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Caroline's Journal (the autistic one)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Caroline Vigneron, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Caroline Vigneron

    Caroline Vigneron New Member

    Ok, so I've been asked by Caroline (mod) to start a journal, so I start a journal! I've become bad at using forums so I may not come on here too often. I'll keep in touch now and then and answer questions if any, of course.
    I was born in France in december 1976 (100% "caucasian" as far as I can tell, haven't done a 23&me test yet). My mother worked in a bank, and her mother had worked in the same bank before. Not a lot of outdoors living, but my mother is a fan of nature and gardening, she's 78 and her own problems are mainly being overweight and having hypertension, yet she's always tended to have more energy than I! Her own mom had kind of the same profile, frailer maybe, more anxiety, her legs always had edema, she used to live on the first floor, in a rather dark appartement on a wooden floor covered with rugs, always wore heels and synthetic stokings, always!! she ended up with dementia at about 85 and died at 96. She had even less outdoor living than my mom, since she lived in Paris her whole life, while my mom moved here in the 60s, in the mountains, and she's always somehow spent some kind of time outdoors at least during the weekends ever since. My mom got pregnant with me when she was 36.
    As a child I was always the mute one in public, not as much at home, but still an overall shy and nervous profile. Developped school phobia before 10, depression/burn-out at 16 ( I had strated to be more or less vegetarian, with lots of grains and industrial dairies, so no wonder...). It took me about 12 years to get out of it. Then I kind of started "living", or trying to have a social life, then a professional one but, even without depression, without social phobia and all, I kept on struggling for some mysterious reasons and then , to make a long story short, I got a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome at 37. Quite a relief actually, since I had been feeing "slightly" autistic for a long, long time (ever since I heard about autism, Rain Man story and the like). Funny thing is I tend to feel closer to totally mute autistics than to someone like Temple Grandin who can talk, and talk, and talk.... Lol! Speaking always tend to be hard work for me (writing is much easier).
    The things that helped improved my health those last 15 years:
    - started taking tai-chi classes in 2004, quickly cured me of social phobia (I had been in therapy for 4 years without clear results).
    - started to use medicinal herbs little by little in 2010, those such as black radish/liver support helped well with sleep.
    - going gluten free in 2011, allowed me to discover the "joie de vivre" and helped me to get totally rid of some chronic melancholy that was kind of lingering even once the depression was over (I used to be quite gothic before that).
    - discovering naturopathy in 2012, started learning about physiology, getting quite passionate about the biomedical apporach to autism, using even more medicinal herbs (adaptogens!!), eating more fruits and veggies, becoming a fan of immunopsychiatry...
    - going for a paleo type of diet rich in healthy fats in early 2105, allowed me to get a bit more energy and deal with an irritable bowel syndrome that had appeared a year before that (it started after one year spent with a copper iud, 2 years of a lot of wifi with very little sunlight and after 2 years of veganism... no wonder...).
    - becoming aware of my electrohypersensitivity in 2017: allowed me to take serious measures to protect myself a lot (mainly by avoiding exposure) especially since I discovered that I was not only sensitive to various forms of EMF but that I could feel the difference between being grounded or not (and that affects me greatly!!) and that I could aslo be affected by synthetic materials (synthetic stuff ruin my thermoregulation, among other things). At some point, standing on synthetic grounds could make me feel as bad as being exposed to wifi.
    So I started a quest for full leather shoes, 100% natural clothes (got some 100% coton underwears handmade; in the US you have Rawganique that offers full coton and elastic-free underwears!). I also totally changed the way I sleep: now I sleep on 100% natural materials and grounded (I'd rather sleep on hard wood than on a confy synthetic mattress!). My sleep has improved so much it's like a miracle! And I also ended up spending as much time as possible grounded outdoors, since it's still the best and most efficient way to ground, so I ended up exposing myself more to natural light (not naked so much but still a progress!)...
    - having my mercury amalgams removed in 2017, it was a big step forward, one of my best decisions ever. About a month later I probably entered some sort of spontaneous detox phase (quite rough).
    - Starting chelating with the Cutler's protocole a year ago in 2018. It allowed me to get even more energy back, don't need to take a nap in the afternoon anymore, I handle stress better, I can stay up passed 9pm without feeling like sh*t. My digestion got better, etc...
    - About 2 months ago I started to listen to Dr Kruse's interviews and downloaded f.lux and keep using it in ember mode. The winter sky, even the most greyish one suddenly lighted up!! It's quite a wonderful difference! I feel totally stupid for not having bothered about artificial lights before!!
    - On the down sides: the way I feel, the way my gut behaves, etc.. still very much depends on my electromagnetic environment and wether I'm grounded or not (and everybody looks at me like I'm a lunatic when I talk about that, so frustrating!!). I quickly get mute and more or less into some alzheimer mode when exposed to lots of wifi, smartphones, etc...
    And 2 years ago, the first signs of premenopause showed up. I realised lately that it's probably been a few months since I started to get cognitive symptoms (not just mood swings or increased anxiety but memory and attention issues and something that feels like a kind of slowing down of my whole brain at times). I've been told it's because of the drop in oestrogens that affects serotonin receptors, so I guess I'd better work on my light exposure, eat even more good fats, more fish, try starting eating oisters (it's one of the things that still gross me out!!) and spend even more time outdoors... I bought an old farm recently, with a piece of land, so I'll have plenty of space to do some gardening with as little clothes on as possible! Lol!
    Oh and on the biochemical sides of things, I've always had really low triglycerides ever since the first bloodworks I got when I was a teenager, back when I strated to struggle with hypoglycemia (which is quite under control now). My vitamin D is a low of course but not a total disaster. My cholesterol seems fine (LDL quite low), my doc said it's probably thanks to my genetics... sure!
    That's about it, I think!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


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