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Charmane's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Charmane, May 2, 2019.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    and a son I have to emotionally "let go" as he's now 22.
    I have a fantastic, healthy, very smart son. He is 48 now.
    There was no way to let him go until about 6 years ago (when he matched with his current wife).
    No need to rush.
    My DW (RIP), she picked me up and made me happy about it.

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  2. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    Thank you JanSz!
    I have a fantastic, healthy, very smart son who's 22. He stopped speaking to me since last February. Never said why, just has not answered any of my messages. He did e-mail a very brief Mother's Day message. He moved out of his dad's place into his own apartment in March (he moved in with his dad, more out in "the country," after I sold my house that was across the street for the "blew the top off my meter" cell tower). My heart tells me he just needs this "distance" while he's setting up his own life the way he wants it, as best he can. My son still has spoken with his dad occasionally, and his dad told me that he believes our son would keep in touch better if he didn't already know that both his parents are still on speaking terms. He's alive and supporting himself financially. I am working on "me," so that "when" we speak again, I'll have a life and self to present that won't be full of "martyred mom feelings." I do love my job, co-workers, and the man I've been seeing for about 18 months now... and I adore my bag-of-bones (but the softest most luxurious fur you've ever felt) cat. It's been a bit of a transition. I homeschooled my son for all but 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th grade (he withdrew from public school as an 11th grader). I had sole custody after my divorce (the divorce was why he went into public school for 4th grade, but I managed to make homeschooling work through middle school as a single parent). I became very attached, and too, too presumptuous that I "knew" "my son." Again, I believe this distancing is probably somehow just what he needs at this time. Probably best for me, too...
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  3. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    I apologize (again) for so clumsily using this site. I've posted the same thread in a couple of places that just didn't seem to be the right place to put something like this:
    Greetings from Oklahoma! I'm not a regular visitor here, but I'm still so thankful to be able to pop in and chat now and again! Thank you all! The Kruseian tribe is one of the best things about this world!

    Apparently the crazy disease-oriented-spin-machine is still spinning and clicking right along!
    This article was published today:

    Looks very suspicious to me... I certainly have nothing but zero confidence in the state health mouthpieces in 2022.
    I've long been concerned about skin diseases becoming more common in a compoundingly EM-polluted world (not to mention polluted every other whichway simultaneously).
    Hoping to hear the thoughts/opinions of others here? Thank you!
  4. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    I'm particularly interested in whether anyone has links to research-associated writings about the skin's potential vulnerability to unhealthy nnEMFs. An acquaintance of mine sent me that info (above) from Oklahoma's "health" department. She's mostly concerned about the likelihood of a ticking psy-op, but I wanted to send her a link or two that might back up "a reason" that a "new virus" -- with symptoms of skin rashes and lesions -- might be "on the way." I hope that makes sense...?
  5. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    It's been a long time since I visited... Well, it's been 5 months; that's not that long... I went through a seizure on the 6th. Really rattled my cage. There was absolutely no sign of any brain-disease-related anything until this (brain resection was in July 2016). I had been going through a lot of sleepless nights, and I'd been still worried about my job that I have been still trying to invent as I go along, and I've been feeling dehydrated, thirsty, and just plain tired, since the end of July, particularly. But I've read that a brain-injured person's brain never really stops working on adjusting/healing, and that the injured brain can develop something called an "epileptigenic focus (sp?)" that can be sensitive to things like fatigue and electrolyte-imbalance. My supplement-routine's been different: more seaweed and some herbal tinctures "good" for the thyroid, and a morning bottle of nettle/peppermint infusion. Anyway... I did manage to cut the NDT (natural dessicated thyroid) in half since July... but who knows if cutting it has caused problems. I'd gotten an order for a blood-test, but hadn't yet taken the test before the seizure struck.

    Now I'm grounding myself from driving. My employer and I have set things up so I only have to teach one day each week, and one of my co-workers can drive me (and help me with errands!) I'm back in touch with the Gerson clinic I'd worked with after neurosurgery since I experienced only "everything I'd hoped" while under its care in the past. Taking this symptom as a serious indication to get to work on nourishing (and auditing) my life. My job and relationships were getting prioritized over my self-care and that needs re-shuffling.

    My now-24-year-old son started speaking to me again in October, and there's talk of being able to see him this Thanksgiving (here in the USA), which would be the first time I'd spend a holiday of any sort with him since 2019, if it works out.

    Just updating the "journal" here.
    Also wanting to purely black out my bedroom. Making a note here:
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  6. May your time with your son go well.

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