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Can I have some help understanding thyroid?

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by tweety, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. tweety

    tweety New Member

    I have been on NDT/Armour successfully since last summer. I cruised through the summer at 90-120mg and did very well. In Nov my numbers looked great, (really low TSH - .1something, which is where it was recommended I aim) though I can't remember the rest of them now. In Dec hypothyroid symptoms showed up and we bumped up to 180mg of Armour. I did really well. In March, I started to get heart palps and extreme hunger, so I backed off to 150mg. That worked well, for a week. Hyperthyroid showed up again, palps and hunger, so down to 120mg. Continuing this pattern, now I am down to 60mg of Armour. I realize it is April in the NE USA and light cycles are lengthening.

    I still feel really warm- much warmer than everyone else around me. We keep our house at 55-60 degrees. I have not CTed in a while, but I did start walking my dog outside barefoot in early March, even in the snow. We're talking 1 minute or less several times a day. Not 30-40min of grounding but still a connection. I also had to quit my progesterone after 15mos- weight gain around the middle and depression during period, swollen feet and ankles. I have felt wonderful the last month, very happy and just feel good in my bones. I know quitting P and lowering thyroid was what I needed, though my sleep is still iffy and today I had a killer migraine like I haven't had in years. Therefore I think i will need to try a different form of progesterone and maybe a combo of E and T in the near future.

    What I am struggling to understand is the thyroid. Did I go hyper and now cannot tolerate any thyroid supplementation? I still find myself ridiculously hungry and able to eat much more than I should. Or am I healing and my body is trying to take over on its own? I am 34 and not really overweight (but at my heaviest and worst body composition in the past 12yrs) so its possible that I wasn't as far off track as I felt. I still have much healing to do. Leaky gut symptoms seem to be increasing after never really having any. I can't tolerate alot of foods that I used to (almonds, avocados, nuts, coconut meat...). They all cause bloating.

    I have read and reread so much here and just when I start to connect things I lose sight of it for a while and have to try again. I am not able to do labs for a while, but intend to redo my ASI/hormone panel in a month or two. Last time I had low cortisol for all four readings. My energy is excellent, but I do not tolerate any caffeine (mild headaches in the morning) which makes me feel my adrenals still need addressing. Sorry for rambling, trying to include the main points.

    Any thoughts thyroid gurus?

  2. MeghanK

    MeghanK New Member

    Have you read Stop the Thyroid Madness? Check out that book and website.....
  3. tweety

    tweety New Member

    yes, but I should revisit it I guess
  4. Grizz

    Grizz New Member

    This changes everything:
    The Thyroid-Gut Connection ✰ ✰ ✰

    Healing the gut-thyroid axis
    For MUCH MORE on the thyroid see Thyroid, Hypothyroid in Testimonials:

  5. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    These resources pointed by Grizz and MeghanK are great ones. You might be interested as well in getting Dr Kharrazian book 'Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?' IMHO is a really great book, it will give you a lot of insight and references so you can keep digging. Of course you'll find a lot of gold in the blogposts by JK as well.

    You're not alone, I feel the same when I start understanding something just to realize there's a ton more of things that I missed completely. This is big in nutrition and health, opening a new door leads to a lot of confusion... but hopefully one day things will start falling into place.... hopefully :confused:

    Lots of homework to do I guess. Good luck!

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