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Chicken and Green Tomatoes

Discussion in 'Summer Paleo Recipes' started by Arcole, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Arcole

    Arcole New Member

    For those of you who eat nightshades, here's a green tomato dish!

    This dish started when my Brandywine Tomato plant turned out to be a German Green Tomato instead--they don't ripen, they just stay green. Well, I'd fried as many as I could stand in coconut oil and a dusting of almond flour and salt (a nice sub for cornmeal for any of you Southerners out there) when we decided there had to be something else to try. Enter some leftover grilled chicken and we had a new dish. It was suprisingly delicious!

    Chicken and Green Tomatoes
    chunked cooked chicken or pork (we've done both), season however you like
    chunked green tomatoes (leave the skin on so they don't turn to mush)
    oil of your choosing (I had great luck with an organic butter infused olive oil)
    salt and pepper seasoning (or go crazy with whatever you've got. A pepper blend really compliments the tomato.)

    Start the tomatoes sauteeing in the oil and seasoning until they begin to soften. Add the chicken and cook until the chicken is hot and the tomatoes are done to your liking. They even caramelize up a little. Don't let them go to mush.

    Pork and Penzey's Tsar Dust was really good, but my fave is still the chicken with grill seasoning and pepper blend.

    Next I'm putting green tomatoes on the grill.
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  2. louisjesse

    louisjesse New Member

    Would like a detailed process for making this
  3. Arcole

    Arcole New Member

    I wish I had a more detailed process to offer, but I really just made this one up by the seat of my pants! Please feel free to ask any particular questions and I'll try to answer them.

    If you aren't familiar with green tomatoes, you'll want to find tomatoes that are still firm and that have grown to size but are still solid green. Grocery stores in the deep South in America will often carry them, since fried green tomatoes are a staple summer dish here. But outside this area, it might be tough to find them outside of a local market. Fortunately, tomatoes are super easy to grow in any size space.

    Hope this helps!
  4. margo

    margo New Member

    Sound like a tasty idea but I didnt see green tomatoes for a long time. Where do you usually buy them??
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
  5. Arcole

    Arcole New Member

    Green tomatoes are very much a summer item. Some markets will carry them during the peak tomato months, but I have my best luck growing my own. That way I don't worry about them getting too mushy and starting to ripen. Tomatillos might also do the trick. Worth a try!
  6. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Oh, I have some green tomatoes that just will not ever get ripe. Will have to harvest them tonight and try this. Thanks
  7. Kimberly P

    Kimberly P New Member

    Thanks for sharing - I have about 30 tomato plants . . . lots of green tomatoes to experiment with, so will try this!

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