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Can't sleep for my life- please help

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by kathiebu@hotmail.com, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm really desperate, I need help. I've been on the reset for almost 5 weeks (second attemp). 15-20 lbs to lose, history of bulimia for 3 years. Stopped purging more than a year ago but binging was still a problem until I went Paleo last August. Completely gone now with the Rx.

    Sleep has been so-so for a couple of years b/c of school, and went really bad 2 years ago with a moderate protein, low fat, low carb diet (and low calories). Lost the weight, but at what cost...Couldn't sleep, exercice would make it worst. It's still like that. I have 1 good night sleep every month or so. I can't stand it anymore, I can't hardly go through my days, and my bussiness is really suffering. Hard time to get out of the bed in the morning, a little peak around 2 pm, then it crashes again, and around 5 pm I come alive and I have energy for a moment. I wear orange glasses at night, go to bed around 10:30....and always wake up around 2-3 am. Sometimes I can go back to sleep, but usually the night is over. I'm taking progesterone that one of my doc rx withtout testing.

    I'm in Canada, and it seems that doctors are even worst here than in US. They don't even want to test for hormones, saying it's most likely not the problem. I'm being told my problem is anxiety and I need medication for that. Wouldn't you be anxious if you couldn't sleep and if nothing seems to help!! ;)

    I'm taking also a bunch of supplements, but nothing seems to help.

    Anyway I was thinking since the problem got worst with a keto diet, maybe the keto Rx is stressing my adrenals further? I know I should hang in there, but after 33 days on the reset, sleep is even worst. Should I add some carbs in my diet? If so, what kind of carbs?

    I know without testing it's really difficult, but I need to do something, I need to sleep so bad.

    Thank's for your input, it's really much appreciated.

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    progesterone and DHEA really help but you have to test to know what your levels are. Go over the border and get your levels tested and buy your stuff.
  3. Thank's Dr Kruse.

    I might have to wait a couple of weeks before I do that because of $$. Do I stick with the plan and continue with the Rx? I haven't do any CT the last 2 days, can't tolerate the cold very well right now...
  4. finnite@dccnet.com

    finnite@dccnet.com New Member

    Chez nous we have to look for "anti-aging" doctors to get hormones done properly.

    this site has a list of doctors in Quebec that you can call or what I usually suggest is call a compounding pharmacy and ask who they would recommend to do hormones.

    if you don't know of a compounding pharmacy check with the Pharmasaves as many of these tend to be compounding as well as regular pharmacies.
  5. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I'm having a love affair with my DHEA bottle for sleep lately.... it helps me sleep deeply and not wake up during the night. I used to have the 2/3am awakenings that would keep me up for 2-3 hours.

    CT puts me to sleep every time (but only if I also take my DHEA). If I CT during the day I have to plan in a nap after.

    Not sleeping is very straining and I'd say anything you need to do, even travel, to get tested is worth it. I started on my DHEA/pregnenolone before I got my tests back b/c I knew I was low based on symptoms.
  6. @Colleen: Merci, merci, merci!! I'll make a few phone calls Monday to see one of them asap.

    @Souldanzer: can't wait to get my hand on DHEA!! I've read that women should use the 7-Keto version, is that correct? I found a way to order my supplements and everything I need throught the US, can you recommend what DHEA and pregnenolone I can order prior to get testing??

    Thank you so much to you two for that, it is much much much appreciated!!! :)
  7. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Hi there. I totally feel your frustration as I am right where you are at but starting to see some improvements. I am writing this because there is hope and I want you to know that. But, like Dr. K says, you have to test if you truly want to get better which I believe you do. Supplementing has to be done according to labs or you are flying blind and may not be helping the situation. With your sleep issues, I would say you really need a 4 tiimes a day salivary cortisol test done. Hormones can be included in this. Sounds like you already know you have adrenal issues but this will confirm.

    I started the LRx July 3, 2011 and am still not reset. But, thru testing I have found that I have stage 7 adrenal fatigue (below the range on the salivary cortisol and my DHEA was 1 out of 3-10), Candida, thyroid and hormonal (estrogen dominance, low Test. & preg.) tankage/imbalance. Lots of things to fix and I wouldn't know it without testing.

    I am on my 3rd doc and she is a naturopathic doc. She found the AF and Candida. My previous doc really didn't listen to me or she would have found those things too along time ago. I am irritated as I could be so much better by now but obviously know I can't change it. You can start now on the right path by getting tested. Even if you have to wait a few weeks, just be sure to do it as soon as possible so you don't waste any more precious time.

    I have been on regular DHEA per my doc, 25 mg in the am for 1.5 months and my sleep is finally getting a little better or at least the last 3 days. Big improvement for me and I hope it continues. I have also been able to sleep a little later which never happens. With DHEA, it will convert to testosterone. That is why you have to test. For myself, I know I am very low on Test. and hopefully I will get some from the DHEA. For those with high Test. you want 7-keto as that does not convert. I am also on pregnenolone 40 mg am 40 mg at noon. She told me to take 30 but I pushed it to 40 and still think it is not enough. My doc also put me on bio-hydrocortisone. This has made a world of difference for me in terms of energy and focus. Originally she put me on Isocort but I couldn't tolerate it - stomach issues. You have to be careful with this stuff though if you go on it. Read lots about it.

    Start CT'ing even though you don't like it. I am always cold too so it was very difficult but now I am getting more used to it and don't fight it. It is the best thing for all. I have been since mid-February and it has been the best thing for me. I have been doing baths in 53 degree water the whole time. I started with a scarf on my head and a shirt with sleeves on my upper body. I only soaked up to the girls for 30 min. as that is all I could do. Now I do arms and more of the back and try to go longer but it is still hard to go past 40 min. Just do what you can. I will tell you that the detox has not been fun. I had 2 weeks of nausea and headaches and then a little later, 1 bad week of pms and 1 bad week of TOM. Normally, I would have a 2 weeks of breast tenderness but that is now gone or at least for now. Never know what is to come though with CT. I think I got rid of a lot of estrogen at that point too. Now I have the sniffles and assuming it has to do with more detox of some sort.

    I would also encourage you to keep doing the LRx. From everything I have read, by eating carbs you further exhaust your adrenals. Everytime you raise your blood sugar, you put more stress on them. You have to hang in there and keep going. It will get easier. It took me many months to get over some of the food issues but now it is just the norm and I'm good with it. Every once in a while I will stray slightly and realize how dumb it was but get right back on track. I forget to remind myself that it is all about my health and not what my brain/tongue desires. It still likes sugar by the way but I don't crave it for the most part.

    Ok, off my soap box now. I really wanted you to know that there is hope. And by the way, I have close to 20 years on you so I'm thinking you will be more easily fixed. Hoping anyway!;)
  8. Hi Vkiernan,

    Thank's for your message!! I know there is hope, I see so many people here doing better, but the more frustrating is not geting any help from the doctors! Here, health cares are free- totally free. But it's really hard to get an appointement to see one, and once you finally gor there, they don't want to test or they are telling you want you are asking makes no sense!

    I went to private to see one, he seems pretty good, but then again, it takes months to have apt. This one send me for blood testing, but the lad didn't do DHEA-S and test., go figure why... So now I have to do it all over again, and I only see my dr at the end of june. I'm trying to explain one of my friend what I need, he's a dr, and he,s telling me that it's all hypothetical and there's no science behind that!!! What!!?? I was no mad. He finally agreed to prescribe blood tests, so I'll have that in hand when I meet another doctor. And he's telling me I might not be able to have salivary testing for cortisol... I'll try to find an other anti-aging doc next week, hopelly I'll be lucky.

    In the meantime, I need to sleep! It's drinving me crazy! 2 months ago, I slept like a baby for 3 weeks. First time in my life. I'm telling you, those were the best weeks of my life!!! Then I got bad news about work, financial problem, and cortisol in the roof again! But I KNOW I can sleep well, at least. I took a pill to sleep yesterday, so today I feel much better. I will stay with the reset, I know this is the thing to do. Yesterday I added some carbs (fruits and sweet potatoe), and I felt like crap. I'm also doing CT, usually twice a day, up to an hour at 50F, but the last 3 days I was just to exhausted to do it.

    Thank's again for your message, have a good day!! :)
  9. finnite@dccnet.com

    finnite@dccnet.com New Member

    fwiw I have had dhea come through in a larger order ie 1 bottle had dhea but the rest of the order was innocuous supplements such as magnesium etc. and this was an order that was searched by CBS.

    also CBS in Quebec was known as one point for being somewhat liberal in their interpretation of what can come through. not sure if that is the case now though.

    and yes 7 keto dhea is better for women as it does not turn into estrogen and testosterone. I`ve done both and have better sleep with the 7 keto dhea
  10. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Wow, great job on the Ct'ing. Let's try to narrow this down ourselves. Show us what you have for labs. What happened that you finally slept? When all of that hit you, the work, etc. I wonder if all of that thru you into adrenal fatigue and that is why your sleep is crap.

    I'm assuming you have read Dr. Kruse's blogs on adrenals??? Uzzi Reiss has a great book called The Natural Superwoman. It is about hormones etc and how he doses. It gives great examples of dosing and how you should feel accordingly. This might help you self dose if that is what you have to do given your situation. Another great book is by Datis Kharrazian Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? This is about the adrenals and the thyroid. If you can swing it, you might want to consider getting one or both of these. Fairly cheap on Amazon.com. Maybe you should start on DHEA low amount and tytrate up slowly depending on how you feel or just get the 7-keto and go for it. You can also get Isocort or adaptogens online along with pregnenolone. If you have adrenal fatigue, expect other things to tank now too unfortunately. We need to help fix you.

    I will do what I can to help you as I'm sure a lot of others will help too. You can also order salivary cortisol tests online although I don't know how they ship to Canada or how you ship them back. I do know that they are available to the general public. They cost about $250 with the hormone panel included.

    Keep in touch.
  11. janagram

    janagram New Member

    ABetterMe, I feel your pain! (I couda put that in caps)

    my sleep has been poor for so long I don't remember when it wasn't, with the 6 hr. nights i'm getting now looking like a great night's sleep! (and I'm not knockn it)....I now take 2 caps of mag, 1 5htp, and sometimes 1 grm melatonin.

    thanks for reaching out!
  12. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Can you get Phosphatidyl Serine until you get the hormones sorted out? It can help with the elevated cortisol and the phospholipid compound can increase acetylcholine, which helps turn off "noise" in the brain... better sleep, less awakenings.

    And magnesium +1.
  13. finnite@dccnet.com

    finnite@dccnet.com New Member

    if you choose to do the 4x salivary cortisol go through canaryclub.org and choose ZRT labs, they do ship to Canada and even Rocky Mountain labs (the canadian version) actually uses them for the assays
  14. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I'm with you there on the bad sleep. I started BHRT in January, primarily to get rid of hot flashes. It took quite a while, but within the last 2-3 weeks, the major hot flashes disappeared. However, I still wake up 3-5 times a night, every 90-120 minutes, and feel warm/hot when I wake. It's driving me (more) crazy. I was also put on DIM because what little estrogen I had was the "bad" kind but now I wonder if the DIM is over-converting estrogen and I'm becoming deficient. I've hesitated to go back in for re-testing because of CT but I think I am going to have to go in soon to see where things are at.
  15. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Caffeine is a big factor in good sleep for me, too. Unfortunately, that includes chocolate in my case. I have zero tolerance. Hopefully my adrenals are going to get better over time and maybe then I can have a little bit again.
  16. Pamela

    Pamela Gold

    If being hot is an issue for anyone or waking up during the night hot these pajamas may be a solution. I bought them and it has made a HUGE difference. Like even if I wake up I am not boiling hot. They are a little pricey but I would say worth it.

  17. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    If it helps, Morley Robbins (the podcast recommended by Kevin in CT11 blog) recommends 6-7g of Magnesium per 1kg of body weight. Which is likely more than 2 caps (make sure it's a chelated form - you can read the blog Dr K links to, also, re: different types to take.)
  18. Thank you so much everyone for your input!!

    I ordered 7-Keto DHEA, pregnenolone that I will start to take along with my progesterone. I also found PS locally that I will get today.

    @vikiernan: I'll go back to CTing today. I actually miss it. I sleep with sleeping pilss last night, I'll use them until I get the stuff I ordered in. I first started the reset at the beginning of Febuary. Within 3 weeks, I was sleeping like a baby most of the nights. And then I felt off the band wagon for two weeks, learn about the bad news, and had a few binges in that frame time. Of course, sleep was screwed...I'll order the books your talking about. And yes, I read Dr K blogs. read and re-read. I already have good adaptogen that my Dr recommended. And I'll look into that cortisol test to see if I can order it. Thank you V, you don't know how your support means to me. I'm so glad I found this site, I'd be so lost without all those informations and help.

    @janagram: thank's to you to for sharing. I'm jealous of those 6 hours you get ;) Hopefully you'll get more eventually.

    @Souldanzer: coffee has been out for a while, but I sometimes have some chocolate...I guess this is out from now on. Thank you

    @Lyndra: How long have you been on the reset? And how long for CT? Maybe it would be worth it to go dowm on the DIM and to get tested...

    @Kiwilauren: I'm using now Mag Glycinate (that my Dr sell 37$ for 120 caps!!!), and i'm running out. Which one should I get? To you have the link to Dr K's blog where he talks about that? I know I have to choose a chelated form, but all I could find here was Glycinate and Citrate.

    Here's are the supp I'm taking. It's costing me a fortune, especially that everything is so expensive here in Canada. I ordered some from amazon.com yesterday, but they can't be delivered in canada. I found a place in Vermont where I'll pick them up next week.

    - Vit A, B compex, C, D, E, K2

    - Estro detox

    - Ortho adapt (adaptogen + Adrenal Tissue + adrenal cortex)

    - Kelp

    - Selenium

    - Milk Thistle

    - GABA and L-Theanine

    And today I'll had PS.

    And here's are the labs I got:

    Ferritine 92 (11-90 ug/L )

    Vit B12 1043 (>135 pmol/L)

    Folic Acid >45.4 (>14 nmol/L)

    TSH 2.16 (0.35-5.50 mUI/L)

    Free T3 3.9 (3.5-6.0 pmol/L)

    Free T4 16.8 (10.0-23.0 pmol/L)

    Both anti-thyroid are negatif

    Glucose 4.6 (4.0-6.2 mmol/L)

    Urea 5.3 (303-8.8 mmol/L0

    Creatinine 66 (42-859 umol/L)

    Glomerular filtration 107 (42-89 umol/L)

    Sodium 139 (135-145 mmol/L)

    AST 25 (13-39 U/L)

    ALT 33 (8-31 U/L)

    Phosphatase ALC 46 (36-110 U/L)

    GGT 19 (7-33 U/L)

    Serum Iron 11.0 (5.6-31.6 umol/L)

    Transferritine 2.21 (1.85-3.51 g/L)

    Iron/Trans 0.20 (0.06-0.44)

    Trigly 0.24 (0.43-2.69 mmol/L)

    Cholesterol 5.27 (3.40-7.30 mmol/L)

    HDL 2.81 (0.90-2.38 mmol/L)

    C-T/HDL-C 1.9

    LDL-C 2.35 mmol/L

    Testosterone T. 1.3 (0-2.9 nmol/L)

    I'll keep up updated. Thank.s again all :)
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Bad sleep usually starts and ends with bad hormones and bad energy utilization.....if DHEA is trashed you need to check your exatest Mg results and the remainder of your hormones.......When the diet and circadian biology are wrong, no medicine can ever fix it.......you need to rebuild the foundation
  20. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    Methyl B12 helped my sleep quality a lot. Jarrow brand works well for me, 1000 mcg, though it also comes in 5,000 mcg per tablet. Lemon flavored, allowed to dissolve under the tongue. Your bedroom has to be really dark. Better to make your own melatonin instead of taking it.

    Methyl B12 is Just one more thing to try -- if poor B12 status is your limiting factor in melatonin production, it might make a big difference. If not, probably little change, but it has no side effects and can do no harm. The methyl form is far more effective than the more common cyanocobalamin.

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