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Caroline's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by caroline, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Tony and I spent yesterday afternoon figuring out how to incline our bed. It took some books from our library, some pieces of wood from the garage and some thought on how to keep the bed base from falling apart when we tried to lift it onto the blocks. It took a drill and another long piece of wood to nail it together temporarily.

    We have only inclined about 3.5 inches to start with and we will see in a couple of weeks how we go.

    We both slept well and didn't need to get up in the middle of the nite to pee. Oddly, our bowels were a little different today.....strange

    When I was standing on the headland this morning, watching the sunrise - I thought about the last five years with Tony and all the stuff he has adopted/taken on board since we met ....

    #1 laying naked on the wet grass at sunrise
    #2 taking cold showers
    #3 no lights on after sunset
    #4 no TV - unless it is the world cup - then all bets are off
    #5 going to bed early because we get up for sunrise
    #6 lots of seafood
    #6 lots of bacon
    #7 lots of butter
    #8 Listening to Jack's podcasts
    #9 swimming in the ocean everyday - all year [we both really love this in the winter time especially]
    #10 no sunglasses
    #11 being outside as much as possible with minimal clothing
    #12 Tony now has 3 Kiniki swimsuits
    #13 Getting his junk in the sun
    #14 walking, exercising outside everyday
    #15 Tony understands how important this forum is to me but often wonder what the heck I am doing!
    #16 I often hear him talking to people about the importance of being outside, seeing the sunrise and not wearing sunglasses.
    #17 He seems to always have to explain to friends and family why I eat mostly carnivore and why it is my n=1.
    #18 Tony seems to be able to eat "shit on shingle" in a reasonably healthy way. He doesn't have cravings or addictions and does most things in moderation.
    #19 He has always valued a loving relationship and kindness and integrity, and has always been able to move forward when necessary and leave things behind that weren't working.
    #20 the value of oxytocin according to JK. Tony is the best hugger I have ever met .....and he is really great at other things too........

    The end .....for now. Lets see what this year brings!
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  2. I love this list!!! Excellent reminders of what we should all be doing. I needed to read this as much as you needed to write it.
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I love it all Caroline :love: :love:
    Let us know how the inclined bed experiment unfolds :) :)
    The not peeing in the night phenomenon seems to be a real common one, so cool! I really wonder why that is, what is it with the incline that makes us not have to pee in the night anymore..
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
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  4. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    I'm going to implement IBT today!

    Don't think it's going to take my night pee away though. :p
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  5. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

  6. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    not sure what is going on with my replies....

    what you are doing is great,
    looking forward to your results

    i bought a book : Egyptian postures of power (Jason Quitt)
    they do salute to the sun
    it changes the energies

    i am learning it and will do it
    i think they knew a lot more than we do
    they are always bare skin in the sun !

    see what you think ...

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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    When we decided last February to take our camper and go to Tasmania for a couple of months we sure had no idea, like everyone else, what was in store for all of us.

    all the sightseeing stuff on this beautiful island seemed to be closing down as we arrived.

    finally we have managed to change our booking on the ferry to go home this Friday.

    we have been hunkered down in an RV park on the ocean with 16 others as we all wait for our departure date.

    every day some one leaves and we all wave and wish them good luck and safe travels.

    We all have lots of questions but no one has answers.

    many people across the world are in dire circumstances. We are so lucky to be in this beautiful spot and quite comfortable. We don’t have power or hot water but are making do and remaining positive.

    it amazes me the resilient of people and the infinite ways they are coping and, in fact thriving.

    folks are rediscovering music and books and learning new ways to do their everyday stuff.

    of course there are people that refuse to adapt and just moan and groan about the imposition of this world wide health crisis on their daily life.

    this crisis has brought out the best and worse in everyone it seems.

    we hear stories of people slashing caravan tires with out of state plates. Lots of caravans getting the finger etc. etc. Towns putting up signs that they don’t want us here.

    we have all heard stories of amazing compassion and thoughtfulness and love.

    we owe our healthcare professionals and essential workers so much gratitude.

    thanks will never be enough.

    I hope everyone here is well and staying busy and finding new things to do and new ways to do our everyday stuff.

    For Tony and I ....we are going home to clean out the Garage and our walk in closet. This is stuff we have been putting off for two years.

    Our home needs a deep clean and the garden needs TLC.

    BUT .....our first priority is to get as much sun as possible.....so we may just lay outside with as little clothes on as possible and listen to music and read books and have a glass of wine- or two.

    Come to think about it ....that is what we normally do - that is why the garage needs a good clean out!

    Apparently we can’t go in the ocean ....there are lots of secluded beaches but we will self isolate.

    lots of love and heartfelt best wishes to everyone here and especially to Dr. K.

    safe travels everyone ....sending you all a big Koala bear hug XO
  8. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    something I want to remember.....
    "Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."
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  10. Marit Bjørgen grew up working on a farm, and she was unusually broad shouldered and muscular already when she was 10.

    Cross-country skiers are tested quite frequently, so getting away with any kind of hormone therapy would be very difficult, if not impossible.
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    something today that I read and love ......

  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I haven't been here for so long......

    So much has changed .......and definitely not for the better.

    I am writing this from the Peoples Republic of Australia.

    The state of politics and healthcare in this country is heartbreaking and devastating and outrageous.

    I have lived in Australia for 17 years and have loved living here.

    We live in a beautiful little fishing village on the ocean. We are surrounded by a huge river system and national parks and the climate is fantastic.

    We spend everyday at the ocean and when it gets cooler we head to tropical north Queensland for more sun.

    This should have been the perfect place for us to live in nature and thrive.

    We have kept thinking ...surely things will get better. People will get what is happening and WAKE UP.

    No one seems to get that being double vaxed will lead to being triple vaxed and then what? ....a jab every 6 months?

    They will need to comply to every request or forfeit freedoms unless their freedom passport is updated.

    I admit that I have taken my freedom for granted. I have always thought that freedom was my God given right - that it was automatically bestowed on me the day I was born.

    This has all been a rude awakening.

    Today is kind of the last straw ....I feel devastated and humiliated and definitely like a 2nd class citizen.

    We live in a small cluster of homes with a swimming pool and tennis courts and a club house.

    As of today - we can not enter any of these facilities or meet up with friends unless we are double jabbed.

    As of October 12th - we lose all our freedom.

    We have both loved living in Australia - we have thrived here and built a nice comfortable life.

    We have worked hard all our life and been decent and loving and kind people ....and We don't intend to be 2nd class.

    This is totally outrageous what is happening here.

    When Jack first started to talk about getting out of Australia .....I thought we are too old to make such a major change in our life - once again.

    But ....now I think we are older and wiser and we are healthy and happy and we can do anything we set our mind and heart to.

    I can't imagine just yet what the future holds for us - but we definitely are a work in progress!

    Jack has the flashlight and We are paying attention!

    We will move forward and who knows where we will wind up.......

    This will take a lot of thought and hard work and soul searching.

    Are we up for the challenge?

    Of course we are ...there is a reason I have been hanging around here for so many years :)
  13. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    Who is enforcing it ??? do not comply .
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2021
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    good question Anne - not really sure who will enforce these rules. It seems like if anyone is disobeying the rules the police are called :eek:

    Now when I have to sign in anywhere I chose a name that I like and make up a phone #. Trouble is - I can't remember my real phone # now :(
  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member


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  16. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    @caroline i would have a go at the pool or somewhere to see if you can find out who is shopping you, gives you an idea , and who not to trust :)
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  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Today is October 11th, 2021 - dateline Yamba, Australia.

    This is freedom day for Tony and I. We are not single jabbed, we are not double jabbed and will not be.

    Today we have lost our freedom in a country that is supposed to be the land of the free.

    People around us think that their life has returned to normal today ....they don't seem to know what we know - on any level.

    These are all the same people who distrust every politician and yet are following, hook line and sinker, the narrative that the politicians are constantly telling them.

    We aren't particularly brilliant people Tony and I but we were paying attention when all this started.
    The world was told that the governments [under an emergency situation] would authorise the vaccines even tho they hadn't completed their trials.

    We were also told that natural immunity was a great thing.

    Fauci told us that the PCR test wasn't ideal - too many false positives [69%]
    and yet the whole world, at various times, has been in lock down because of them.

    They are now vaccinating 5 year old children.

    On the radio today - some government official said "if you get the jab you will be 30 years younger"

    I feel so proud that we have stood up and spoken up for what we believe.

    This is all a no brainer......
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  18. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Hi Caroline

    So sorry to hear of what is happening there in your small community with you and your partner. So miserable, but proud that you are standing up too. It all seemed to happen so fast in Australia and we have all been watching on in horror from over here at how it is all playing out - and realizing that we are next!
    I remember emailing with friends from college who live in Perth at the start of the pandemic and telling them of all the dumb things happening here and they were disbelieving of all my concerns. They were also smug about the lack of viral spread over there. I have not reached out to them since that time as I felt they were not open to discussion about what was happening as to them it seemed all so distant and unreal. I wonder how they feel now.

    I too feel good for standing up and not accepting all this, particularly after writing to schools/colleges/work about jab policies and pointing out the illegalities and also the fallacies in their policies and thinking. We too have been having similar problems in our town. Luckily we can still buy food, but we cannot eat at restaurants, cannot go to indoor events, gyms etc. without the double jab. I actually don't care anymore as I don't want to do any of those things. Eating out is overrated these days - you don't know the ingredients or whether the food is organic or not so better to cook at home. And most of the community here is double jabbed, which shocks me to the core. How could all these people I know, who were distrustful of politicians and big business (like you mentioned), be duped - they even had their own kids jabbed without question as soon as they could, which I find shocking - no thought, or questioning, or concern about the lack of safety - and now efficacy. It feels so dystopian and unreal. I think it is all because people have been brainwashed to be so afraid of the virus, they will do anything to stop the anxiety that their fear creates.

    But we can still go hiking in nature - that is free, and does not require a mask/jab and we can still buy food (and I grow some) so I don't need to comply with their silly rules. I have been going through the same thought process of what to do, like you. I liked JK's recent Blog Post as I realized it is along the lines of what I have been thinking too, particularly the video at the top regarding how to deal with such a sick society. I don't particularly like living where I am, but we have many family reasons for staying here at least for now (unless it becomes completely untenable and then we will leave), but I do feel energized by the idea of developing a parallel society to eventually replace the current society - like the folks in France setting up their picnics in the street, when not allowed in restaurants. I have thought that there must be enough of us out there to develop our own workarounds/businesses and this is a chance to build something new. The challenge now is finding others who think similarly with the same enthusiasm.

    Anyway, I wish you the best with your tough decisions ahead. Big hugs! I hope you find some allies.

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  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Very well said Jacks .....we need to stand together and be strong and find alternatives.

    We spoke to a young man at the beach today. He is mid to late thirties. He personally knows of 8 young men who have been devastated by the jab. One very healthy friend had a really serious heart attack after the 2nd jab and had been totally healthy before.

    It is heartbreaking to see people we know scrambling to get their kids vaxed.

    We look around in total disbelief at what is happening.

    One little cafe in our town is open all nite and not in the daytime and will serve anyone!

    We need to be smarter and stronger and more resilient and think outside the square!

    Hold your family close xo
  20. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    We already are Caroline, seek out the like minded and keep building those friendship alliances.
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