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Caroline's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by caroline, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline New Member

    I have never thought of doing a journal before but this morning I thought I really should be keeping track of all this stuff. I love reading everyone's journal and I learn so much from them.

    I want to be fully engaged and 100% in. I will retest in about two months and I want to give it my very best effort and really see what a difference I can make for myself.

    I want to keep track of light - really big for me
    I want to go to the ocean every day and at least walk along the beach and hopefully swim in the rockpool too. I want to C/T every second day - Darleen is definitely my inspiration for this - such a rockstar!

    I am so grateful for this forum and all the wonderful and diverse people here working on their own masterpiece. We have one life to live ... and live it we shall. This is an amazing opportunity that Dr. Kruse has given us and I want to make the most of it. Thanks doesn't seem nearly enough....
  2. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    great idea, Caroline. I look forward to reading it. I love everybodies success stories too, they are so inspiring. And it keeps amazing me, what you can do for yourself with only a few changes. Last night I watched a commercial on TV on weight watchers. This skinny, famous actress was marvelling how well she was doing on WW. I really had to laugh. As long as I knew her, she has never been anything else but skinny. And my collegue has been on it since she is working in the company and thats well over 5 years. She never lost anything since. Now she does hCG and she is losing. Now she wants to try Epi-Paleo too, because she has seen me lose all that weight and inbetween eating BAB and all the fatty stuff without gaining.
  3. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Glad you're doing a journal! I had not re-read mine for a while and when did - wow! I've come a long way. You will. too.

    Love your goals you listed!

    Thanks for all your encouragement to all of your fellow members. It means a lot.
  4. diane

    diane Gold

    So glad you're doing a journal Caroline! I started to feel like I wanted a place where I could put things that pertained to me, and that I could remember where they were LOL. Plus, it often does help to put things down "on paper" - if only to just make me feel better for getting it out!

    And I'm with Martin- thanks for all of your encouragement to everyone here, and we will do the same for you! [​IMG]
  5. endless

    endless New Member

    Welcome to journal land! I always like to have more people to read for inspiration!
  6. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    YAY!!! It's about time! [​IMG]
  7. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Thankyou so much everyone - it feels so good to be here - I feel more fully engaged and accountable. Actually what started this - when I was talking to Dr. K. - I was asking about C/T and he simply said ....well ... you aren't doing it enough... and I thought to myself - no - I am not. So let's get this show on the road!
    I really need to work on my sleep. The last few nites I have had a really good sleep and woke up feeling great - but last nite was pretty poor and I am kinda dragging.
    This hasn't happened in a long time. I had 2 mugs of tea after 6pm and I wonder if this is what did it? I really enjoy my BPC but I think I should give it up. I still haven't been able to watch the Jan webinar.
    It is an absolutely stunning day here. I had mentioned on "our successes" thread that I had bought a tank top for the first time ever ....and yesterday I actually wore it at the beach. I hope I wasn't too scary [​IMG] I don't really care much anymore about what people think of how I look......I really do care about how I feel about myself tho.
    Of course - if I run into a hot older guy on the beach - I might change my mind! Altho guys my age are in walking frames and probably not on the beach [​IMG]
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    you should only care about what is happening to your mitochondria......this is the hammer and chiesel of the sculptor looking for their masterpiece in the block of marble.
    rlee314 and Josh like this.
  9. caroline

    caroline New Member

    I really want to care about my mitochondria - but I still can't hear the stupid webinar - meant in the nicest possible way[​IMG]
  10. endless

    endless New Member

    Surely someone has put in a support ticket by now?? How hard can it be to fix the link to the MP3 version? Shoot, if I could I'd email you a copy but I can't download it either, only the video.
  11. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    You gotta be kidding me! You STILL can't get it?

    Have you tried clearing the cache in your browser, logging out of the site, closing the browser and then reopening it, log back in and THEN try to d/l?
  12. caroline

    caroline New Member

    yes, yes, and yes ...and no ...I still can't get it! I got an email saying they are tying to fix it and it should be up by the end of the day ..not so. It is the middle of the nite for you guys now....
    Darleen - you can just get your well C/T'D butt over here and fix this for me........I could take you to the beach and we could ogle all the hot young guys[​IMG][​IMG]
  13. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Okay...keeping track
    yesterday - C/T and rock pool and long ocean walk and lots of young guys playing soccer on the beach[​IMG]
    Today - C/T and rock pool and ocean walk - more young guys - one of them said G'dday Mate! just thought I would throw that in!

    I am much more hungry today for some reason - I kept going back to get more to eat and then I realized it was almost 7pm - so way too late to be eating. I hope I get a good nite's sleep....
  14. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    You're ON! We'll drop DH off at a local pub or something and we can go stroll the beach!
  15. danrmorris

    danrmorris Super Moderator

    Caroline. I'll get you the webinar. Email me at dan@lettersfromdan.com and I'll send it to you.

    In the meantime I'll figure out what the problem is. And get it fixed.

  16. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Thanks Dan - I will email you now
  17. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    He had me at G'day Mate!!!!
    Glad to see you journalling Caroline!
  18. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Thanks Paula ..... I am going to the beach now. I will check out the hot bods and report back.......maybe we should have a meet and greet here??????The scenery s fantastic.....
  19. diane

    diane Gold

    Australia here we come!! [​IMG]
  20. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    I'm just wondering about doing the same - that is, writing a daily journal. Hmmm, perhaps I should just post this and go start my own. So two Aussies can go in parallel.

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