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Caroline's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by caroline, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I see that you did - great - we can discuss all the hot bods on the beach together - no one else has to know......
  2. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Photos or it never happened [​IMG]
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    swim in rockpool
    long walk on beach - but no C/T - the day kinda got away from me..

    swim in rock pool
    walk on beach and now I am going to go and lay under some bags of ice for awhile

    I had a great sleep last nite - fell asleep pretty fast and don't remember waking up at all until about 5:30.
    I unplugged my clock radio - wonder if that has something to do with it????
    I finally listened to the Webinar - Dan sent me a copy - now I have to listen to it 19 more times!
    I [stupidly] missed the first 40 minutes of the Q&A - I can't believe I did that! I was so concerned about getting the time right - I didn't check the date! Are the emails coming later or is it just my imagination?
    I seem to be really, really hungry lately - don't know where that is coming from....
  4. diane

    diane Gold

    Caroline- that's something i would do - miss the date LOL. At least you got on - and Dr. K went for over 3 hours, so you still got your money's worth. [​IMG]

    Sounds like a great day! I sat in an office all day, walked the dogs, then sat on my computer for 3 1/2 hrs [​IMG]
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yes, Diane I certainly still got my money's worth - wow .....mind boggling amount of information. I hope you are able to get out of that office one day soon and live the life you deserve....
  6. diane

    diane Gold

    Thanks Caroline! My dream is to be surrounded by 4 leg fur faces every day (daycare + training). Imagine the positive electrons there! [​IMG]
  7. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    Umm, bods on the beach. The first was an over 60s guy with a huge, I mean, HUGE pot belly. He dipped in to the sea and got out after about 2 minutes. Then another over 60s guy with a dog very interested in my dog who was much more interested in putting her tennis ball in the hole she was digging. More over 60s guys, none of them worth a second look. Then yes, a lovely young man, 20s with dog and a lovely young woman. Obviously a couple. Followed by another guy joining me in the water - he stayed all of 60 seconds. Dived in, swam 5 strokes, then out. Very wrinkly over 70 I would say. I hope your swims have had more inviting humans to look at than mine were this morning.

    I've been dealing with sudden hunger pangs by eating avocado - not sure if that is a helpful idea for you.

    Go well today, Caroline.
  8. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Oh dear. Reminds me of those birthday cards that say "What we're looking for" featuring a major piece of eye candy on the front and then you open it up and its says "What's looking for us." and it's pretty much what you just described. And just to be fair, they are found on both sides of the aisle.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Aussie Nana - I think I would change beaches pronto! The eye candy here is great - all the young people look spectacular. There was an old guy in a budgie smuggler yesterday - dear Lord ---UGH! It is 44 degrees right now - I guess I will wait till later to go and see what's cooking - altho - in this heat it is likely to be people.
    actually I had an avocado yesterday for the first time in a long time and I swear when I have an apple I am much hungrier ..... but why oh why do I crave apples????
    It is just crazy! It took a long time for the diet coke cravings to go away - but apples - I always want apples sooooo bad.....
    Darleen - I saw an older woman yesterday - in a bikini......she was very rotund ... lots of rolls of fat ...but she seemed quite content strutting her stuff.
    It gave me the idea to get a bikini - I have never ever owned one by the way .... but I thought it would be great - when it gets cooler and I can go down to a more secluded area of the beach and take my top off. I figure if I throw a towel over my head no one will know who it is and I won't see them either! Perfect for the winter time I reckon...problem solved [​IMG]
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    So nice you have a journal now Caroline![​IMG]
    Go and buy that bikini NOW! [​IMG] I can tell it is such a different feeling when you get some air and sun on your abdomen too, everything feels just much better! Get the tiniest bikini you can find, ok. The more sun you get on your body. Do not care about if people look, look at people instead! And the sky.. and the sea and the horizon.. and the trees and birds..Just think about how much healthier it is to get more skin exposed to sun and sand and air..huh. Have you found a secret place to tan naked yet, Caroline?
  11. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Caroline!! You are such a hoot! That reminds me of one of our first New Year's eves out here at our current residence. DH was up watching tv and he heard a noise outside so he and Allie McDog went out to investigate. Foolish man. ANYway. The back of our house is one large, open room with engineered beams across the ceiling every few feet. They extend outside the wall. A raccoon had crawled up the faux rock fireplace wall and was sitting on the end of one of the beams trying to get to the bird feeder. When Hubby shone the flashlight on him the raccoon covered his eyes with his paws. "If I can't see you then you must not be able to see me." LOL.

    Skip the towel over the head. If someone sees you just give 'em a thousand watt smile and wave. I can pretty much guarantee they won't be looking at your face anyway.
  12. endless

    endless New Member

    Ha! Good point, Darleen!

    I am a very self conscious person....I don't like showing my pudge, even to those who don't know me and don't care! I always admire people who wear what they want comfortably regardless of their size or shape! I'm working on being one of them[​IMG]
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    So Inger ... I not only have to buy a bikini ... it has to be really tiny too??? OMG
    Darleen ... I chuckled all afternoon about that one! Have you ever noticed when you lay down you become slimmer and can suck your belly in!
    Krista .... I love when I see someone on the beach that is a pudge and doesn't seem to care one bit ..... I don't know if I will ever get there tho. I think when your self esteem has been shattered - it is really hard to put all the pieces back together ..... at least in the rite order[​IMG]

    I went to the beach last nite about 4:30 .. temp was 45 .... that is the teeniest bit warm! I walked for about an hour in the surf and then puddled around for another 30 minutes or so - and then laid under some bags of ice when I got home.

    One thing that is great about going to the beach later ...... there is all these hot young guys in lycra .. with their surf boards ... very entertaining!
    today it is about 21 - such a change from yesterday. I walked for about an hour and half in the surf - up to my waist.
    I almost forgot Inger - I walked along way down the beach today - I think it goes for miles [have to check that out one day] and I found a spot that might be good for nude sunbathing. There is kind of a mound of sand and then more sand on the other side - it remains to be seen if I have nerve enough to do this!

    I ran into an older women sitting on the rocks and got talking to her - I thought she might know what kind of rock it is. She told me she always comes and sits on the rocks because it makes her feel so much better and replenishes her energy. She used to care for abused women and she would bring them down to the ocean and tell them that she is there to care for them but they could do whatever they wanted. She said it was so heartwarming to see the change in them. Some would build sandcastles and some would swim and some would walk and they would leave feeling some peace and be replenished. I would guess that this lady was close to 80 - so she was doing this therapy all those years ago. It seems like we have been going backwards for the last number of years.

    I had another fun converstion with a lady at the bus stop - we started talking about shoes - isn't that what you talk to strangers about?? somehow we got onto age and health - as you do - and she asked me to guess her age. She thought I was about the same age - I have 15 years on her. That was nice.
    I usually walk home with groceries and I have taken to splitting them up in 2 bags and then swinging them as I am walking .... kind of kettlebells in motion. I was thinking of Gretchen today - she said she walked home from the bus top with her shoes off for grounding. My gosh - we are getting to be a strange bunch aren't we?? such fun - I love it[​IMG]
  14. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Well, Caroline, I actually wonder how old you are?
    You seem so young somehow, but being a grandma you should be at least my age.
    I would love to walk on the beach with you, get into the water and play. No such thing here, not even in the summer. The next beach is at least 800 km away from where I live and I love the ocean, always did. It was my nicest holiday as a kid when my parents finally decided that it was time for a change after 10 years of going into the mountains for vacation. Not that I did not like the Alps, but I craved for the ocean. I still remember every detail and some years ago I took my children to the same place and showed them where I had played, where we stayed. It still looked the same as I had remembered it. It was a small village called Diano Marina at the Riviera.
    My friend is coming to dinner in a minute. She has been working all day today and is now coming to stay with me for the night. Her Mom died last weeks after many years of Alzheimer and having to be taken care of for everything. She turned 96 years just a few days before she died and I got to see her on Christmas for the last time. So I prepared a nice dinner, bone broth, stuffed huge mushrooms with minced meat and cheese and some strawberries with cream for desert. We will talk about her Mom and remember all the good times we had together when we were kids. My friend is a good narrator and she can mimick people that you laugh yourself silly,
    So for me it is meat and greed in the kitchen now.
  15. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Excellent pun Charlotte! I wish my German were 1/4 as good as your English!

    Caroline ... great stories. thanks for sharing them. How's your journey to optimal going?
  16. endless

    endless New Member

    Your beach trips sound very relaxing....wish I had a beach nearby to visit! That makes total sense that she brought the abused women down to the rocks on the shore to replenish! See, sometimes we know, even if we don't know that we know.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Charlotte - I am pretty sure I am older than all of you.... don't know where all the years have gone....
    It sounds like you will have a lovely evening remembering your friend' s mother.... it seems to me that you are a wonderful friend. It sounds like you have travelled all over? Melbourne? tell us more...
    Krista - I think you are exactly right - it seems to me that long ago people used their natural instincts all the time ....when did we lose that I wonder...I remember reading an interesting story long ago correlating the rise of obesity to the introduction of supermarkets. All of a sudden food was available 24/7 and we were sold a bill of goods. Marketing genius - we are like lambs led to slaughter...
    Darleen - I don't know how my journey is going actually - I feel crappy today for some reason. I have this constant ringing in my ear which is driving me crazy and I think maybe that is why I am nauseated. I stood on a small stool yesterday to fix a blind and I got really very dizzy. I did what Dr.K. suggested with the H2O2 but I have so much ringing now - I think I could interfere with planes flying overhead!
    I seem to be having a problem with seafood now and the lamb heart last nite made me crazy. Ever since I got sick on seafood at Christmas I am feeling really squeamish and only want steak WTH
    I forgot to tell you about another lady I met yesterday - I was walking home with groceries and all of a sudden I stopped [I hate when people do that] A lady behind me
    said something about the darn hills never getting easier. As we talked she worried that I was okay and offered to help me - I told her I was okay but felt that I was stressing my mitochondria. She actually didn't blink an eyelash! and then we got talking about a great naturopath that she has ....
  18. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I don't know if this is any help but when my ears start ringing it's my allergies acting up. You might also have picked up a bug. There's a nasty one going around here. big surprise ... it's winter here.
  19. diane

    diane Gold

    My ears ring constantly - they have for about 7 years now. Sometimes louder, but it's always there. I notice that it gets louder when I eat things that I'm allergic to. But I still haven't been able to get rid of it. That's my goal - talk about annoying!
  20. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Hey Caroline,
    Fwiw, I think if you want steak, eat steak.. Maybe your body just needs something in your steaks right now. You can get back to the fish and raw later, but I reckon you should listen to your body when it is sending you such strong signals and you know steak isn't bad... Not like craving bread or something.

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