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Chinese building massive DHA facility

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Michael, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

  2. ruby

    ruby New Member

    They expect DHA to be a money spinner. Problem is, as with loads of things in China, to milk this cow dry corners will be cut, for sure.

    Funny thing, though, China is always quoted by the pro-carb brigade as the crowning proof that rice and grains are innocuous if not downright essential for health. But in my experience, the Chinese always consider rice and grain products "fillers", something to have at the end of the meal to top up real food in case it was not enough. Scoffing on rice has always been a financial resources issue not a dietary/health choice issue.
  3. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    Maybe it'll be going in the rations of the Red Army. LOL
  4. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

  5. ruby

    ruby New Member

    "The Chinese Army is reporting the US DOD trial - and doubtless looking on with interest"

    Seems more likely they are thinking along the lines of "gee, how behind are they?"

    They are quite on the ball with this stuff, they just don't make it public. Not unike their northern neighbours :)

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