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Can't decide if I should do it again or keep trying the hard way!

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by LSWood@eoni.com, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. LSWood@eoni.com

    LSWood@eoni.com New Member

    A year ago I did a successful round of the Bodyshapers (real HCG, sublingual, which gets a "positive" on pregnancy tests). I am female, 60+ and had no other weight-loss success despite multiple other attempts, so I was thrilled, not to mention that the HCG Diet Info Forum (and Colleen Coble! THANKS!) introduced me to Jack Kruse, the Leptin reset and Paleo. Here it is a year later, I've only regained about 5 of the 15 lbs, but it seems like it's all fat around my middle (I'm about 147-148 now, 160 when I started last year). Part of me wants to keep plugging away eating Paleo, etc. (the hard way) but I'm really tempted to go another round of the Bodyshapers HCG (the easy way). I did CT for a while last spring but didn't get great results and didn't really do it 100% with ice packs in the tub - my immersions were only about 60 degrees. I know not to attempt HCG and CT at the same time, according to Colleen's N=1.

    I liked doing it in the fall - lots of fresh veggies and strawberries at the farmer's market and it set me up for eating more ketogenic in the winter.

    Any thoughts/advice? Especially regarding using the Bodyshapers again - I see it's a different company but since it worked so well and will get here quickly I'd prefer using them again unless anyone knows any reasons I should be concerned about using them again.

    I still have some sleep issues and not great energy, and I've been following all the threads regarding those problems, so just concerned regarding the potential impact of HCG. They were pre-existing before HCG so I doubt that should actually be of concern but thought I'd mention them while I was at it.

    Thank you all!
  2. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    Consider that your PG-E2 ratio is off, making you estrogen dominant, which is causing excess estrogen to be stored in fat cells in your belly. Detoxing estrogen, in this case, is what will strip your middle of the bulge. You need labs and the support of a good functional medicine doctor to tackle this. It's the first thing that's ever successfully removed stubborn belly fat for me, and as I learned about it, I was surprised at how common it was and how little it's discussed for women ...
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Misty for talking about this. I have just discovered that I am down 2 sizes but my weight has not changed - in fact I am up 2 K. All of this really does work. No one could be more surprised than me - I have been on every diet know to mankind. They usually worked when I was younger but as I got older the middle bulge just kept getting bigger. Now I know it is my PG-E2 ratio etc. Thanks Dr. K.
  4. I think that this Pg/E2 ratio thing is what most women need. Esp those who are not optimal with their bodycomp. The off-bodycomp ist the body talking to us. Still I find it not easy to get things adjusted. here in Germany it is so difficult to find a Doc who is familiar with the whole hormone stuff. and you need often prescriptions - so I find myself in a situation I want to change but it takes so long to find the right help ..... Sigh!
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I so absolutely agree - My bulging middle is what started me on this journey. I really thought that something was the matter but when my Docs would test they would say I was fine. Have you done a consult with Dr. K? I got lucky yesterday and went to a new Doc. He was very interested and watched my Skype consult with Dr. Kruse. He agreed to do scripts for what Dr. K recommended and said he will do further research and work with a compounding pharmacy. At Least this is a start for me.

    It is hard in Australia as well. I was able to order tests from ZRT Labs and this new Doc showed me an on line pharmacy where I could order the progesterone that Dr.K recommended. I got the name of this new Doc from a compounding pharmacy so I would suggest you give that a go. It is a huge step forward to do an email consult with Dr. K about what labs you need and then do a skype consult. I found that it really helped to show the new Doc the skype consult because then he knew I wasn't dealing with some online Whacko. If you want the name of the online pharmacy - PM me. Good luck!

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