    HoneyChild Gold

  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    yes the raw data is useful - use sterling's app which Honey child linked too or genetic genie to run the data through....
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Lauren! If you look up Nick here on the forum - he is in Brisbane/Aus ..... he has/had very serious problems with his little son.
    maybe PM him.
    EMF was huge for them. If you go to the aussie donut hole thread in the Cave - he talks about it and the great success they are having with a magnetico sleep pad etc.

    If you need help finding stuff - just let me know.....

    Good Luck - this is going to be your year...:)
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2014
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Are you dong C/T?
  9. Sistagrok

    Sistagrok Shanee

  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    OK.......I have hinted at this in like tons of places.........skin issues are epigenetic and directly tied back to alteration in the Vitamin A cycle in the brain. Number one cause is the altered photoperiod in that persons brain. You likely got this bad light tracker from your mother and grandmother.
  11. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Thanks Jack. I will start back at CPC#6 and work from there.
  12. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Thanks Caroline. I will check it out. I am an Aussie, recently relocated from the donut hole to EMF-pit of London. I have not got back in the tub yet, as it is about 0-5degrees C here- I walk around feeling cold all day & night! Sleep pad is on the list!
  13. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    Lauren honey, I am SO sorry for the misery you are going through! I had horrible eczema up until the age of 35 and was on steroids for 10 years as a child until they pulled me off of them at the age of 17. Then I went from the proverbial frying pan into the fire.

    I certainly don't have 'the' answer for you but I will tell you this - get off of all pork period. Oh if I would have known this as a child growing up on a farm! I am clear now, and seldom eat out, but one time I ate some chicken that had been cooked on the same grill they cooked pork on and I broke out for 6 weeks. This piece should be huge for you.

    Secondly, make sure that you get a good balance on your essential fatty acids. You need more than the average person. I know that you are in Oz and don't know if you have access to Genova labs but they have a blood spot test for this.

    Lastly, the sun makes a tremendous difference for my skin. I live in the southern US and am outside butt naked as much as possible and use a tanning bed during the winter.

    Hope this helps~
  14. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Hi GoldFishie, I live in London now. There is no sun :( right now. But yes I love the sun and it does wonders for my skin and I tan beautifully as I am half Italian ;)

    Interesting about the pork- We have delicious pork belly every weekend. The skin issues have been going on much longer than pork eating has! They started at age 3 years or so.

    My skin is not as bad as it was back on 2012. Wow it actually felt like I was dying from the inside out in weird acid burning way- I said that to my partner a few times in that 6 months. Excruciating, would never wish that on anyone.

    2014 is going to be a big year, not just in my health :)
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    This is going to be a great year! so many extra ordinary people here......
  16. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Lauren, do you go to the seashore very often? I would suspect that a day in the sun and the ocean would give you quite a bit of relief. Also dunking your skin in fesh rainwater should help.

    About what Dr. K said -- do you avoid blue light at night? Wake up with the sun?
  17. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    I have not been in the sea since August when I was traveling around Croatia and Greek Islands.

    I have avoided blue light and did sunlight on retina AM before the move here, no change. Using candles a lot here. I can always do it more though.
  18. Sammy

    Sammy New Member

    Hi Lauren, I agree with nonchalant. The seawater really helped my eczema. But since you have no access to the sea right now, can I suggest having a dead sea salt bath? Sure, this won't cure your eczema...but it will definitely CALM your skin down/make it less itchy/less bleeding.

    Seafood and red meat(pork, beef) used to trigger my eczema. Not anymore though :) No more eczema anymore!!
  19. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    That's wonderful, Sammy! Few people can say that.

    I have gotten breakouts from exposure to EMF. After the EMF is abated, seawater was hands down the best thing to stop the reaction and heal up the skin. At home, however, I found that a salt bath with sea salt, epsom salt & iodine helps alot. And I would put on olive oil afterwards. Coconut oil made it worse.
    Recently my laptop mouse died and I started using the touchpad like an idiot, and ended up with rashes on both hands. Yes, I got a new mouse finally, but clearing up the rash is another matter. No trip to the sea coast in sight. This time I have been experimenting with rainwater, and that seems to help as much as the salt baths. I still use olive oil. I think I will have to keep treating the hands daily until I finally get back to the sea.
  20. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    The EMF is a challenge- living in London in a flat with 20 other peoples wifi signals in my home! I'm thinking that a magnetico is really going to be the only thing to albeit it...
    For now, I'm thinking.
    1. turn off all switches, phones, wifi etc.
    2. blueblockers, candles
    3. spring water & winter-keto epi-paleo
    4. 23andme- assess and supp etc
    5. glutamine, aloe
    6. sea salt baths

    I think the wrapping your head around with this is:

    epigenetics > blue light/light cycle > leaky gut, intolerances, internal stressors > external stressors

    I have Himilayan Salt, so will go look for the others :)

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