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Choosing a lab for basic blood work

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Martha Ray, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    I've been using LabCorp for over 12 years and recently went to a new "conventional" MD (infectiousness disease background) who pushed me into using one of our two local hospital labs. He also only wants to test one thing at a time and I like to do a slew of work 2 times a year. His office does the draw as well and I am a hard stick and prefer going to folks I know at LabCorp who know how to work with me. I've had tons of blood work my entire life beginning with many glucose tolerant tests as a teenager. I think I must have scar tissue in my right arm -- it looks like a good vein but rarely produces. In the past I had one doctors office stick me 5 times... That seemed grievous to me...it was back with my blood was very thick and I used to keep asking practitioners if that was normal - I received no answers. (I wonder if it is because I have high Fibrinogen ? ) I also used to complain about 'feeling' dehydrated even when I was drinking a lot of water. Well no answers on that questions either and a Chiropractor I went to tested me with some device and said no you are well hydrated.....don't think they understand cellular hydration anyway i digress.

    I am wondering if physicians get finder/use fees ie kick backs for requisitioning to certain labs. I had specifically asked for them to use LabCorp with me when I began seeing that MD but they sent it to the hospital. The local hospital lab work is hard to read and my blood work is not in line with past LabCorp norms and standards for me...granted my blood work could have changed and I know blood work fluctuates all the time. Also I realize lab ranges vary from locale to locale.

    Do labs look at ICD and other coding for conditions and match results to diagnosis ?

    Do they keep you monitoring for 'repeat' business?

    Awful questions I feel hard to ask....but things I wonder about because of difficulties in my past with the medical profession.

    One other question --I did all my blood work fasting for all those years because a nutrition suggested that for continuity of results. This MD pushed single testing and was not interested in fasting or non-fasting. I do realize that some tests do require fasting and some do not..but are some better tested one way or the other?

    Is there anyone here who is an expert all things about blood work?

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