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Caroline's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by caroline, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It seems to me that there isn't anything better than camping! It was quite cool but sunny - so perfect. One night was -1c .....so that was very cool.

    We had a campfire going most of the time. It is the most remarkable thing to sit around a campfire with people you love - just talking and laughing and having dinner.

    The leptin reset went just fine....altho I did choose to have a couple of drinks. We were all sitting around the campfire having such a good time and Tony's son brought me [unsolicited] a Baileys, so I chose to have it and enjoy. I really didn't want to be a dick head about it, and Chris was just being really lovely and welcoming to me.

    I do love that I now have the power to make choices. The next nite the Baileys came out and I opted out. I told him I was pretty sure that Baileys isn't on my elimination protocol!

    Our Optimal Life is for living every single second - That was a one off - I made the decision - I do have the power.

    Have any of you guys been extreme off road 4 wheel driving????? Yikes!

    I am down to two meals a day - I could not fit anymore in. I have a BAB and then a lite, late lunch/early dinner about 4-4;30
    Hopefully my clothes will start getting looser!.
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  2. drezy

    drezy Gold

    If I were a big jerk I'd go into the whole low dopamine accusation thing* that occasionally happens around here. But I'm a medium jerk...

    They are all made in China anyway so you can order directly from the Chinese here if it ends up seeming useful to you:

    Set your country and currency to AUS/AUD in the upper right.

    * Note - Ever notice that it's only a matter of time between one forum poster becoming an instant expert on another poster's dopamine level? My above faux dopamine jab is obviously a joke, but I find this phenomena so interesting. The dopamine jab (being instant hormonal expert of another human) is like the mother of all insults here that displays some vaguely intellectual understanding of the science we all should be learning. Though couched in some science it's still basically the "Your momma's so fat..." invective.

    Part of me still wishes this psychic ability were true though. I'd even pay for some remote psychic dopamine sensing services maybe linked to my phone number.

    Call#1: "Stop looking at that donut. Your dopamine is low."
    Call#2:"Stop looking at your son's friend's mom. Your dopamine is low."
    Call#3:"Starting work on that garage door right now is a bad idea. Your dopamine is low."
    Call #4:"Stop chatting up the 20 yo woman behind the counter at the coffee shop. She doesn't like you. It's just that you're a good tipper and guess what........ Your dopamine is low"
    Call #5: "We know that you put a bag of chips in your shopping cart. Just put the bag down and back away."
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Dan - I can be your remote psychic dopamine sensor if you like???

    That would be fun to tell you when you are being a dickhead......
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I, inadvertently, had a huge BAB this morning ....approx 70 gr. protein plus a BPC. I feel like a beached whale! I am gonna see if I can get thru to breakfast tomorrow morning. I find I get a little hungry later in the day and then put off eating because I am doing something - and the hunger goes completely away.

    I am loving this - even tho I have been putting it off for so long...... idiot! ....low dopamine! low dopamine! low dopamine!
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  5. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Nice. If you can purposely structure your day around the hunger so you stay busy thats a good trick for noticing it less while you adapt to the new habits. Structuring your time and environment is way easier than bothering with willpower.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Actually Dan - no will power involved now. The hunger is so different - or lack of hunger I could say......and it is easier to just be satisfied with water.

    Yesterday - I had that huge BAB .....and then wound up having lunch and dinner - go figure. I initially, in the morning, felt like I may never want to eat again! It may be a stress response - we have a lot on our plate right now, but I did eat a little because I was hungry. I had complete control.

    But, contrary to other times in my life - a lot of stress made me stuff my face - low dopamine! - with all the wrong things [carbs] and I had no control at all.

    Lately we have had a couple of very stressful days and I didn't want to eat at all - only drink water. [as opposed to Baileys!]

    I can't believe how we are flying by the seat of our pants right now - and at this time in our life! It is all good. We see the prize and we are moving ahead - full throttle and let the pieces fall where they may.

    Actually - right now the prize is freedom to choose our life - wherever and whatever that may be! You would think we would be a little scared - but the only issue is that there are so many details to take care of. Tony's sons are a little worried we might crash and burn but they are being cautiously supportive...even tho they really don't understand.

    When we were camping in the bush - Chris had a bright light on and Tony asked him to turn it off. Chris laughed at Tony about being silly etc.

    Then Chris came to me and asked - why no lights? I kind of dismissed the question because I thought he was just going to make more fun of us.

    But Chris said " no - I really want to know - so I explained about blue light and melatonin and cortisol etc....and how blue lights from computers. phones, lights after sunset etc. really affects you. He really listened intently and said he has been hearing a little about cellphones etc.

    We are selling our camper and Chris insists we will never get what we want for it ......I love proving him wrong! At first he couldn't understand why we paid so much for it - after seeing it - now he understands!

    It is really lovely to have supportive family that do have our best interests at heart - even tho they may not exactly understand what we are doing.

    They do get that we have this one life to live - and we are going to do it as optimally as possible - we are kind of a bench mark for being healthy and not letting our age deter us.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2017
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  7. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Everyone is always flying by the seat of their pants. If they don't recognize it then that's their shortsightedness.

    He has good boys and they worry about you.

    On the light at night front I always feel like being a bit evil and developing a strong blue LED apparatus that mounts to a face. If you want to dispute lights at night with me then I'll design it and you wear it 4 nights in a row. If you're feeling great after that then I'll concede that it doesn't apply to you...
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  8. Verena1028

    Verena1028 New Member

    very intresting to read, I really think about trying BAB for a while again...
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    After 8 months of looking for a new location ......it seems we have found our new home. We don't know if we got it right - but we put a lot of time and effort and anguish into it. Fingers crossed that we made the right decision.

    It has been hours and hours and days and months of travelling and looking at different locations and different properties and there has been a few disappointments. There has been so much discussion and a few arguments and lots of tension some days as we try to get this even reasonably right.

    With this place everything seemed to fall into place from the moment we stepped into it. I sure hope our intuition is in prime working order!

    Our primary focus is being on the ocean and more north for lots of great UV. This is a little fishing village so lots of fresh seafood
    and ........TA DA - it is called oyster cove!

    We are surrounded on three sides by a salt water channel and we have a great back verandah where we can watch the sun set.

    There is so much to consider for a big move like this. We will be eight hours away from family - but we are mobile. We all have our own lives to live ....and we do the best we can for ourselves and those we love.

    One funny thing .... we often contemplated settling for something less because we thought we would never get everything we wanted and we would agonise over it - should we settle? should we lower our expectations? But it turned out - thru a chance meeting with a complete stranger - who told us about this place...... quantum entanglement to be sure.

    I seem to think we have so many amazing conversations and interactions with complete strangers who just happen onto our path. These random and wonderful people enrich our life so very much on our optimal journey.

    Now I have to get back to reading the blogs instead of real estate listing! I am so far behind.......
  10. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Congratulations ! Sounds divine.
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  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Awesome, Caroline :love: :love:
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  12. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Congratulations! Sounds wonderful.
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  13. Congratulations Caroline great move :)
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  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes ........now - if you could only help pack - that would be awesome! and - can we do this without self destructing......
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  15. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver


    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home. Congratulations :thumbsup:
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  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Dawn
  17. Rocky

    Rocky Silver

    I'll help you pack if you fly me over Carol!!!
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    How are you doing Rocky?????? How is it going after your fall etc.?
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    We are almost packed up and ready to go ...one more day and then the movers arrive. It has been a long and arduous haul ....and we haven't self destructed.

    All the stuff we accumulate over our life time is really disturbing. We have gotten rid of so much and we still have too much ....I can't believe I wanted to live in a tiny house!

    I can't wait to get rid of more stuff once we get to our new home and see what we actually need.

    I wonder if young people are more mobile than people of our generation?
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    survived the move from hell.......
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