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Can't figure out where else to post this cauli-mash hack that was awesome.

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I've tried a whole lot of different recipes for cauli-mash. Hit the motherlode tonight. Steamed lots of garlic right along with the cauliflower. Stuck it into a processer with a bunch of the kerrygold garlic and herb butter and lots of salt. SUPER EASY and tasted just as good as the much more complex versions.

    Sure it would be better for ya with bone broth etc etc - but for a total hands on time of less than 5 mins I count it as a win. I also sprinkle kelp granules in anything and everything for the iodine but I don't think that effects the taste.
  2. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Brilliant stuff. Gonna try that tonight!
  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    When garlic is in season I buy it by the bulbs! Toss a whole bulb in to the toaster oven in tinfoil, w/salt and ghee - roast til done then squeeze the whole damn thing into my smashers... w/HWC and more ghee... I've had ppl ask me for my mashed potato recipe at family dinners - and they are SHOCKED when I tell them its smashed cauliflower - no potatoes.... gasp!
  4. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I've always been shy about trying to dupe people with my cauli mashed potatoes, but the non-paleo hubby loves them. I will add more garlic to mine next time -- sounds amazing! I like to sprinkle parsley on top when I serve. I also like to make mine sweet sometimes...I roast cauliflower and sprinkle with cinnamon and salt. Yum!
  5. I like cauliflower and I like mashed taters, but I never was much of a fan of mashed cauliflower. I figured it was because I was hoping too much it would taste like potatoes and was disappointed when t didn't. I'm going to try doing really garlicky mashed cauliflower and see if it makes the difference. Thanks for the tip!
  6. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I've had good luck making radishes taste like potatoes using the same concept. Works like a charm!
  7. Made them tonight and they were very yum! The whole fam liked them. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Mud Flinger

    Mud Flinger New Member

    I have learned to love caulifower now that I avoid night shades. I have found that it can do whatever the potato used to. Mock potato salad anyone? Really good. It has all the same flavors (mayo, pickle, mustard, egg) and even my oh so picky son will eat it (funny, he is a Micheal, so the old add of "hey, Mikey likes it" applies!
  9. [​IMG]

    Breakfast choice was liver wurst and a cup o bone broth. Proudmama!
  10. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    Wow! You rock Cavemam!! I feel like my kids overall eat a very healthy, paleo diet, but I don't ever see them having liver and broth for breakfast! Raw egg yolks, kefir and sausage are usually what's on the menu for them.
  11. Ok, so raw egg yolks sound way yuckier than liverwurst. I got the roll of it from uswellness, and I'm making myself eat it. I find it goes better if I fry the beejeezus out of it. My son however just started eating it and liked it! he says. . It's like ham except hammier.

    So why just yolk? Is it an allergy thing? My son also does yogurt/kefir as I'm not worried about carbs with him. Also, got lucky and some other kid brought seaweed to school for a snack - now he thinks its cool.

    The whole blanket "no beans or corn or grains" is the hardest part to stick to. I guess I don't feel a little now and then is going to be negative - but I never want to let him have it as I've been putting so much effort into getting him to understand GRAINS ARE BAD - I just don't think 6 yo boys have a moderation button.
  12. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    I couldn't eat raw egg yolks straight, but whizzed up into a beverage, I could handle them...and I LURVE runny yolks when I cook fried eggs. There's nothing quite like a lightly fried egg over a bed of braised kale, with the yolk running all through it....YUUUUM!

    re: liverwurst - if you like mustard, try it with some good hot German mustard. I wasn't a believer until I added the mustard. Now I could eat the stuff all day long.

  13. Ok, so why raw yolks? Is that better than a whole egg?
  14. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    The yolks are actually much more nutrient dense than the whites, which are the more allergenic part. Fortunately my kids don't have an egg allergy and my son does often eat the whole egg, but my daughter doesn't like the whites. Heat destroys a lot of the enzymes and nutrients in the yolks, and although they are still super nutritious even when cooked, our bodies can assimilate the nutrients better when raw.
  15. David

    David Silver

    I recently tried an alternative to cauliflower that tasted pretty good:

    Mashed Celery Root (Celeriac)


    1 lb Celery root (approx.)

    1 Tbs butter

    dash of salt & pepper.


    Peel the celery root and chop into 1" cubes. Put into a medium saucepan and cover with water. Boil for 10 minutes, or until soft. Drain thoroughly and mash (preferably with a stick blender) until smooth. Stir in butter and season with salt & pepper.

    Celery root has 50mg potassium per oz.

    Makes four Servings
  16. AmyK

    AmyK New Member

    Thanks for this, David! I like celery root better than cauliflower.

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