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Checked Labs - Help intrepreting please!!

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by elvey90, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Dan234561234

    Dan234561234 New Member

    Try out Bromelain supplement. My Dad had high hsCRP for two years until he went on Bromelain for 2 months and brought down < 1.0. He is 79 years old with only half a thyroid.
  2. Dan234561234

    Dan234561234 New Member

    As Dr K has pointed out the morning transition of sunlight from Red to Blue is very powerful to get body fired up. And from Blue to Red to tap it down. Tun off Video by 7 pm (F.Lux on computer can let you cheat a little) and mellow out until bed with enjoyable reading. Cut the Cable TV and do not listen to news, what good does it do you?
  3. elvey90

    elvey90 Guest

    Yea I got flux installed on my comp and currently waiting for my blue blocking glasses to arrive. Why listen to the news when you can read a book :)

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