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Caroline's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by caroline, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    I can relate very well, Caroline. This maid must have been a very warm hearted woman and she probably loved kids very much. It was probably like a fairytale for them. And the baby sleeping in the drawer. My oldest son slept in a woven washing basket.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I find the simple things in life are the most important ... keeps us grounded ..... where have I heard that before????
  3. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    yes and another said: all we need in life is food, clothes and shelter and everything we want beyond that is insanity
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    This has been such a huge day ..... I came on the forum and JK had just posted his blog ... but I couldn't log on - this has happened a few times lately - no matter what I did I could not log on and I could see the blog sitting there. I don't know why but I went and got my ipad and got on right away and of course then sat down with a BPC and read and read and read. Pretty massive stuff with such huge implications for a lot in this community. So it looks like I am pretty good here - for me - the ocean has always intuitively been where I wanted to be. It is funny tho - today some friends came over to play with me in the ocean and have lunch sitting out on the grass - I had a great seafood salad by the way - I am definitely going beck to this place! anyway I am always completely mesmerised by the ocean every single day and I have been here for seven years. I was jumping out of my skin - so happy to share the day with my dear friends and - you know what - they completely take it for granted. They have lived in this area all their lives and take all this beauty for granted. When I asked them about it and said how I was completely over the moon about this place and they said - well isn't Canada like this??? There is a lot of beauty in Canada of course but it is this beach lifestyle 24/7 that has me mesmerised. My husband was born on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and there is so much beauty there - I love it but there is something much different here - at least for me ....

    So I played in the ocean for quite awhile and walked quite a bit and I will lay under some bags of ice in a bit
    I seem to be getting very sleepy by 8:30 or 9:30 and then wake up at 4:30 - are we supposed to be getting more sleep than that? I wake up refreshed - not tired at all so I guess it should be okay.
    I guess everyone's head is buzzing today - some are going to have to make massive changes to regain their health - it is going to be amazing to watch all of this unfold and see people get their life back. I always knew that this was a journey of a lifetime and we are lucky enough to have a front row seat .... Thanks Dr. Kruse .....you are the man.....
  5. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Cool...that is where I live, Cape Breton! I do love that we are surrounded by the ocean, especially in the summer, I spend as much time as possible camping at an ocean campground. I wish I could live there all year round!
  6. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Caroline, I'm gonna give you the bad news Jack gave me last night. The iPad, iPod, iPhone ... all have to go. I don't have an iPhone and both my iPod & iPad are wi-fi only and I turned those off a while back. The iPad will now no longer be used for fun and games but for what I originally bought it for. I loaded all my bead-making tutorials on it as PDF's so I can keep them next to my torch as I work. Otherwise I would have a stack of printouts literally 3 feet high waiting to catch fire, LOL. I just am not ready to give it up altogether although I suspect that is going to have to change.

    You guys are lucky to be next to the ocean but I get to live on top of a super volcano, LOL. See, I told you all I was hot!
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I know Diane - I can't think what to do about all that - I on't talk on the phone much - so not a problem. I have never liked reading books on my ipad - so not a problem. In fact if I read on my ipad before bed - I can't sleep. I told JK that at last consult a couple of weeks ago and of course you know what he said! BUT - the computer- I LOVE my laptop and I am spending more and more time here - what are we all going to do?? I think you could get thru all the new posts on the old forum much faster - am I remembering that correctly?? you know what a computer wiz I am!
    I am kinda confused by all this tho .... I thought cold was the most important - but it seems like the ocean is???
    I find since I am spending so much more time at the ocean I am really slowing down ... not a loss of energy ..... but a slowing down .... a peacefullness and a mindfullness I guess...... still like to look at hot guys on the beach tho [​IMG] I think I am being slowly exuberant???? That is quite a picture isn't it? that doesn't make sense ...........
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sorry - that should of been Darleen - the edit didn't work and that error thing keeps coming up...
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Paula -where are you in Cape Breton? My husband was born and grew up in Sydney Mines. The last time we were there we stayed at the most fantastic bed and breakfast ....
  10. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    I grew up just outside of Sydney. I work in North Sydney, right next to Sydney Mines, how cool is that!!!
  11. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Hey ladies...I've spent many a night in North Sydney waiting for the ferry to Newfoundland! Sometimes the wind would keep us there for a few days. I miss the ocean, but as I've recently realized, the weather in Newfoundland kept us indoors way too much...still it was my home for 25 years and I miss our friends and my husband's family. Paulalynn...you don't work for Marine Atlantic do you???

    Caroline...so glad you've found your spot by the sea!
  12. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Wow...so let me get this straight. Seahorse...you're from Newfoundland? All my grandparents are from Nfld! And no, I don't work for Marine Atlantic but drive by every morning on my way to work at the Northside hospital. I've been to Nfld several times, all my old university buddies were newfies! Been to Eastport, Grand Falls, and Clarenville. Bet you were expecting me to say St. john's and Cornerbrook? Well, we did go to St. John's too of course. I've had the best times in Newfoundland. Screeched in while in Grand Falls. Spent a week in Joe Batts Arm one summer. Awe the memories!

    Caroline...your husband and I are practically family...we're Cape Bretoner's...when can I come visit...lol...just kidding. [​IMG] . Where are you from Caroline? This is becoming a really small world!
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Paula - I was born in Toronto and lived a few years in Hamilton and then Guelph for 35 years and now here - in paradise!

    Yes - you are family - the guest room is ready and waiting! Paula - do you know the B&B that I mean in Sydney Mines? I can't remember the name of it. It was owned and run by 2 men - but one was quite sick when we were there. We have directed many friends there and they loved it as well. I think I remember my husband saying that it had been the local Doctor's house. The house was beautiful and they built some lofts behind the house. They made the most gorgeous food. The first night we were there they were booked out for dinner [locals] so they set up a table in front of the fireplace for us..... just lovely men...

    God I love Newfies!!! I could barely understand them - there are a lot of them [ downhomers] around Guelph. nicest people in the world - would give you the shirt off their back! There is a movie made about north Sydney and mining - staring Helena Bonham Carter - one of my all time favorite movies - OMG - I just remembered the name .... Margaret's museum - have you seen it? Maybe I will come visit you! Does Rita MacNeil still have herTea Room? what about - The Men from the deep?
    we used to go and see all of them when they passed thru - great memories! Thanks for reminding me!
  14. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Not sure about the B & B but I know if I asked my boss he’d give me the answer in a split second. He was born there and knows everyone, and I mean everyone. I’ll let you know.

    Margaret’s Museum…I completely forgot about that movie but I did see it years ago! Did you hear of the movie Take This Waltz with Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams? They were here two summers ago to film a few scenes at the Fortress of Louisburg. Michelle Williams slept in our trailer (I’m surprised my hubby washed the sheets LOL). Rita MacNeil still has her Tea Room and it is always quite busy. She doesn’t do many concerts anymore, I don’t think her health is that great but don’t quote me on it. Men of the Deeps are still active as well. I remember seeing them when I was a teenager when they played at the Farmer’s Exhibition in North Sydney.

    Maybe you need a visit to Cape Breton again??? Come in the summer though [​IMG] . Have you ever been to Inverness? We camp in Dunvegan at the ocean, right before you get to Inverness. I mention Inverness because if you blink you’ll drive right through Dunvegan without noticing!
  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Caroline, it makes me happy to read your posts! Are you an Angel?[​IMG]
    Soon you might be too healthy.. almost living on the beach..huh! You are one blessed lady for sure...!
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - you know very, very well that you are welcome here anytime....
    Paula - I feel so excited - my husband talked about Inverness all the time - he loved it there. I must have been there . I remember very clearly the Bra'Dor Lakes - don't know if I am spelling that correctly? so beautiful. There would be lots of my husband's relatives there - but I am not remembering names right now only a whole lot of funny stories. I will go back there one day. The last time we were there - we kinda drove around the whole island. On the west side we stayed at a Scotch distillery. One evening we went for dinner and this really old guy came in with his fiddle - he was 95 - and I thought - oh no ....but he was amazing - you know - all the old "down home" music. I will never forget that evening plus I had a lot of scotch that they were distilling [​IMG]
    We have friends that have a fishing camp in NFLD - I will have to ask them where it is. God I have always loved newfies and always wanted to go.... I guess I love the simple things in life .... I really am just starting to put all that together. Maybe I better start containing the woo woo to my journal .....
  17. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    The Glenora Inn & Distillery!!! Not far from Inverness. In case you're interested, I just read they have 12 bottles of their 20 year old scotch left, for a reasonable $500 lol!!! And you were bang-on with the Bras D'or Lakes!
  18. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    Your appreciation of the beach and where you've come from makes me smile. I don't know if its something to do with the diet we eat, but I'm no longer subject in the same way to hedonic adaptation and it seems if you might be the same. Hedonic adaptation is a psychological construct which says we stop appreciating something when it becomes commonplace. Well I seem to have lost that since I started eating paleo. I appreciate simple things so much more now and am so full of gratitude at having so much and so much opportunity that I sometimes feel its a bit OTT. it certainly makes life more pleasant.
  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thank you Caroline. I like your home!

    What Aussie nana said about hedonic adaptation.. that is it! Wow, I never heard about that before. but it makes so much sense.
    Feeling it so often.. how blessed I am with many things. Feeling so rich, so satisfied and enjoying what I have - the simplest things - so much! It is weird, really.. Maybe it is the epi paleo diet..lol
    This is actually very weird! It would be intresting to know the science behind.. maybe it has something to do with our brain? Or electrons? Hmmm.. If one knew.. and could explain it clearly and easily understandable how it works to people that suffer and are longing for happiness. It would be so good!
    But maybe we do not need to know more than.. come on with me to he beach, and lets eat some seafood there..[​IMG]
    The sauce to happiness!

    Now.. I wonder why Jesus were hanging on the beach all day long with his fishermen..lol He must have known.. weird that no one speeks about this angle in church?
    And this Naaman that had to go and dip 7 times in Jordan to get well.. huh. He must have needed some electrons? Because of my religious parents (and no, I am not religious) we read a lot in the bible as kids.. and now all those stories pop up in my mind with a totally different meaning..
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Wow - I finally got back on and wrote a big post to catch up and it is gone! All of a sudden I was logged out - WTH?

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