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Choice and Consequence

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by crix, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. crix

    crix Gold

    At 27 minutes: "There is where I'm on one end of it -- every 3-5 years...you should do one [a computer architecture] from scratch."
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  2. crix

    crix Gold

    "Transcatheter intracerebral photobiomodulation in degenerative brain disorders"


    "Test Group - 48 (51.61%) patients, 17 (35.42%) men, 31 (54.58%) women underwent transcatheter endocerebral laser revascularization...According to the data of the repeated cerebral MUGA performed after the endocerebral treatment, all 48 (100%) patients demonstrated a good immediate result manifested in stimulation of natural angiogenesis, improvement and restoration of collateral and capillary blood supply, reduction of arteriovenous shunts, and in improvement of venous outflow."
  3. crix

    crix Gold

    Robertson, Douglas S. "Feedback theory and Darwinian evolution." Journal of theoretical biology 152.4 (1991): 469-484.

    "This single fact, so obvious that it hardly needs stating,(and well-understood by Darwin) has the most startling and profound implications for evolutionary theory. It introduces the possibility, even the necessity, of feedbackloops, which in turn imply that ordinary Darwinian evolution may display highly non-linear behavior, chaos instead of order,periodic extinctions, neoteny, Cope'srule, the patterns that spawned the discredited ideas of orthogenesis and racial senescencea, and many other puzzling phenomena."


    "I had never seen so many rats in such a small area."

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  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Related topic
    Lamarck has got some street cred around here:
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  5. crix

    crix Gold


    Zeng, Y., Chattopadhyay, U., Zhu, B. et al. Electrically pumped topological laser with valley edge modes. Nature 578, 246–250 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-020-1981-x

    "In the past few years, ‘topological’ photonic structures have emerged as a way to make photonic devices that are insensitive to disorder. This area of research originated from concepts developed in condensed-matter physics. Over the past two decades, condensed-matter physicists have been able to use the mathematical descriptions of symmetries and topology to characterize different forms of matter. Of particular relevance to the current work are exotic materials known as topological insulators.

    "As the name suggests, these materials are insulators — that is, they do not conduct electricity in their interior. However, they host conducting electronic states at their boundaries. Such edge states can carry current in only one direction and are therefore robust against disorder that would otherwise scatter charge carriers. This robustness of edge states is a manifestation of the overall topological properties of the material...

    "Although topological physics originated in the field of electronics, it has begun to inspire photonics.

    "Zeng and co-workers used these topological edge states to design and make a robust ring resonator (a type of optical cavity that traps light at certain ‘resonance’ frequencies) in the form of a triangle (Fig. 1). It is this triangular cavity that, along with the light amplification from the substrate material, forms a topological laser."
  6. crix

    crix Gold

    Delierneux, C.; Kouba, S.; Shanmughapriya, S.; Potier-Cartereau, M.; Trebak, M.; Hempel, N. Mitochondrial Calcium Regulation of Redox Signaling in Cancer. Cells 2020, 9, 432.

    "Calcium (Ca2+) uptake into the mitochondria shapes cellular Ca2+ signals and acts as a key effector for ATP generation. In addition, mitochondria-derived reactive oxygen species (mROS), produced as a consequence of ATP synthesis at the electron transport chain (ETC), modulate cellular signaling pathways that contribute to many cellular processes. Cancer cells modulate mitochondrial Ca2+ ([Ca2+]m) homeostasis by altering the expression and function of mitochondrial Ca2+ channels and transporters required for the uptake and extrusion of mitochondrial Ca2+. Regulated elevations in [Ca2+]m are required for the activity of several mitochondrial enzymes, and this in turn regulates metabolic flux, mitochondrial ETC function and mROS generation. Alterations in both [Ca2+]m and mROS are hallmarks of many tumors, and elevated mROS is a known driver of pro-tumorigenic redox signaling, resulting in the activation of pathways implicated in cellular proliferation, metabolic alterations and stress-adaptations. In this review, we highlight recent studies that demonstrate the interplay between [Ca2+]m and mROS signaling in cancer."
  7. crix

    crix Gold

    Aguilar-López, Bruno A., et al. "Mitochondria: An Integrative Hub Coordinating Circadian Rhythms, Metabolism, the Microbiome, and Immunity." Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8 (2020): 51.


    "We have tried to convey the view that circadian clocks, metabolism, intestinal microbiota, and the immune response tightly interact with each other and that their regulatory mechanisms seem to converge in mitochondria."
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  8. crix

    crix Gold

    From 1964...

    "It is concluded that the deleterious effects of deuterium oxide on wound healing are due mainly or entirely to the solvation effects of the deuterium oxide on developing collagen, that direct incorporation of deuterium into the collagen macromolecule plays little part and that nutritional and endocrinologic factors are also of minor importance."

    Rosen, Hyman, et al. "Effect of deuterium oxide on wound healing, collagen and metabolism of rats." New England Journal of Medicine 270.22 (1964): 1142-1149.

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  9. crix

    crix Gold

    532nm, 4 W/cm^2, 0.12cm^2, 10s, H6

  10. crix

    crix Gold

    Jonathan Simon presents “Matter Made of Light: Mott Insulators and Topological Fluids”, Stanford Applied Physics Seminar

    Good introduction to cool ideas.

  11. crix

    crix Gold

    "The inexpensive but nice hotel in which I lived at the time as a young instructor was situated next to the woods in which the city maintained footpaths, benches, and tables for the convenience of the promenaders and picnickers. I had then the habit of doing my mathematical work in an agreeable and healthy way in strolling through the woods. I carried paper and pencil and occasionally a few books. Sometimes I sat down at a table and scribbled a few formulas. Then I continued my leisurely walk in thinking about my problem until another table invited me to sit down and scribble a little more or look up something in a book." - George Polya

  12. crix

    crix Gold


    Bailey DM. Experimental Physiology. 2020.

    "Having established the stellar origins of our ‘particulate physiology’, mounting evidence suggests that life makes explicit use of non‐trivial quantum phenomena to improve its physiological ‘lot’, with advances in ultrafast/single‐molecule spectroscopy, time‐resolved microscopy and single‐particle imaging leading to some remarkable discoveries, pioneered mostly by the quantum biologists (Marais et al., 2018). Long‐lived (quantum) coherence during the transport of exciton energy in photosynthesis (Engel et al., 2007) and electron/proton tunnelling in catalysis (Page, Moser, Chen, & Dutton, 1999) are among the most celebrated examples, and these discoveries have helped to resolve the extraordinary efficiency of energy/charge transfer that were originally considered thermodynamically impossible by classical standards. Other, more theoretical, examples include entanglement in magnetoreception/metabolism via spin‐correlated (free) radical pairs that confer signalling properties, tunnelling in olfaction/adaptive mutation and coherence in cognition and consciousness (McFadden & Al‐Khalili, 2018).


    "This yields ∼2.3 × 10^28 electrons (e) in a 70 kg human, with ∼0.05 × 10^28 electrons located within the human brain, assuming an average mass of 1.50891 kg."
  13. crix

    crix Gold

    Gunn, Chan. "Acute respiratory distress syndrome successfully treated with low level laser therapy." Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine 2.1 (2005).
  14. crix

    crix Gold

    Gunn, Chan. "Acute respiratory distress syndrome successfully treated with low level laser therapy." Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine 2.1 (2005).

    "Since SARS has similar manifestations, one could conceive of laser therapy having equally effective benefits. Laser therapy may also be applicable to many diseases with similar etiology and pathophysiology."

    820nm, 50 mW, 54 J.

    Wonder if any researchers followed up with this.

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  15. crix

    crix Gold

    Nassim & Yaneer discuss super spreaders, optimism on lock downs, & ergodicity
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  16. crix

    crix Gold


    "These two papers offer the most convincing evidence of 'super-Planckian' radiation in the far-field," said Lin. "This doesn't violate Planck's law. It's a new way to generate thermal emission, a new underlying principle. This material, and the method that it represents, opens a new path to realize super-intense, tunable LED-like infrared emitters for thermophotovoltaics and efficient energy applications."

    Will this technology be used in future LLLT devices?
  17. crix

    crix Gold

    Amazing audio - Paul Dirac on Dimensionless Physical Constants and "Large Number Hypothesis"
  18. crix

    crix Gold

  19. crix

    crix Gold

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