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Christine's Journal- EHS + MCTD = 5GCanary

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by 5G Canary, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Yes- you made us both smile! Thanks for pushing him off the edge and into the rabbit hole which, other than getting me healthy is the point of our trip. If, like most people, he does not jump in he will have two sick daughters to take care of as well. Appreciate all the help and support- going to up my game with the red light theraphy- the whole day with body cooling if we are hearing you right?
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Christine - do you know Jeremy Thomley's story? There is a great youtube video with Jack and Jeremy that is one of my very favourites. It was done a year ago in Mexico I think........if I am remembering right.

    Jack did a webinar about Jeremy and then a Q&A with Jeremy .........absolute magic.
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  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    For those reading this, you are reading it for a reason and I appreciate you wanting to read this crazy birds thoughts and observations. You are becoming aware, whether you are healthy or not, that we all now have skin in the game. Having severe EHS, I had taken a good year off the internet and looking at screens. During this break my eyes and brain were so bad just reading a small paperback book took me about three months. But, since becoming healthier this year I decided to finally start my journal. I have read a few journals and forums and have noticed a pattern- People do not seem to take the environment as a very real cause of illness. Apparently moving to help get well is harder and riskier financially than just remaining in the poor environment and most likely becoming extremely ill and, financially bankrupt. Since flying the coop from a 5G storm in Charlotte, North Carolina I am slowly getting my health back.

    Unfortunately in life, the smartest decision is not the simplest, the best decision is not the easiest, and a leap of faith requires leaving what only "appears" to be a safe ledge.

    While I absolutely get it, I am shocked at how many are ignoring Dr. Kruse’s very simple repeated words of wisdom, “You will never get well in the environment that made you sick.” Even my own family members that currently live in the 5G storm aren’t heeding my warnings. I just would like to share a little of my observations as a child and my now current situation in hopes that someone reading this decides to listen- a black swan should spread their wings and fly from an unhealthy environment. The word “unhealthy” means just that, it’s literally that simple.

    Here’s what I have observed as a child who grew up in Mountain View, CA and lived in the same house from birth to marriage (1967-1990). My mother had MS- diagnosed in 1957. And these are the lessons I learned from her. The more she fought the illness, the more it attacked her and won. The more she followed her intuition, the better she did. But, back then with 5 kids and an overprotective husband she wasn’t always able to follow her intuition. She refused to see allopathic doctors and my father flew her to see the best holistic doctor at the time. This doctor wanted to try very controversial things which my father always feared was quackery and would harm her health. (I hope you picked up on that word “fear”… the more he feared the worse she got.) He always focused on making sure she had no stress, kept the house clean, stocked and with someone home with her at all times. That someone was usually me. She focused solely on the things she could control- her diet, exercise and schedule. She obsessed over diet, nutrition, and spirituality. I watched and prepared thousands of healthy meals- lots of fish and loads of supplements with daily exercises and meditations. Her body shape and weight never changed and it always struck me as odd. Over the 30 years in that house she went from walking with a cane to a wheel chair with no upper or lower body use. At 59 years old she turned blue, passed out, and was rushed to the hospital. Should this happen to someone that was living a completely healthy lifestyle? Why did she progressively get worse and never better? At the hospital the allopathic doctor said she would, at best, live one week. She had completely surrendered her daily routine which I know had to be killing her too as she lived by her schedule. But, she surprised the doctors. While she was not showing signs of improvement, she also was not dying. In the hospital it was like watching a real western movie gun fight- my mom vs. the allopathic doctors. She was challenging everything they wanted to do or give her. My father was in the fight as well hiring his own set of nurses to take care of her since he didn’t trust the hospital staff. Because of this, the hospital was beginning very difficult on releasing her. After 90 days of this (ironically when insurance stopped paying) they then decided to release her. Doctors stuck by “their guns,” indicating she would die shortly after leaving the hospital. She then told my Dad that, if he would move them far from the house they lived in, that she would give him 10 more years. It was crazy- she was now bedridden with food tube, oxygen and lung suctioning and wanted to move? And far?

    I remember two very distinct things. One, her body never changed… never. She always had a distended abdomen even with no real food. Second, she told me she always thought that house had made her sicker. My father had agreed. They moved three hours away to Folsom, CA and she gave him 11 more years together.

    I definitely learned a lot from my mom before she passed away. I was lucky to have had both my parents as role models. It doesn’t matter who has the illness, it effects the entire family as a whole. With some illnesses, surrendering is the best move. Fighting it will only cause permanent damage. In fighting it you are ignoring what the body is trying to tell you.

    Before my diagnosis of MCTD, I had told many doctors that I felt like my back was going to snap only to be told, that was crazy. I can’t even count how many doctors I went to for help that used the “crazy” word with me. But, I listened to my body and not my doctors. I have never tried to fight through real pain when I felt my instincts kicking in. I know the pain is there for a reason and my body is trying to communicate here. I also now have the same lovely distained abdomen and skin that my mom did back then. But, I am smart enough to know it’s not about the food. When my symptoms had gotten out of control, my instincts immediately told me that we needed to move… run from a sick environment I could not change. And, when I was looking for answers to my EHS pains and symptoms, I don’t believe it was luck but rather my mother watching over me that Dr. Kruse came up first on our Google search to validate what my symptoms and instincts where telling me. I still remember his words, “You will never get better in the same environment you got sick in!” I did not spend hours on the internet fighting what was causing my illness and getting sicker doing exactly what was harming my body. I spent those hours packing. I knew (and was afraid) of the financial and emotional impacts of a move. But I also realized what not moving meant- that nothing else would really matter soon.

    With 5G you can’t fight it. You must surrender, listen to your body, and follow your instincts to get or stay healthy. Then you need to move.
  4. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Thanks for the comments.. and side help Dan! But, shi… ugh, I had to revise this post due to some mistakes as a result of my total ignorance (and maybe, overload thanks to DK). This is a “sincere thank you” too for not spoon-feeding me DK- I’m addicted to really learning more now to get my canary flying again and, spreading the word to the dumb no-sun white-ass swans! It’s hunting season here in SC- squirrels and blue-light white swans are in season! The more I learn this stuff (which is very foreign to anything from school or that my peers really know), the more stuff I learn I don't know. The more I know what I don't know (and our past doctors don’t know either), the more I now know I need to know for myself as 90% of peer and doctor KNOWledge in the past is 200% worthless. You know? :-\
    See CORRECTIONS tagged below in my ramblings.

    Hi Dr. K,
    Bruce (a.k.a THE HUSBAND) typing here (until we get the family plan worked out). Homework is done Professor- competed before the midnight deadline Friday but posted late (I own it but dog ate it). If my wife is the “5G canary,” I’m now the “5G coalmine rabbit”… and you have led me down an amazing rabbit hole! Also, I think I must have had a hangover through most of thermo so, having to catch up now a lot of years later and, finding it all brain-swelling (in a great way). I’m seeing confusion replaced with a lot of hope now thanks to you! F### fear too! My new goal- spend our 30th wedding anniversary in 2020 celebrating my canaries wellness with the bevy “The Farm!”

    Outstanding video assignment- hard start with the long run of dancing plants (and pretty rough music unless sitting with beer at Octoberfest). But then, in the end it had me up all night thinking and more, trying to understand why every doctor and biologist is not clued into this info- this was never in my text books or on any of our many doctor’s radar screen. In fact, this assignment has led to two sleepless nights now digging my rabbit hole deeper- I’m slow on all the microbiology stuff but will catch up with the class soon. I also have not worked directly in electrical engineering in 30 years so, this has been great to dig back into as well, thanks to you.
    So for my homework report, the light therapy is like adding a little extra fuel to stimulate (super charge) the mitochondrial respiration- an afterburner for my wife’s jet engines or, extra coal for the old boilers to get more steam and make the generators crank out more power/electricity for the houses (or cells) in the neighborhood (body). And, cooler, denser air on her jet engines (or water in around the mitochondria I think) results in increased thrust (the photonic boost from red light) and stress from Scotty calling for “more power Captian”!

    A few things realized from my last homework assignment:

    One, I remembered very little about biology and physics from college (but now I am exponentially learning/relearning it all).

    Two, sadly it now seems we have been doing a lot wrong this past year and “the house move” recommended was our saving grace giving us a chance to do the rest right now. Note, we had focused on NIR “red lights” without regards to the effects of the bulbs ambient heat on her or frequency (and I even built a crazy-ass sauna room with some pretty expensive worthless bulbs I think now).

    Three, I did not pull in the full concept and value of the cold therapy- tied I think to boosted light absorption and to metabolic efficiency. We now plan to open the pool the day we get back from Mexico for daily cold therapy and never close it again- ice and all.

    Four, I will do anything to help my wife so keep the assignments coming.

    So 600-900nm wavelength red and (IR light) is able to penetrate the skin and cellular membranes supporting (or for my wife, supercharging) the mitocondrial and respiratory chain process via absorption by chromophores and photoacceptors. The power released by these “power plants” and the RCP is ATP which powers cells. I’m now relating everything to the sites that make grid power and the blur is coming into focus. The ATP process can really be related to electricity produced from a fuel cell too it seems. So for us, the more red light (at the right frequencies) directed at my wife’s skin, the more ATP and energy production from the mitocondrial power plants. Hope I am close… still have a lot of past DK podcasts to learn from.
    The cold therapy then, the cytokine (associated with auto-immune disease like my wife has) decreases, glucose oxidation is increased, and mitocondiral boigeneisis is kick-started- all pretty much by adding a stress factor (bring on the cold). And this is our goal (along with making them pump out more power (ATP). The combination is to trigger better mitochondrial biogenesis (and I think, force the replacement of the old with new too maybe?). So, these do not need to be done together but, it would seem the best program is repeated cold (to kick thermogeneis into high gear with a little added stress) followed by light therapy to turbocharge mitocondrial ATP production. Am I getting it?

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Nietzsche.
    We are both all-in… whatever it takes Doc!

    FYI, I did purchase two Quantlets months ago too but we did not use them regularly when received due to fear of the affects the blue tooth control link would have on my wife. She now is well enough (I think), it seems, to strap them back on I think. We will also be “couples-Quanteleting.” As far as I can tell, there is no hard-wire control.

    With all this, she would love the Thor- both the guy that plays Thor on TV and the therapy bed. But, that baby is way above my pay grade and credit card limit. I have seen so many recommendations and discussions on “the best” that I am now a little lost here. I do think we need something that is naturally cool (as LED) or has the fluorescent tubes with cooling but also that will not beat her down with nnEMF. I listened to several of your webcasts and trolled all the posts too. I have come down to these options noting the CFL’s make me very nervous as these almost killed her in our last house- the nnEMF emitted literally fried her like an egg I think. Any hard recommendations or, DIY links?

    Here is my challenge now too, how do we supplement the outside (which is needed) when the heat from NIR incandescents wipes my wife out for the rest of the day, fluorescents/HID’s such as in the big box stores literally make her skin burn (seeing is believing), and worry over the blue light and nnEMF from LEDS seem to react bad to her the worse (had to have all 30 ceiling lights in house removed already in new house). Are the marketed LED wall panels different than common lamps? And, would these issues she has be the reason that, simultaneous red light and cold therapy could be recommended?
    CORRECTION- This is what she feels:
    >LED Lights (those that were in the house ceiling lights that have all been replaced): "Like she is being cooled electrically inside"
    >CFL's: "Like she is being cooked outside- they create an insane skin reaction quickly that is visible (within minutes of entering some big box stores)."
    >Incandescents: Heat lamps feel, like she is getting baked but the brightness matters- ones right over head over 100W really agitate her"

    CORRECTION: My original attempt at a therapy wall used “TheraBulbs" (from Amazon) claim to maximize NIR output, NIR-A, IR-A, red light 800 nm peaks and, emit optimal NIR healing wavelengths of 700 to 1200 nanometers.
    BIG CORRECTION: These were the first lamps purchased but all the red cover paint peeled off after only a couple hours of use so, I switched to the SATCO S4998 250 red IR heat lamps. They do not publish spect on these ones but elude to a 400-700 nano range I now doubt.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR with every comment, statement, publication, claim, and product now that had not been bio-hacked!

    So, here are the most realistic options (I think) that I need some help on (from any one):

    CORRECTION: Lamps in current use:
    I'm afraid now, this was a very bad choice.

    My first attempt (specs seem too good to be true, and quality seemed to be very poor as noted... maybe generate too much heat too... measured and nnEMF is good):

    Replacement lamps for my DIY therapy chamber in consideration now (none with reviews or certified wavelength verifications):
    One: https://www.amazon.com/Infrared-Tho...4982758&sr=8-4&keywords=RED+NIR+THERAPY+LAMPS
    Two: https://www.amazon.com/LED-Infrared...6CFAYDV0F3D&psc=1&refRID=C974X08206CFAYDV0F3D
    Three (and fisrt choice but expensive as I need quite a few):

    A “Thor-like” bed a little closer to what I can afford:

    Recommended by many on and around your site:

    Your past recommendation:

    I read (and read and read) a lot of good discussions on bulbs and, the Sperti, but just not sure given my wives list of issues right now. Any thoughts.

    “Insanity- doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Einstein
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    very, very cool Bruce.........you and Christine are very lucky to have each other.

    As far as I know ....Jack doesn't recommend Sperti but he has something way better at the farm apparently.
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  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    So awesome :) :) This is love :love:
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  7. drezy

    drezy Gold

    There it is @5G Canary . You two lovebirds can now answer the question:
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  9. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Outstanding podcast! There is an amazing wealth of information packed in this one- you literally cover everything except “guitar guy’s” name. But you did have it- Syd Barret (guitar and lead vocals) and it was Roger Waters (bass and vocals) that stepped up. My choice is Queen- besides the obvious with Freddie Mercury, the band was composed of a PhD in Physics (Brian May), a dentist (Roger Taylor), and an electrical engineer (John Deacon). What are the odds? They almost equal a Jack Kruse. After listening to the podcast I am hoping that with my hyper-instincts and my husband’s research smarts (no instincts), combined we might just equal an optimal brain.

    I also watched the John Ott video- I definitely feel like the rat. We need an updated video with the light manipulations along with the nnEMF waves. That would be the rat I would be most interested in, assuming it doesn’t die or grow three tails!

    I have been having a rough couple of days- they definitely jacked up the signals with the holidays.

    Hope your Cali trip went well and we are really looking forward to Mexico.
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  10. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold


    Where to begin...
    The Universe is asking...
    Show me your new vibration
    And I will show you miracles.

    It literally took the universe, guidance and blessings from above, and a quantum physician to get me to acknowledge that maybe this incredible positive charge I tend to carry is really a suppressed gift. They say every curse can be a blessing in disguise right. My story is confusing, I know, so let me share my experience of this years’ member event in Mexico.

    I have MCTD with severe EHS and while traveling anywhere outside of my home is not ideal for me anymore, I was trusting the universe. I knew I was meant to be at this event. I knew I was supposed to have a consult with Jack. And, I knew the health risk was going to be worth it. I had been having an awaking for a few years now and the strange coincidences, signs and miracles that I was observing could no longer be ignored. And, the more technology increased around me, the more I seemed to get this strange but amazing intuition. And it has turned into so much more it seems. I knew “a gift” was opening up but I was desperately trying to reject it for obvious reasons- nobody wants to be too different. Most family and friends have rejected what they don’t understand… including me. I don’t think it is a coincidence that out of 5 siblings, 2 in my family have been awakened with a similar “gift” and a third is being poked. We definitely seem to be mutating at an alarming rate and I’m now pretty sure it is driven by all this new technology around us.

    As mentioned, as I have gotten sicker, it has also brought many coincidences and miracles I could no longer ignore. On the 11th anniversary of my mother’s death my father collapsed and died- they say from an electrical short circuit in his heart. It happened in a hospital parking lot and he dropped down hidden between two cars. And while he died for a moment he was saved by a doctor nearby that happen to “see him from the corner of his eye in passing.” All called this whole event a “miracle.” Even though he had said weeks earlier he wanted to crossover to be with my mother, she sent him back because his work was not done here yet. At 85 years old he thought she was joking but he has definitely been sent back for a reason and, has been instrumental in my journey. The miracles that I witness with my family and friends are endless and while most just see the illnesses (that we all have), they miss the miracles.

    I am getting a little off track here but also wanted to share about my older sister. When she became very ill a few years back her “sixth sense” opened up wide. She had a “touch intuition” which opened up into so much more. It took her several years of searching to figure out exactly what this gift meant and how to use it. She is a healer it seems and she is actually quite amazing at it. Let me throw out her puzzle pieces for you so you can see we are definitely mutating at an alarming rate- she has six kids, 2 gifted and 1 enlightened- in this bunch we had different illnesses from epilepsy to a suicide attempt. Unfortunately, in her journey she found a teacher that has created a full blown cult and uses his followers for monetary gains. We watched in horror as she joined and could not stop it. She would stand for hours punching her stomach and vibrating her body. She gave huge amounts of money and still does to be one of his top master instructors. While her gift is very real and she is healing people it is coming at the cost of swimming in snake oil.

    So, for those of you at the event, that is why my oldest daughter “Terra” (named after mother earth because she was truly a gift) was so leery and questioning everything at this member event. I have only ever seen a psychic once in my life when things were getting beyond crazy in my life and, I was seeking help…. guidance. Even having my own intuition I was also a skeptic until that reading. She told me I didn’t need to worry about Terra because, her strong will and stubbornness would lead her to do great things. So at the member event while others might have seen her as rude, I knew she was being cautious, questioning everything and digesting it all. If you can’t challenge someone’s beliefs and thinking then you are thinking like a follower and not a leader. She most definitely will be a leader. And Jacks honest discussions with her, which we are so grateful for, have now got her pointed in the right direction of understanding. She will be a tough defender now… and one of the strongest advocates when she understands it better on her terms.

    I had watched my sister heal many times and was following an instinct with one of the members. He let me touch and hold his ankle and I could feel the charge come out of him- only it came straight out of him and stayed in me. When my husband and his wife returned to where we sat, my husband could see it in the huge swelling of my left side. It was a tough night but it did finally pass by morning. I shared this and all of the strange coincidences and feelings I’d been experiencing at my consult with Jack that next morning. He sat, listened, and acted like all of this was perfectly normal- the “new normal” I believe he said. If I were him I would have asked if someone was “punking” me. He asked if I would come to the Q&A to share some of what I shared with him. Seriously? It was hard enough sharing my new “crazy normal” with him and now he wanted me to share with a large group. Difficult not just for the obvious reasons that you are thinking but also because I was afraid everyone would have a cellphone and, “feeling” the thoughts of others would be affecting me as well. It makes me extremely anxious and causes an instinct where I feel like I need to get out… run. But, I knew I was at this event for a reason and trusted Jack. So after a couple days of hesitation I agreed to come.

    Prior to the Q&A, I ended up going to a cenote that Jack recommended. It should have been an amazing connection with nature but as with many things now, it was destroyed by technology for me. The cenote park, while beautiful, proudly had Wi-Fi with wires all throughout the remote areas. The actual cenote cavern was an enclosed dark space (cave with bats) which I would typically never go into as it causes major anxiety. But I was desperate to feel better and for some relief so I went on this 45 min tour in mineral water thru the underground caves. Inside, the water had electric power wires supplying LED cavern lights. Ugh! But the worst part, it was turned into a “bad” faraday cage- cellphone signals were trapped inside not outside. We went as just my family but several large groups showed up and most were filming with cellphones that were also searching for signals bouncing off all the walls. By the time I finally got out of the cenote my anxiety was through the roof and my left side was swelling rapidly along with bruising. Not the experience I was expecting but everything happens for a reason and it forced a self-diagnosis out of me on the way back to the resort. When we returned I shared my thoughts with Jack- could I also have “biophotonic synesthesia?” He seemed to agree. While this cenote ended up being an nnEMF nightmare, I was drawn like a magnet to another cenote the previous day- Chikea Ha. Definitely a scary magnetic pull but a better experience all in all.

    I arrived at the Q&A exhausted and swollen but knew it was important to share my story. I knew everyone there was educated on the science of this stuff, but while everyone asked questions on people with EHS nobody truly understood that this wasn’t about me. I am “lucky enough” to feel nnEMF’s and I feel for those who can’t (ha). While others will set in a contaminated environment for hours I know to immediately get out. People don’t understand the symptoms and illnesses they have are most definitely related to us becoming denser from our food combined with all the new frequencies from technology. I think we are starting to see genetic breakdown and mutation occurring more frequently than ever before. Doctors are going to have to take a whole new approach to medicine. While my husband unfairly complained about doctors because he just wants me well but he too doesn’t truly understand. I am not just a canary I am also a chameleon in a doctor office/hospital environment. There is no possible way a doctor could treat me as everything changes on me in different environments- blood work, blood pressure, reactions to overhead lights, etc. A quantum doctor is going to have to think so far outside the box his brain will need to explode to reach a new level of consciousness. This doctor will need to now rely on his gut instincts (new level of consciousness) and listen and watch for signs from the universe. We all know doctor offices and hospitals are some of the worst nnEMF environments. I can’t even find a doctor, dentist, hospital, office, etc. anymore due to all the new technology and lights, etc. I’m not sure what I will do when I get really sick. We are slowly killing our doctors and expecting them to be able to help and treat us. It’s no different than the comment I made about the smart meter and paying the electric company to slowly kill us but now it’s in reverse. Doctors are being paid to slowly kill themselves trying to help us. This is a very real problem and we need to make big changes. Our doctors need to be in a safe environment treating patients in that same safe environment. Otherwise it’s a waste of money, time and resources for all parties involved. But the worst is the cost to everyone’s health. If this environment is not safe for me, why is it safe for you or anyone else?

    I was shocked at how many members carried their cellphones everywhere, listened with ear plugs, wore the blue blocker glasses but sat directly under high intensity LED lights. While people were kind enough to turn phones off, unplug WiFi or turn off lights around me- why would you not want to do the same for yourselves? The worst possible thing you could do is think it’s only a person with EHS that has these issues. If we all drank Roundup some people would be effected more quickly than others but would you keep drinking it? Because that is essentially what you are doing. Any advice you would give a patient like me, should be the same advice that you yourself should be following.

    I particularly enjoyed the question on the electric universe for obvious reasons. And feel this will be an area that will be of great interest in the coming years. Maybe Jack can interject here? I also was intrigued with the question of how a person with EHS might die. Jack answered, “Suicide.” While I am not condoning suicide, I have a theory that may be worth considering. While it is one thing to damage the body with this new technology, what happens if we are damaging our souls? Could photons be part of the soul connection in some way? Are they, if even in their minds, killing themselves to protect damage to the soul? Are they following an instinct?

    If it wasn’t obvious by my questions, I am carrying a huge positive charge and can’t seem to ground. I appreciate all who gave me different ideas and suggestions. Grounding is going to become a huge problem soon- it’s going to become imperative not just for me but for all of us to figure this out. Even though I was exhausted and anxious I truly enjoyed the Q&A and was excited to meet so many wonderful members. A truly exceptional tribe- you are all passionate outside of the box thinkers and that’s what makes you all so special.

    The last night while we all joined together for a special meal. Again, normally I would have declined such an event but trusted I was there for a reason. Everyone at my table was amazing- cellphones, LED lights, and WiFi were turned off for me which I truly appreciated. As we sat there connecting and enjoying our meal together Jack on the other hand, who’s mind never stops spinning, was thinking completely outside the box and was putting puzzle pieces together. I think he thus began “scrubbing for surgery.” He is a true quantum physician who took “crazy shit” and turned it into “crazy medicine” that night. He took two people that needed grounding the most but for opposite reasons maybe (+/-) and placed them together. We literally experienced something truly miraculous that night orchestrated by the universe with Jack as the conductor and it took all three of us to make it happen. While 3 is such a symbolic number for so many reasons both spiritually and universally-the holy trinity, sun, water and magnetism and probably for me it would be the third universal law of vibration.

    I drew up a tattoo for my husband’s right shoulder many years ago with the three repeated 3 times with a picture of sun, water, earth with the triquetra in the middle and John 3:3 in the center (a rebirth/ awakening). I would say I definitely had another awakening that night after dinner and need to embrace “a gift” I have been trying to stuff inside. His left shoulder tattoo has a cross surrounded by fire and the triquetra in the middle. He placed “Blessed by Grace” in Latin under a scripture reference. Luke 9:25 (which ironically is my birthday)- “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but forfeit his soul.” This pretty accurately portrays the world challenges we are in today. We can no longer protect our bodies from this new crazy technological world but it is imperative that we protect and save our souls! Photons maybe?

    As I sit in the airport waiting for our return flight home, I have literally just experienced so many emotions I am unable to contain the tears that spill down my checks as my cup is overflowing. I sit there with the love of my family surrounding me after just experiencing a truly amazing week with Jack and his tribe. I am immediately drawn to a very large gay women covered in tattoos sitting near us. She sits with a monotone energy around her. She calls a friend with her cellphone that lays radiating her lap but puts it on speaker for all to hear. Normally I would move once someone starts talking on a cellphone as it affects me but we all sat memorized. She had a monotone conversation with a friend and expressed that she wanted to kill herself because her partner left her and the world would be better off without her. She showed no emotion and only slightly cried at one point. Everyone could hear this conversation and only a few even looked up from their devices. The person on the phone actually said she needed to go because she had another call. It was incredibly sad. It was a very scary look at what this world has become- monotone mindless robots addicted to devices. We no longer have a human connection and while we used to have an energy field of emotions around us like love, sadness and joy etc. we now have a nnEMF energy field around us and on us that is literally sucking the energy from our mind, body and souls. It definitely brought me to my knees to pray not just for her but for all of us.

    The universe is always speaking to us…
    Sending us little messages,
    causing coincidences and serendipities,
    reminding us to stop, to look around,
    to believe in something else, something more.
    -Nancy Thayer
  11. Which one?! great!!
  12. Thank you for your story!! I love reading what you have to say. Its a different way of processing the world. It gives me some insight into my own. Two things stand out, the first is paragraph about Terra. (Cool name btw!) But I also experience the over-concern about all the new and unknown things that Jack offers. I don't know the best way to handle it. I love that you brought your daughter to Mexico! I have a stubborn inner family unit at the moment, giving me hesitation, second thoughts, and saddness when I try to reach out higher and better.

    Can you elaborate on the (+/-) grounding? That sounds amazing! How did that work? Jack identified it but what did that look/feel like for you?
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  13. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold


    Hi Christine- Thanks for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to read my journal. Two coincidences here- my name is also Christine and my daughter Terra looks very similar to you. Love your beautiful hair!

    Best advice I can give you to aide in your awaking- observe everything and always follow your inner intuition. You mentioned you have over-concern about what technology is doing to us. It is easy to want to ignore what’s going on but being ill is so much harder. Remember you are talking to the “5G canary” here- I would definitely be concerned and do everything possible to not become a canary. Don’t ever worry about what society or your hesitatiant family thinks because it really only matters what you think and most importantly- what you do. Learn to love yourself- having selflove is a very powerful thing because in the end “LOVE”- both giving and receiving is all that matters. We are all energy both figuratively and literally- we are all connected to one another. While the energy you get from the sun is vitally important- so is the energy you get from “awakened” people. And as far as elaborating on your question on the grounding- it is literally the same - just as we need the earth to ground we also need people.
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  14. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold


    I had a crazy dream/memory last night that literally brought me to my knees this morning. It was another sign from the universe that I missed and didn’t understand. At the time- I was to busy being blinded by the blue light. A few years back I worked as a kindergartner assistant at a Montessori school. I had a little Indian boy named “Yas” in my class. He had huge puppy dog eyes and literally followed me like a shadow all year, I was constantly tripping over him. Yas was four years old. He never smiled or talked and showed literally no emotion or physical contact. The other teachers used to get irritated and make fun of him because they didn’t understand his “color!” Let me explain, Yas used to draw a rainbow on all of his work. He would never sign his name. I knew if it had a rainbow drawn on it- it was his work. Granted it wasn’t a good rainbow but it was literally the colors of the light spectrum in the correct order in a straight line on everything he did. I used to make tons of Montessori projects that revolved around the light spectrum just for him. On the last day of school before summer he completely shocked me by giving me a big hug. His parents started crying and told me that he had never hugged anyone other then his mother. I remember crying and thinking that maybe after a year I had made a little difference in his life. I did not realize at the time- that he was literally another gift from the universe trying to awaken me with yet another sign. The universe had been sending me constant signs that year that the health issues that I had been observing in myself and others were not a coincidence. Yas was literally being used by the universe who was desperately trying to show me the light spectrum and I didn’t understand it at the time. He is forever part of my rainbow and definitely colored my world.

    The Universe/God/Mother Nature is constantly sending us signs, miracles and communicating with us but it isn’t until we become awakened by completely surrendering to her that we start to see what she has been showing us all along.

    I always felt others energy but never to the degree I do now. Energy is light and light is color. Colors have different energies. We all have different colors throughout a day, week, month etc. Because we are different colors sometimes we bring energy and sometimes we deplete energy. Energy= Light = Color = color surrounds all of us. It is constantly changing as we create electricity with our thoughts and magnetic fields with our emotions. Because of this there are times when you are drawn or repelled by others energy. It is why you choose to touch people who have energy in a certain color because you can draw energy from them. You need energy from others just as you need energy from the sun. Living things can both give you energy or take your energy. There is a constant exchange of energy both giving and receiving- it is a constant and BOTH are equally as important.

    ***Important take away here- nonliving things that use energy like nnEMF’s, iPhone, devices etc. are only TAKING your energy there is no exchange of energy there. That energy will only diminish your rainbow- people need to color your world and build your rainbow!

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  15. Hello Christine! :) That is so awesome, maybe we are cousins! Your daughter is beautiful like you! Thank you for the compliment on my hair :) You know when I was a child, all the kids made fun of me for looking different - having thick curly big hair - and once I stopped caring and started nourishing my hair instead of trying to wish it to be different, I loved it and it paid me back 10 fold in compliments and happiness. You are right, when we change our own minds first, everything opens up. We can get and give energy to others depending on the need - that must have been what Dr K identified with your (+/-) exchange. I was just thinking how you can just "feel" it when someone needs your energy. When I focus on getting energy too much from others that can sometimes deplete me more than how I was before because others don't have enough energy to give! Wow this all came to me now.

    Yas the rainbow following you wherever you go is such a perfect story for quantum entanglement or philosophy of touch! You didnt experience the light yet but it was always there! Its a lesson for the seasons.
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  16. maria zaffino smith

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  17. maria zaffino smith

    maria zaffino smith New Member

    Thank u for your story. As a EHS person i can relate to a lot of what u wrote and struggle in much the same way. I was also intrigued to hear your Dad was Italian and a twin as was mine...wonder if that means something? I understand we get our mitochondria from our mothers (she was Italian as well) but what is the role of dads with this EHS dysfunction if any? I have done much to mitigate my issues (without significant change) but i am now starting to realize that the need to move to a better environment is critical to my condition. I live in Canada in northern ontario (losts of cold (CT lol) and wonder where is the best place in this country if any?
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  18. JanSz

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    It is time wipe out kielbasi from face,
    put on knee and back braces and dance hustle.

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  19. caroline

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    we will need pics Jan!
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  20. 5G Canary

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    Hi Maria,
    Sorry to hear you are a member of the EHS club- definitely makes life more challenging. The best advice I can give you is to move to a better environment and the sooner the better. Even if its not far, if it is even a little safer environment away from cell towers, smart meters, etc. this is of value in my experience. This will help a little until you can find the right place. Also critical, use as little Wifi and electricity devices as possible- especially at night. All OFF at night. Other things that help and are easy to do for EHS is be mindful of your hair and skin. Hair is an electromagnetic antenna- the more hair the more symptoms. I cut 12 inches off my length and shave arms, legs etc. And, no oils/lotions on the skin/hair as best possible- you don't want to be more conductive. The more time in water the better too- water is really the only safe faraday cage and it gives your body a chance to heal- cold water or the ocean would be even better. Just be mindful of your water source and use filters if you are filling a tub. Your skin is your biggest organ and you don't want to soak in the chemicals the city puts in your water. Remember the longer you continue to stay in a bad environment the more damage to your mitochondria and the more complex this makes healing... and moving that much harder.

    That is extremely interesting that your father was a twin as well...crazier my mother's father was a twin too! I think you could be on to something with our fathers DNA and the role it plays with our electrical wiring.
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