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Candida linking to the Hashimoto's and the leaky gut: Vit A and D3

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    For example consider how candida infections in the gut can lead to Hashimoto's: Candida proteins resemble gluten proteins so they all cause a leaky gut. A leaky gut is on that leaks too much light from the microbiome to your enterocytes. This light destroys the amount of Vitamin D in enterocytes. This decreases the activation of the immune system in the GALT which is right behind the gut lining. This is why some people who have tried the recent paleo craze of resistant starch have contacted me about their recent spikes in their autoimmune conditions. CONTEXT IS KEY and I pointed that out in the January 2014 webinar on my RS bio hack. Once an immune reaction against candida commences, patients will generally develop frank celiac or severe gluten intolerance/hypersensitivity. The reason is the simultaneous fall of sulfated Vitamin D while Vitamin A rises substantially. Retinoids (Vitamin A) inhibited cholesterol sulfate synthesis. Sulfated Vitamin D is made from it. When this happens guess what else increases? Transglutaminase activity goes through the roof. This is what drives antibody production in people. Robb Wolf has the world believing its all grains. It is not. It is a quantum problem that is far more complex. Celiac disease can be created by this mechanism using mis folded proteins that alter the polarized light signal to T regulator cells if certain HLA DQ2/8 immune cells are present. The lower your sulfated vitamin D level is the more likely they will be present. The immune system will begin to slowly attack foods with wheat, barley, rye and oats with a vigorously because these contain or have proteins antigens that simulate gluten when macrophages present the antigen to the T regulator cells. This causes a loss of iodine and electrons in proteins making them more hydrophobic and less hydrophilic meaning theire will be less H+ in the enterocytes and the GALT in which to turn of the switch. This has massive effects on T4 and T3 production in the gut too. Stopping gluten in foods helps........but it is only a very small part of the Rx for fixing this night mare. I personally believe this is precisely how Hashimoto's has exploded in our modern world.
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  2. nice summary
    another one up for raw seafood unchewed straight to the source
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  3. i think this is where my wife was headed, it is one of the reasons we moved from the town i spoke of in the Q and A with the quartz and gold
    Since moving and discovering the allergens (which are of course downstream) and removing them, she is no longer kicking her immune system whilst it is down, and the change of environment can now have an effect, along with more natural CT and seafood consumption.
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  4. AJT

    AJT New Member

    these proteins signal zonulin and cause the tight junctions to allow for permeability.

    how much is due to incomplete digestion during the acid phase of digestion?

    a ton of people with both candida, hashimotos and rosacea have hypochlorohydria, so whats the mechanism at work there, dybiosis, pathogens, poor protein breakdown? whats happenning at the quantum level. I consider hypochlorohydria to be epidemic
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How much is determined by the frequency of light released is what you should be asking...........READ the MS blog carefully. What are gut microbes? Prokaryotes. What do they release better than we do? What lines your gut? Cells with DHA in their CM. and DHA turns light into electrical signals...................
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    light is quantized and so is the mitochondria in your cells. Quorum sensing is a quantized effect.
  7. Penny

    Penny New Member

    The MS blog was fantastic... actually, I have been in awe of your recent 10-15 blogs... the tensegrity series, the EE series and the organizational and structural failure have been just marvelous - thanks!
  8. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Adds up. Years spent fighting candida, finally gone and hashi's followed. Mass exodus going on over here
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  9. BTA

    BTA New Member

    What destroys light signaling in the gut? MOLD - the primary causes of altered gut flora that leads to disease. So many Docs & Patients only focus on Candida - what's Candida? MOLD. All roads lead to biotoxins......... Toss in screwed up HLA-DR genes and you're on the road to troubleville. Avoiding mold & treating mold is very diffuclt. Mold is everywhere :confused:

    "There is a great deal of accepted, non-controversial medi-cal science on mycotoxin exposure via the digestive tract including concrete proof of cancer, immune suppression; neurological impairment; and harm to intestinal lining and gut microflora and other serious ailments." Dr Gary Rosen, PhD

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