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Christine's Journal- EHS + MCTD = 5GCanary

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by 5G Canary, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    I have been a gold member and shadow mitochondriac for over a year now and this canary is finally ready to sing!

    Not a typical canary in a coal mine, I think a more accurate name for me would be a mutated, half-baked, blue-lit canary with a very electromagnetic personality. And if this canary sang just one song to describe what living in a technical world has done to my body, mind, and soul it would be “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. That song accurately describes my pain and demise. It also describes what is to come for many others if there isn’t an awaking of the “blue light zombies.” If people don’t start really listening and if something doesn’t change quickly with the roll out of 5G, that song will easily become the 5G theme song!

    We have all been duped into thinking crazy Nicola Tesla never built that infamous death ray. In my opinion, he most certainly did. Reckless development of his AC power grid and worse, radio wave technologies, have become the slowest and most painful death ray on the planet. But his death ray looks like a lifesaving device compared to 5G. Singing a song to accurately describe what is to come with 5G, “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen easily comes to mind.

    Having MCTD and being extremely EHS I risk my health every time I use technology. My hands feel like they’ve been slapped hard, my eyes blur, chest squeezes, pain radiates through my limbs and my swelling body overheats from every pore as I write this. But with Raynaud’s Syndrome I also get the added bonus of a couple frozen cold toes- wish I could use them as my ice packs! I am taking this risk because I feel it is imperative that this information get out. I am here unfortunately as a “glowing example” (no pun intended) to validate the information Dr. Kruse is warning us about regarding inherited autoimmune predisposition from our mothers, blue light toxicity, and the inevitable health effects of technology. This is in fact very real!

    It was no coincidence I found Dr. Kruse at the exact moment I did. If I had listened to my doctors or remained in my contaminated environment any longer I do not believe I would be here today to share my story. If you have any doubt in what Dr. Kruse is urgently trying to get us “low dopamine blue light monkeys” to understand, isn’t critical to our survival, I am here to sing “LISTEN UP PEOPLE” he has the knowledge that we ALL NEED to learn in order to survive the huge changes 5G will bring to our physical and mental well-being.

    In my opinion, “Jack’s tribe” will be just like the wildebeest that migrate yearly for survival through dangerous territory with many casualties along the way. With the arrival of 5G migration is inevitable. It is kind of ironic T-Mobile’s newest commercial actually shows the wildebeest migration. It’s a bizarre commercial- I think they are implying the migration with 5G is a short cut or safer way. There is no short cut or safer way- the only way is becoming educated. We can no longer count on our media, government or most doctors to inform, protect or treat us. Unfortunately, most are the cause and don’t even know it. With Dr. Kruse’s knowledge we can learn how to do hacks on our environment and hopefully make the migration safely. I am hopeful we will see more doctors becoming educated with the opening of The Farm. The demand for doctors in this is only going to get exponentially larger. And unfortunately, everyone is at risk now. And we need our healthcare system workers alert and healthy. Because I am already sick and not sure if I will successfully migrate to a safer place, I am packing my bags with the hope to attend the 4th Annual Optimal Resolution Event. Some would argue against this trip due to health and wealth concerns, but I would argue- I won’t have either without this knowledge.

    I am scared to take this trip because I have no idea if I am even able to travel. Everything is a test for me now from the drive, airport, planes, hotel, large groups of people, and the weather. If I travel on a humid, cloudy or rainy day- ugh! People don’t realize what a huge effect the weather plays in the intensity of these signals. As crazy as this sounds, I have had to do a “technology fast” and prepare for a full year to hopefully be healthy enough to make the trip. A healthy person can do a “food fast,” control what they eat, go out in the sun or exercise to feel healthier and happier. I can only control a small portion of the technology that affects me. My “technology fast” only makes me more isolated which in turn, continues to lower my dopamine (which then makes me more depressed.) Two very different fasts. I know this probably sounds dramatic to most but imagine if you could feel and absorb energy around you. Just a simple ride to the store turns into a neurological nightmare- the other cars electronics, the radio, the cell towers you pass, the stores “free” WIFI, every shopper holding a cell phone, the refrigeration and lights (don’t even get me started on the lights that are physically burning my skin.) I am being cooked from both the inside and outside, but the worst part is I can feel it (visually see the bruises and burn marks). Even a healthy trip to the beach leads to a head-to-toe skin crawling rash. You want to watch the sunrise but you have to stand in the middle of the street to not feel the wires underground or in the pool to not feel the signals in the air. Now, imagine thinking there is absolutely nothing you can do to protect yourself. You have no clue what to do and if you’re even doing what is right.

    If a person has a peanut allergy they can eliminate peanuts and those around them will support this. If they have a reaction from the peanuts they can see a doctor and that doctor knows exactly how to treat them. They are supported by both the community and doctors. The canary on the other hand is not supported by communities or doctors. You are considered just a crazy bird. My medical emergencies leave me with no one to call and nowhere to go. Can you imagine if I asked everyone on a plane or in the school I used to be able to work at to turn off all cell phones, wifi, and lighting due to my allergy? Imagine not being able to just drive to the store, go to church, a concert, or socialize both online and in person? How do you function and not become isolated… depressed? How do you work? Pay your bills? Care for your family? Care for yourself? Society thinks you are just “bat shit crazy” or my favorite explanation from many, being a 50 year old female- “You are just menopausal.” It becomes a big “mind fuck” and you constantly are stuck in a game you never wanted to play. I never dreamed of opening a “sixth sense” to have the ability to feel wires in a wall, a signal coming in before it registers to your cellular device, and signals from cell towers before I physically see them (with some stronger and more painful than others). The craziest is feeling people’s energy which I always assumed everyone could do.

    I am bringing “my tribe” with me on this trip. I am willing to take the risk because I feel I owe it to them to make sure they learn this information and know how very “real” this is. I realize I can’t make them change but I can educate them and I am hoping this trip is an awakening for them. I am bringing my husband of 30 years (who ironically is an electrical engineer). Imagine the discussions we’ve had with each other because everything I tell him sounds crazy. But bringing in physics (thanks to Jack) definitely makes it more understandable. A lot of what I describe is happening, sounds crazy at times but he can visually see it happening. He has gone from a doubter to my biggest advocate (even documenting how I can blindly feel electrical current). I have literally become his favorite meter reading device. He is a global trainer for a huge corporation and has the ability to educate people all over the globe. While grateful he has been trying to spread the news, I am hopeful he will start a company in this too. We had such a hard time finding a nnEMF consultant to inspect our new home, I was actually showing him areas where I could feel a problem. And of course we were educating him on Jack’s teachings as best we understood them all at the time. I am also bringing my two very millennial older daughters on the trip. As a parent that has continued to pass down crappie genes- I feel an obligation to have them learn this information. Since they are millennial and don’t listen to their crazy mom, I am hopeful that this is the healthiest and safest way to get through to them and get them self-educating too. Hopefully my family learns from Dr. Kruse and his tribe and it will get them to understand how very real and important this is. Definitely scared but very excited to meet the tribe.
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  2. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Since I now tend to do a lot of puzzles - here is my puzzle. I have EHS along with MCTD (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematous, scleroderma, polymyositis and Raynaud’s Syndrome). Hopefully not more but I am guessing there probably is. So here’s my story starting at the beginning. I will try and put enough puzzle pieces out there to create the edges.

    Parents were married 50 years with 5 children- myself being the youngest.
    Father is Italian lives in California and except for some heart and joint conditions is over all pretty healthy. He is 85, full of energy, and I still can’t keep up with him. He has a twin still living in the Midwest who lived a mismatched life and now suffers from diabetes and lung cancer.
    Mother is Irish and had MS since diagnoses in 1957 at 19 years old while pregnant.
    They were originally from Chicago and bounced around a few states with the Air Force. They found she did better in the California weather and moved there in 1967 which is where and when I was born. I am the youngest of 5 and yes, the others have some of my similar conditions. My parents lived in the same California house for 30 years. She saw a holistic doctor- lots of supplements, physical therapy and very strict organic food regime. Never in the sun and always covered up. I never saw her healthy- she progressively over 30 years went from walking with a cane to completely bedridden with a food tube, catheter, oxygen and lungs suctioning all day. She passed away at age 70 after a long battle- when she passed her bones glowed bright.

    23 and Me
    I did this but have no clue how to interpret. The only variants detected were Y402H in tHe CFH gene and 1 variant in the SERPINA1 gene, called PI*S. Maternal haplogroup is H7 and 235 Neanderthal variants.

    As a child
    I had lots of bladder control issues, constant nose bleeds, extremely thin, trouble learning, anxiety, and always had allergies. I was always outside in the sun, I would get extremely dark. The darker I got the more white spots I got on my upper arms and face. I swam all summer and walked to and from school.

    As a teen
    I had trouble learning, lights bothered me, early puberty, always fainting, fatigued, anemic, anxiety, depression, allergies, and motion sickness. Hated elevators, escalators, amusement parks, boats and heights. I was drawn to the sun with constant tanning outside and daily exercising.

    College years
    Heart murmur, toxic shock syndrome, anxiety, depression, terrible allergies, pneumonia, hemorrhoids, and joint pain- continued daily exercise but moved to tanning beds from outside as they became popular.

    Got Married 1990
    Moved to Arizona, had infertility issues, but was still able to have two daughters. Horrible extraction of wisdom teeth, back pain, leg pain, joint pain and nerve pain developed/increased. Developed allergies to lots of antibiotics and chemicals- lots of rashes. In the sun all the time- outside a lot.

    FYI’s and Work
    Had 2 vaginal births, 5 surgery’s, 2 MRI’s and numerous x-rays and ultra sounds over the last 25 years. Worked since I was 14 had many jobs but never stayed at any one job consistently. Longest period would have been 8 years working at a health club. I’ve stayed at home since 1994 to raise my girls- worked odd jobs throughout these years. I think your instincts when followed are blessings from the universe. I was always drawn to the sun, never wore sunglasses, never had a computer, never did or do social media, never liked lights on, and have never liked to be in large crowds. Two biggest mistakes- working in a school for a few years with my cell phone in my back pocket and starting an online store two years ago to help offset college costs. It was from my mobile device and I was using florescent lights to take my pictures. Actually have a tumor on my knee where I used to rest my phone while I typed. Never had it checked by a doctor but it has gotten smaller since following Dr. Kruse’s advice.

    Moved to North Carolina (Charlotte) 2000
    Weight gain/weight loss, years of hair loss, blood clots, vein stripping, tumors, thyroid issues, sinus infections, hysterectomy, vertigo, neuropathy, photosensitivity, carpal tunnel, tendons tearing, bladder and urinary infections, terrible joint pain, collapsed discs in lower back, blurring vision, allergies, became allergic to all sorts of things, depression and anxiety, extremely hot, adrenal issues. Probably a lot more but you get the picture.

    Our Charlotte home of 17 years (the house I became very sick in)
    Condensed housing neighborhood- with smart meters installed at some date without notification. Meter was literally behind the bed of our bedroom wall. I slept next to this meter from what I can gather at least 7+ years (because trying to get the electric company to tell you when they installed them is impossible.) My daughters, who were on the other side of the house, slept near the neighbor’s meter. And I know what your thinking - and yes, my husband and girls are messed up too (just not to the same degree). My husband has great family genes and my daughters were younger at the time but they were all definitely being affected. The universe definitely blessed my daughters because they both moved out to go to college. I had hated that my husband traveled but realize now how blessed we were that he traveled 80% of the year. My-self and the dogs that slept next to the meter all have the same identical issues. One of the dogs did pass- covered in tumors, with cancer in her lymph nodes. The other is fighting this alongside of me.

    In the state of North Carolina it was illegal to remove your smart meter and there was no opt out program at the time. In other words, they were forcing you to move or you are paying them to slowly kill you. To make matters worse Google and AT&T came into our neighborhood constructing large radio towers with a lot of underground trenching as one of the first in the country to get high-speed fiber optics communications. They tore up the streets and sidewalks and basically did incredible environmental damage that you can’t visually see but I could definitely feel. To this day I “feel” 5G is in our old Charlotte neighborhood but still can’t find any website that will actually confirm the “when’s, where’s and how’s.” Now knowing a fiber optic infrastructure is a critical foundation for a 5G network, I definitely wonder if this was a test area.

    I started noticing neighbors that were always “happy go lucky” becoming angrier and more combative. Neighbors seemed more impatient and less friendly. Pets became sicker quicker and many died at the same time. There seemed to be an increase in anxiety and depression, suicide, leukemia, joint surgeries, collapsed discs, different cancers, heart attacks, blurred vision, macular degeneration, detached retinas... and this was just all the neighbors in a half mile radius from our house. I can remember the neighbor next door (who also has a long list of very similar autoimmune diseases) called an ambulance because her 7 years old daughter complained of severe chest pains. And I can still remember her saying to me, “She always thought she was faking because when she was in the pool she was fine and playing but the second she would get out of the pool it was like she is having a heart attack.” Back then I couldn’t explain or understand but it definitely makes a lot of sense to me now. Guessing, the Faraday Cage effect created by the pool was protecting her from the signals and it was a shock when she got out. In all we had 9 deaths in one year and at least 10 pets die and that number is only based on the people we knew. Since we’ve moved it has only exponentially gotten worse.

    My last few years in this home
    This should be the center puzzle pieces and where you should realize you too will inevitably be joining the 5G game if you choose not to do anything.

    I had spent the last few years feeling my health and spirit deteriorating. But at the same time I could feel a “sixth sense” open up wide. I had all sorts of crazy things happening and doctors could never explain it. My labs always came back fine and the usual response was always you’re stressed, premenopausal or need to exercise and diet. Then they would administer some kind of prescription and send me on my way. When I stopped listening and began following my instincts and observations that’s literally when the “light bulb went off!”

    I had never been one to sit around and I always had been tone and fit. I loved exercising and at my peak I was running 7 miles a day, walking for miles on our hilly neighborhood trials, and always doing something active. I ate healthier based on likes but never had a perfect diet. But being that I had observed food choices did nothing to help my mom, I never obsessed or worried about nutrition. Then about 5 years ago I noticed a huge shift in my energy and wellbeing. Although I probably sound like a whiner or hypochondriac I very rarely complain about pain and hardly went to a doctor unless it was needed. For example it’s taken me a whole year just to share my story here. I think I have always held my pain in because I knew my weird pains would pass and move on to the next joint, tendon, organ etc. I definitely have a very high pain threshold. But this time I knew something was very wrong, if spontaneous combustion was real this is where I felt I was headed. I remember telling my doctor I felt like everything in my body had just stopped- every hormone, gland, organ… nothing felt like it was working the way it should. Some days it felt like my battery was barely working and other days it felt like it was overcharged and going to blow.

    My anxiety and depression were getting out of control. I was constantly swelling to the point that wearing a bra or even clothes were completely out of the question. My skin was so over-sensitized I couldn't handle anything touching it. I was extremely hot all the time and the more I tried to keep fit and stay positive the worse I felt. I remember collapsing on the treadmill one day and just knew if I kept doing this my back was going to snap. The left-side of my body was swelling (sometimes twice its normal size) and the right side had neuropathy. I had gained 40-50lbs in a few months. My once thin tone body had completely disappeared and yet I was still freakishly strong. I had dizzy spells and nose bleeds. I actually had a nose bleed for 30 days straight from the left nostril and my doctor seemed to think that was just from the weather. I had terrible sleep cycles and at night my arms would go painfully numb, while the bones in my legs would throb so bad I would have to get up and walk around. Ironically, the dogs seemed to be suffering with the same ailments. I felt like I was literally walking on the bones of my feet- I know that sounds weird but it is very painful when it happens. I had weird matching bruises all over my body with little purple dots. Had terrible smelling urine and occasional blood in my urine. Continual UTI’s and constipation. I was complaining every 4-5 days that I felt like I was being microwaved. My heart felt as though someone was squeezing it. My blood pressure was all over the place. My hands constantly felt slapped, and I always felt like my phone was vibrating even when it wasn’t on or near me. If I went to the store, I could barely walk by the time I was done shopping. I would notice if I drove with the radio on I had neuropathy in my face and as I pushed the gas pedal I had trouble with my leg swelling. I hated being around people because I would become so hot I was soaking and exhausted within a few minutes. I couldn’t blow dry my hair without blowing a fuse and just brushing my hair was too much stimulation on my scalp. If I showered the water touching my mouth and body tasted and felt like metal. I had lights constantly flickering and burning out every time I was in the room. With some of the light switches, when I would turn them off, a visible spark could be seen. In disbelief, my husband would try the same with no strange affect. If I turned a light switch on and held the switch too long some bulbs would shine brighter and in some cases actually blow up. I blew out 28 bulbs in a short amount of time by simply turning them on. Constant power surges in any room I was in. If I vacuumed my hip and back locked up. And I noticed I couldn’t walk outside on the paved trails (with power lines below I later learned) without my entire body swelling. I found I could only walk in the middle of the street. My joints would get so inflamed I had ligaments and tendons tear. And my vision was becoming unbearably blurry. Obviously all of this causes stress and the more stress the worse everything became. That’s where it all starts to become this huge “mind fuck” where you believe maybe your causing all of this.

    The light bulb literally went off for me when we were in Home Depot. While under the big florescent lights that line the store ceiling, I finally put the connection between my mood always changing in this store and my skin turning purple. I was so excited thinking it was that simple. We rushed home and started searching the internet about photosensitivity and light. My husband happened to find a podcast with Dr. Kruse on blue light and it was like... ”BOOM!”

    Simple? Did I seriously think it could be that simple? That’s when I learned the very tragic truth that all the courses I never cared to learn, were critical to what was happening to me. You literally need to learn everything from physics to electrical engineering, chemistry, geography, biology, medicine, nutrition and the list just keeps getting larger. Some would say, “thank goodness for Google.” But, imagine if you can’t use it and reading is with blurry eyes and heated glasses (welcome to my world)? Being able to listen to Dr. Kruse’s podcasts became my saving grace.

    After becoming a little educated I purchased meters, glasses, shields, protective phone cases and spring water. I passed them throughout the neighborhood- everyone including my family thought I was nuts but the meters didn’t lie. Sidewalks that I had complained of joint swelling on as I walked, doctor’s offices that I complained about, stores I couldn’t walk in etc. were all pegging the meters. In fact, wrap your brain around this- I was actually pegging the meters. Am I know a source of dirty electricity? The pieces were finally coming together and my husband was finally starting to understand. With this new knowledge I understood there was nothing we could do other then move. Unfortunately, my husband disagreed. With the costs of my illness and two girls in college a move financially and logically made no sense.

    I had joined Dr. Kruse’s site hopeful to find answers but being that I could barely touch my husband’s computer, I wasn’t really utilizing my membership. I just knew in my gut I needed to join and followed my instincts. That same week Dr. Kruse sent an email offering Skype consultations for all his members. We had just paid college tuition so my husband said let’s wait a bit and then decide. By the next day we didn’t have to decide as the spots were all filled. I felt defeated. He knew I was mad but logically he made sense. He wanted to give the stuff I had already purchased and changes we made a chance and see if maybe that’s all I needed to do. The universe on the other hand strongly disagreed - a week or so later Dr. Kruse added a couple additional slots and my husband surprised me by snatching one up. We literally had an appointment the next day. Being that we only had just started learning this stuff, we barely had time to prepare and ask the right questions. The consultation was literally a gift from the universe. Dr. Kruse basically explained to my husband that we needed to move and the sooner the better (okay- actually he said “you’re fucked, but it is not a death sentence!”). If we hadn’t had that consult I don’t believe I would have been able to convince him to move or that I’d still be alive. Within a couple weeks we had sold our home and my husband’s company agreed to pay for all our moving expenses- tell me the universe wasn’t hard at work here.
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  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    I believe the universe has brought me to Dr. Kruse for a reason and I am excited to be able to meet with him and his tribe in December.

    Best advice I can give is follow your strong instincts and become educated. Migrate soon and hopefully before you have too much real skin in the game. It’s much harder to move when you are sick, flying and driving pose very real challenges. I have now put all my trust in the universe and have been divinely guided ever since. Choose to no longer be “blinded by the light” and observe and listen to everything around you. You are being guided by your wireless connection to the earth.

    Hopefully this canary can become a successful wildebeest!

    I welcome any and all advice. Things I should do to help with this upcoming Mexico trip would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get in the right mind set to fly, thoughts are energy and I am scared of the airport and flights (we have connections- definitely not ideal) I am not sure how I bring or drink water on the flights or at the airport? Maybe I should just stick to wine? Lol! How to protect myself from the signals and lights. It’s hard to cover up because I am dripping sweat, I want to bring my ice vest but my husband says I will look like a suicide bomber. I know being around likeminded people will raise my dopamine and I am hopeful this will be enough.

    Things I have done this last year
    . Moving from Charlotte, NC and a highly dense populated neighborhood to a low density (country) area in Spartanburg, SC (Jack did say this was “like pissing in the wind”) but we needed to move quickly and driving and flying were very real issues. Hopefully, since getting healthier we can make a better migration choice soon. (Especially with 5G in Greenville, SC about 60 miles away .)

    . Removed ALL florescent bulbs (be careful on disposal because, they have mercury in them- pretty much need a hazmat team to dispose of these!) Also, removed all LED bulbs and fixtures. I like the lowest wattage incandescent bulbs- 15-25 watts or even better no lights. I know Jack does candles (real fire not gas) but with my health and brain fog I just don’t go there- yet anyway! Gunnar blue blocker glasses and blue light screen filters on all devices. First half of the year really never used TV, lights, etc. unless I had too. Lights especially LED and florescent are still a problem for me, however the TV no longer feels like it is burning me.

    Medication. Stopped any and all medications for over a year now (doctors had me on Duexis, Wellbutrin XL and Zoloft). I haven’t been to a doctor or taken an antibiotic for one full year and I am definitely seeing improvement with my sensitivities. Would love if I could find a doctor but just have no clue how.

    Sleep. Sleep has definitely improved and I am actually dreaming again. I moved all electronic devices out of the bedroom- battery operated clocks only, and turn power off to bedroom at night. I force myself to stay in bed until sunrise but I still have a lot of painful neuropathy at night so have to walk around and I still use restroom several times each night. My best ideas come at night and I used to write them down. I find this part the hardest, because I get brain fog easily and won’t remember come morning. Use a 10 gauss Magnetico with a coil free mattress (not sure if this is a good idea with stray current/5G)-definitely have questions on this.

    Sun. Sunrise/Sunset with grounding- do have questions on whether or not I should be grounding. I am doing sunrise from pool or hot tub to avoid signals but I don’t have a great view. Started very gradual morning sun exposure and built-up over this last year. Haven’t had a rash- knock on wood! Hoping I don’t break out in a rash in Mexico- normally I don’t do well at the beach. New house has a pool with no privacy- so I bought tan through swimwear. Hot tub- Use daily and I keep the motor off when I am in it. First few months of use, I had reactions to the chemicals but finally use it regularly and rash free. Interesting note, we have a wired speaker above the hot tub. When I get in the water, the speaker will constantly go on and off with lots of interference. Works perfectly fine for everyone else- this only happens to me.

    . No more fluoride, deodorants, lotions, etc. Only wear makeup when we go out and purchased an EMF blow-dryer but very rarely do my hair. I sound real attractive-ugh! I haven’t seen a dentist in over a year due to so much office technology (lights/x-rays). I am however lucky my sister is a hygienist and has cleaned my teeth at home. I do have many questions on my fillings and crown. On my left side I have either swelling or a tumor and feel like I can feel them reacting to certain signals on bad days.

    Technology. My whole house is hard-wired and wifi is turned off now. I turn the power off on bad days. I only have an ipad and iphone. I very rarely use ipad- it stays off and put away. My iphone has a shield case, blue light filter and is never near me unless I am using it. And I only use the speaker when talking on it. Moving did bring its own set of new challenges, especially with the smart meter. It was a couple months until we finally got it all sorted out but it just about killed me. Best I could do was kill the power to the house as much as possible. We were told by the utility company there would be a two weeks response, which lead to three etc. To get them to finally come out quicker we had to tell them I was terminally ill. They literary were out that night at 10pm changing the meter. But the new meter was still sending a signal and I could definitely feel it. And although they claim it is a weaker signal, that’s where having the test equipment comes in handy. We had to ground that meter and it took a good few months of stress and calling until we finally got the analog meter put on- apparently we were one of the first to get it in this area too. As soon as the analog meter was put on I could not feel the wires in the house- huge difference! We were fortunate to have a few close neighbors remove theirs as well. Turned power off pretty consistently in the whole house for first six months- was lucky it was October when we moved in and I haven’t used the heater much for probably the last few years. I really need the house as cold as possible to be comfortable. My family absolutely hates it but I guess it keeps them doing CT. I keep the power to the microwave and oven off regularly. Really need to throw the microwave in the trash and buy a gas oven but it’s not in the budget yet. Found this weird- I kept bringing my husband to the inside of a specific kitchen cabinet that had a really strong signal. It had an outlet inside that cabinet that my husband assumed was the issue and put a Steztzer filter in it. I am not a fan of these at all- to me they feel like they do more damage than good. I feel the magnetic field in the room where they are installed. I kept unplugging these things all over the house because they were driving me crazy. I kept making him come back to that spot over and over again too. It turns out the refrigerator was against that wall and a transmitting smart chip was on a circuit in that corner of the fridge. Our old home did not have smart appliances and we were clueless with this stuff. By trial and error we found a mu-metal that actually blocked the signal. Since he had his meter out, he wanted to show me what he thought was neat. He held the meter to the fridge and then holding the meter, touched the fridge and the needle went down. He said now you do it. When I did it, the needle pegged higher. He said that’s strange- go outside and ground and we will try again. I did and it pegged higher. I think that’s when he truly started understanding I wasn’t crazy and maybe there is a lot we don’t understand still… yet!

    Therapies. I started near infrared light therapy initially but stopped for a bit as the wires and bulbs from the fixtures really bothered me but last few months I’ve been okay and I am able to actually feel a benefit now. CT- have lots of questions on this one. I pretty much live in an ice vest most of the year. I love the winter because I can keep the house at 58-60F and I don’t have to use the ice packs except at night. But I do have the issue of my toes and fingers getting Raynaud’s. I decided to try the face dunks but the third day trying it I felt immediately sick... then what felt like I was getting “electrocuted.” I then passed out and convulsed on the floor. Thank goodness my husband was there. My biggest issue when something does go wrong is he immediately wants to go to a doctor. But I know whatever test they would run would cause more damage than good. I have a terrible conundrum here. For example, I had to go to a doctor when I tore a tendon in my knee and that one X-ray lead to my elbow and shoulder tearing and more x-rays- basically it turns into a great big “shit show” for my health and mental wellbeing. I am always scared and nervous to go to any doctor. I have had that “you’re crazy” look from doctors my whole life. This is a big reason I really never share my pain or go to a doctor unless critical now. I have an extremely high pain threshold too- lucky on this I guess.

    Water. For water, we put in the recommended 5-filter RO unit and drink cases of The Mountain Valley and San Pellegrino (using lemons, limes and also sometimes orange or cranberry juice). It is very hard to get good water here and I have to order it. I pretty much only drink water, juice or wine now- nothing else.

    Nutrition. Very confused on supplements and food. I don’t have the convenience of great local food here and I just follow my instincts on this one. I am probably doing a lot wrong here - do have many questions. I try to buy local, or grass feed organic, with no antibiotics or GMO. I crave eggs, meat and orange juice but I am also eating oysters. I still haven’t learned to enjoy them- hopefully this will come. I take supplements on and off because I have no clue if I should be taking them. Same with iodine- I am guessing this would be good for my flight? I have been regularly taking Homozon Blass oxygen therapy powder for the last few months and feel like it has been helping. It definitely helps with constipation issues (consists of pharma grade magnesium with ozone bonded to it, magnesium with ozone is 2(Mg03)2, magnesium ozonide) Thoughts on this would be appreciated, guessing not a good idea long term. Also, I do Epson salt baths.
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    WOW - what an incredible story of a life, of a wonderful woman and her guy who are turning things around for themselves and most probably many, many others.

    I salute you Christine...........

    Mexico and Jack Kruse will be life affirming and life changing ...and so, so much more.

    I can't wait to read your next life chapter ....and many more after that.

    Christine - you rock!
  5. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    You made me cry -I have never done social media and you're my first shout out!

    Sorry it was so long -I appreciate you taking the time to read this crazy birds journal.

    Thanks Caroline- you shine bright!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Christine your story is so real ........and everyone needs to hear it. This is just the beginning for you girl!

    I hope you get to speak at a TedX and other events, People need to see real people with real stories and your DH is just the icing on the cake.

    I hope you are keeping copious notes .......and then turn it all into a book one day.

    There are so many wonderful people on this forum who are taking Jack's information and running with it.

    Read Jennelle's story - she is now graduating from nursing school [mature student] and top of her class

    Read about Rochelle here in Oz ....she made a huge move to North Queensland for her health and has turned her life around.

    You do have a long story, to be sure .....but the journey is just beginning for you and your loving partner. I can't even imagine the things you are going to accomplish.............

    There is one Q&A you should listen to - if you haven't already. It is September 2018. I hope that is correct - I will check it and get back to you if that isn't correct.

    sending you a big Koala bear hug from down under.........let any of us know if we can help in any way.

    Everyone needs help at some point .......and then, as Jack asks, pay it forward.........
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is the June Q&A that is exceptional - well, more exceptional than others. There is also a thread on this June Q&A which brought many of us to tears.

  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If you're on the fence about taking a technology vacation to Mexico, this may tip the scales. People die early who work under artificial light sooner. The bad narrative of "Dying on the beach" makes me chuckle when you consider there are myriads of papers that show you the sun decreases all-cause mortality and lowers most disease risks. This link and paper show executives who take vacations live longer, studies show:https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/27/jac...ch-not-his-office-backed-by-new-research.html
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  9. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Thank you Dr. K. I totally agree and not worried at all about "dying on the beach" was more worried about the airport and flights to get to the beach.
    Nos vemos en la playa pronto!
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Since your spouse is an electrical engineer tell him this is homework for you.

    MCTD/EHS = global mitochondrial electrical failure of your heat pumps. Make sure he reads that sentence so he know exactly what is wrong with you.

    So how can the heat pumps in you fail? the matrix can atrophy from misuse of the thermostat.......if the electrical wiring of the pump fails.

    In your case......you have both.

    We can get and EHS reversal when we add cooling of the environment with a lot of red light from a good source (sun is best) to increase our mitochondrial matrix engine atrophy. Your symptoms grow as a result of the failure to make heat from your colony of mitochondria. It really is that simple.

    It also means that the more surface area you irradiate and cool simultaneously the fewer symptoms you'll have as you replace defective engines and increase the current of flow in your wiring diagram. Again......this is for your spouse to get so he understands his wife better.

    It is a simple Carnot example of how we really work. Make sure he watches the times in the video below about 4 times. MAKE HIM DO IT. YOUR DISEASE/symptoms are from a loss of mitochondrial efficiency from indoor living, the AC power grid death ray, and the chronic lack of sun and cold exposure.
    Remember the sun provides 42% red light to you free if you have skin in the game.....you did not for 50 years give or take. Cooling yourself down hypertrophies your colony of heat engines to make heat.

    Carnot showed us a few hundred years ago how a heat engine like mitochondria really works. His work showed that the best way to increase the efficiency of ANY heat engine (PAY ATTN HERE HUBBY) was to increase the difference in the temperature from the heat source (matrix) inside the engine and the exterior surroundings.

    The more mitochondrial damage you have the harder it is to get rid of EHS and the more light and cold you need to get her well!!!

    The hotter an engine can run the more thermally efficient it is. Red light exposure and cooling both increase the amount of heat your colony of mitochondria releases heat to repair the body of the defective engine wide. Most people with EHS have higher blood glucose and HbA1c's and high BUN/creat ratios = blue light toxic wife = she is not an oddball because most of them are blue light or nnEMF toxic.

    This "Carnot idea" has guided engineers (shame on your spouse for not realizing this LOL) for 200 years but it still seems to perplex doctors who treat people with mitochondrial damage from many sources.

    Watch 16:90-18:00 of this video to get it loud and clear. BIOPHYSICS ALWAYS WINS THE WAR OF ATTRITION with the ignorant in medicine.
  11. drezy

    drezy New Member

    FWIW, I think being educated as an electrical engineer may have made much of this easier for me to understand out of the gate.

    I'll help on-ramp the dude a little if you'd like to PM me.
  12. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Thanks again Dr. K. I know it is wrong but you had me laughing a lot last night calling out my husband and giving him homework. Love it! Laughter is a good medicine. Ironically, my father is an electrical engineer (MS EE, PE) as well and missed all this too for years with my mom/myself. Good news, my husband was up all night repeatedly watching that video and reading articles your comments pointed him too.

    If I am understanding this right, I guess I should have been doing cold therapy prior to red light therapy all along? Ugh!

    Also. I'm trying to upgrade my membership to a family one so I don't have to use technology as much and both he and my daughters can keep me up-to-speed.
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    start C/T by doing face dunks .....good for wrinkles!
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Smart. Make your hubby learn it and teach you.
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is his homework for today Christine. Make sure he gets it done by Friday. I need him to help you heal by using his mind to help your body. Once your hydrogen heat engines get better your thinking on all matters will improve.

    Black Swan mitochondriacs are unique because they see and sense the same things as everyone else, but they are capable of thinking what no one else has thought about what they have observed. This is why their perspective OFTEN diverges from the crowds and paradigms. Black swans are taught at Kruse Longevity Center how to see the invisible effects in nature before anyone else has an inkling how important they are to everyday life. It is a learned behavior every silly talking primate needs to survive its current 5G environment. #mitochondriacwisdom

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  16. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Thanks Jack- new homework will be given to him. I appreciate all your help and kind advice.
    While this Black Swan is observant, she hopes to spread her wings and fly South from the 5G storm arriving!

    Here is my husband Bruce's thoughts on last homework assignment:
    "The Carnot cycle is an ideal cycle and not physically possible to replicate due to the second law of thermo- which can be stated many different ways. The Carnot cycle was created to show that not all the heat transfer from a cylinder will convert to work. However in principle, I understand the point he is trying to get across in his cellular biology application. Interesting too, mitochondria as a "heat engine" when healthy (and running fully efficient) are a minimum 4X more efficient than man's best attempt.Attached is the formula for Carnot efficiency. From this formula, efficiency can be increased by both decreasing T_C and increasing T_H. Jack is simply basing his comments around this formula which make total sense. And by increasing efficiency, you can do more work. Jack definitely makes a lot of sense here.What I think is interesting (and still a bit confusing) is how he suggests a "simultaneous" heating and cooling approach rather than alternating it. I guess it depends if he wants you to treat you as the system or, the working fluid?"

    From your and Drezy's advice I did NIR light therapy "simultaneously" while in a cold tub this morning. I did this after watching the sunrise with snow on the ground followed by hot tub. Slept with no heating on and window open last night- it was wonderful (maybe 40 F) and did not wake with usual neuropathy which was a nice treat.

    I do have a question with CT face dunks as suggested by Caroline. I tried these about 7 months ago. I immediately felt nauseous, then what felt like I got "electrocuted." I then passed out and convulsed on the ground. Definitely apprehensive to try again. Also, with Raynaud's and CT my feet and hands can be a problem- last week my two toes went painfully numb for a good couple of hours and a huge bruise developed in area after?

    Enjoying the snow and sunshine "simultaneously" today!

    Attached Files:

  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    He said, "What I think is interesting (and still a bit confusing) is how he suggests a "simultaneous" heating and cooling approach rather than alternating it."

    Ask him what a jet engine faces from take off to ten minutes in flight going from 75F at the surface to -40F at 40,000 feet.

    As soon as you say it he should just smile. That was a thermo 1 student mistake.

    Red light is the photonic boost for a defect heat engine because the ATPase has 4 red light chromophores. That is why red light matters in your case.
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Christine .....when doing C/T - put on a pair of wool socks [or scuba footwear] and mittens and even a beanie if you need it. I used to wear a compression shirt and shorts ....in my case to compress fat cells.
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    there is a huge C/T thread BTW
  20. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Thanks Caroline I appreciate all the helpful tips and have read the two journals that you recommended. I ironically already do the wool socks. I keep the house as cold as possible wear shorts, tank top and wool socks every single day (no wool socks in summer)- my husband calls it my uniform. I am in the middle of listening to the June Q&A that you recommend as well- what inspirational stories. And just bought the book “Becoming the Iceman” by Wim Hof to read. Dr. Kruse has an amazing tribe here- truly exceptional!

    Just enjoyed another sunrise with snow still on the ground here!
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