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Cancer to Optimal LIFE - Vervaina

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Vervaina, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Hello friends

    I am starting this optimal journal not only for support with my adventure with cancer but I also hope my experience may help the many out there struggling with cancer.

    I was introduced to Jack Kruse by my MND a few years ago at which point I became so engaged with all the truths from his blogs I have made reading this material pretty much all I do in my free time because I can’t get enough of it I hope you do as well.

    Background – as a child I grew up in a home with a low-fat diet lots of gluten and grains along with items like fake salt, saccharin, and margarine. We had free health care so as kids antibiotics were handed out like candy and we were on them a lot including “long acting” injections.

    Probably due to abuse I had anorexia by the age of 10 and not the “I want to be skinny” kind of eating disorder. I was bone thin and ashamed. I hid in large clothes. Then added bulimia as a teen. I have bounced back and forth between anorexia and bulimia anytime I have had a shift in hormones throughout my life.

    By the time I was 20 I had – chronic fatigue from an EBV with mono infection, lip herpes, chronic mouth sores, chronic strep (tonsils removed at 17), chronic dehydration (from lack of thirst) and so of course constipation/kidney infections/ heart palpitations, also pneumonia several times, and I was dx with HASHIMOTOS by nuclear medicine at 20.

    Currently: ER/PR+ Her2- DCIS (breast cancer) stage 3, hormone issues, poor redox/ heteroplasmy, poor mito function, break down of collagen/muscle/ tendons in upper and lower body, severe insomnia (fixed only by RSO)

    My main SNPS = MTHFR (A1298C andC677T) , TNF, CBS (A360A, C699T), COMT, VDR, GAD1 (multiple), FUT 2, AGT, BHMT, multiple NOS2 and SOD2, some of the CYP and NAT2 as well as mitochondrial pathways,

    According to my ONCO score and GRCC test my cancer shows unfavorable for both metastasis and fast growth. In May of 2018 my cancer was found to be stage 2 with a 3cm tumor and clean lymph nodes 2 months later I had a mastectomy and my tumor was at 9cm and was staged at 3 with infiltrated lymph nodes. So I lost an arm pit and lymph nodes to cancer as well.

    My current therapies – I have chosen to do no chemo or radiation (much to my conventional doctor’s dislike). I am instead going to an integrative cancer clinic where I am doing IVs 5 days a week alternating days of – high dose Vit C, artisinate, ozone, Meyers cocktail. Also getting acupuncture every week and taking cistus tea and a large number of supplements (which I hate doing) based in my RGCC test (test to see what kills my cancer cells) and also based on my spectracell micronutrient testing. They are giving me natural substances to keep my estrogen uncomfortably low but I am not taking tamoxifen which was also offered to me.

    But most importantly I am doing sunrises every day, morning UV/IR while in the ocean, getting some afternoon UV, grounding, magenitco pad, DDW, survivors soup and seafood, CT, keto, calorie restriction, MB and RSO, amber glasses, early bedtime

    I have labs I can list but for now in a nutshell I can tell you that my:

    Leptin is normal

    HS Crp is elevated (of course)

    Growth hormone is 103

    Estrogen is low

    Circulating cancers cells are elevated at a 6 (Drs would like them down to a 3)

    Nagalase is high (looking into injectable GCmaf)

    Cytokine profile shows that I am TH1 dominate but with a high IL8

    MARCONS was neg but showed a large (non MARCON) staph infection

    CBC is in normal range

    Genova GI profile shows basically no digestion of fats including Long chain fatty acids, cholesterol, phospholipids, and cholesterol (but the calprotectin was fine and enzymes were high range) beneficial bacteria were all middle to high range and no yeast or pathogens

    And a few more tests I can post later… @JanSz I would be so honored for you to look over my labs one day

    I am going to be journaling about some questions I have with my current therapies - for now I will start with 2 biggies:

    1. Drs are thinking about IV NAD I have read that if your cancer is newer it is a great therapy but if your cancer has been around a while NAD could fuel its growth. This also makes me question taking 3 drops of MB 5 days a week, I feel so good taking it – maybe my cancer cells do as well?

    2. I was taking BHRT before my dx due to low hormones across the board. Getting my estrogen numbers up made me feel incredibly good. BTW – The Drs say this cancer has been around a long time and I had it before I started taking BHRT. So I actually got an ER+ cancer with very suboptimal estrogen levels. Now they have taken me off BHRT and I feel bad again. I am afraid low hormones were a player in what caused this cancer in the first place and here I am again with low hormones… scares me. Suzanne Somers and TS Wiley might have a thing or two to say about this.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Key thing to mention where did you live 0-20 and what was in the environment.
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  3. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Born and raised in San Diego County - lived in a small more rural town about 30 min from the beach. No power plant near by or anything weird like that. We had asbestos in our home and my dad was obsessed with spraying the yard and house with chemicals for bugs and weeds often. Much of what we ate was cooked in a microwave (regular food not frozen meals which maybe worse because it takes so long to cook raw foods in a microwave)

    Our temps were more extreme than the coast - hot in summer and down to freezing in the winter nights. We were poor so we ran no heat or air so we lived within our natural temps.

    We almost never watched TV, had to spend our days outside and early bedtimes.

    A weird thing for me is that my dad was raised in the Roswell NM area back in the 40's and 50's. He and most of his sibs died young of cancer (breast and lung). However neither of his parents had cancer and in fact his dad smoked into his 90's. So growing up around that radiation may have affected the kids in his family.

    One more MAJOR stressor for me - my youngest pulled a pot of boiling water onto himself when he was 9 months old - 3rd degree burns over 20% of his little body - he was in critical condition, spent time in the burn ICU then a burn ward and was left with disabilities for some years. I spent many years without sleep and I wonder if this hardship that went on for years may have contributed to my illness.​

    Moved to KY 10 years ago... and here is where I went wrong. The cards were stacked against me already then moved to a higher latitude. Around the time I grew the tumor I had been holding my son in a hospital hyperbaric chamber for 4 hours a day 5 days a week for 2 months, and while I was doing the chamber I was on HCG/HCG diet (eating disorder), had very poor hormone levels, was exercising hard 6- 7 days a week and was indoors 24/7 as it was winter and I was up late every night on the computer researching everything I could do to help my son. I was exhausted but thought I just need to push through with diet and exercise. All this = cancer I would say

    I need a time machine :)
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  4. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Wow Vervaina—what a challenging life. Hearing others’ stories puts a lot in perspective for me.

    Sending big ((((hugs)))).
  5. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    @Phosphene thanks for the hug! I find the same - hearing about others lives makes me feel so human (humble) and blessed at the same time. Dali Lama teaches us that if we have pain struggle or sadness just think about others and their struggles. I have had phyiscal pain in the last few months and that advise works like magic.
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  6. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Hmmm the start to my journal was a little dark - just trying to give context to my current health adventure.

    My life is amazing and bright. I want to Fast Forward to current me and how much living in a quantum world has changed things.

    So 3 years ago I became a patient of Dr Brett Jaques (listed in the practitioner link on JK website). He is great! And he teaches his patients about Jack's work. Being a long time M Sisson fan I was familiar with the monster Leptin thread. I just didn't know Jack was the real deal back then. Changed my life.

    I was seeing Dr Brett for tanked hormones with debilitating symptoms, chronic fatigue, migraines with vomiting, horrible muscle and joint pain, more than just brain fog (I had developed an adult onset stutter and my brain was not working), frozen shoulders, back spasms and pain (for which I was doing prolo with prp q 3 weeks) and fibromyalgia . There were weeks I was bed ridden which was not like me as I am a go-getter and strive to be super mom/wife.

    I right away began applying what I was learning.

    I dropped my million supplements I was taking to the core few.

    Instead of laying in bed I took my tired butt outside barefoot in as little clothing as I could and stayed outside 6-8 hours a day.

    I was already keto but wasn't drinking enough water.

    I didn't have a smart phone only a flip phone that I used for emergencies since I have always disliked technology so I was good there.

    I don't watch TV and have zero social media accounts (as a rebellion against the technology monster) so I was good there.

    I got rid of our wireless phone system set up wired land line in the house.

    My husband wired our house so that all computers and electronics could be plugged in and not on wifi.

    We started shutting down electronically at night.

    I wore amber glasses and went in my room so I could be with candle light only after 8 pm.

    It was like magic. After a few weeks I was feeling soooo much better. The problem was as soon as I went indoors my symptoms came back almost immediately.

    The good thing was that it was all proof I was onto something real. I tried gentle exercise when I could like walks or a few yoga poses. I never went more than an hour without going outside for a bit. I got a magnetico pad.

    I got my son to get outside and grounded with his shirt off everyday. He also felt so much better outside. My husband is an IT manager so he has been a harder case to get him away from a screen and outside but after awhile he started to see there was something to all this and he will attest to how much better he feels after getting outside and unplugged.

    Once I read enough I started to see the error of my ways. I was missing the early AM light.

    The game changer was the AM sunrise. I have to drive or walk a ways to catch it as it can't be seen in the valley where I live. I can't tell you how awesome this time of the day is for me.

    After 3 years of work - I tolerate being inside more but will be sickened if I do too much of it. A trip somewhere like Walmart used to wreck me now I tolerate short trips to stores much better (with amber glasses) . When i go to the occasional movie with my DH I always wear my amber glasses and find the bright screen intolerable now.

    My husband and I enjoy our wonderful kids and life that we now have!!!

    I still have so much work to do to heal but that is ok. I think if I could just move in @Inger and have her life my Warburg metabolism would shift back to norm and I would be healed! :)
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How long were you in SD and when did you leave?
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  8. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    I was born in San Diego and moved to KY at age 34
  9. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Got a meyers cocktail for the first time today and then felt not good but weird and foggy for a few hours. I am better now but urine is weird, not like B vitamin smell but chemical like.

    Wondering today about Resveratrol and other antioxidants like fisten, pomegranate extract, and blueberry extract and such and their Deuterium levels. They are fruit based and concentrated so they maybe high in Deuterium? They also can also lower TH1 response. I wonder if they are not the best things to take if you are trying to avoid D and trying to stay shifted towards TH1 side of immunity to fight cancer....

    Had a cool experience. Was on the beach waiting for sunrise and all the sea gulls from up and down the beach gathered in a line next to me just before the shore. They opened their eyes 1/2 way and fluffed out there feathers and all took in the sunrise together staring right at it. When it was done they flew off. I think they are a part of this tribe. :)
  10. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    I am Haplotype H3

    Haplogroup H
    18,000 Years Ago
    While some members of R traveled far and wide, some remained in the Middle East for tens of thousands of years. Haplogroup H arose among the latter group, from a woman who likely lived less than 18,000 years ago. Her descendants expanded dramatically to the north after the Ice Age, and eventually reached from Arabia to the western fringes of Siberia.
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You are so skinny.
    Wonder if somewhere in your diet you should not have carbs, or pure sugar (or something close to it).
    Double that if you would under-drink.

    Wonder what sugar source have a least of deuterium?

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  12. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    @JanSz I wonder if the wild blueberries from maine would be lower in D?

    what is your opinion of the heavy metals testing by doctors data using hair samples. Dr ran one on me and it showed a very high uranium level. But didn't know how reliable this test is. It also showed:
    high levels of:

    very low:

    rubidium, germanium, and cobalt

    I usually rely on spectracel for testing the cellular levels of minerals I don't know how valid this hair test might be. Maybe a high number would actually be showing that you are excreting too much of something and so one might be low in it.

    But still the high uranium caught my attention.
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I tried but do not do hair analysis.

    Not sure how you got low sodium/potassium
    if via hair analysis, I would disregard
    if via blood analysis
    more salt NaCl (regular salt) (until your feet start swelling, then back out)
    more salt KCl (No Salt salt)(until your feet start swelling, then back out)
    I was low in chromium
    tried all kinds
    this one (actually) works
    I use 40 drops/day
    BodyBio - Chromium #5 Liquid Mineral, 4oz
    by BodyBio


    I am actually quite impressed by BodyBio
    consider getting
    This TEST KIT
    BodyBio - MTK Plus Liquid Minerals Test Kit, 4oz

    But study instructions.
    You decide on dose via your own taste butts.

    To everything I do
    I am adding (every day)
    one dropper full (to what I am drinking)

    Amazon is quick,
    but this is horses mouth:


    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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