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Can I approximate my haplotype or other meaningful info without a DNA test?

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Chantelle, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Chantelle

    Chantelle Silver

    I feel like I know the answer but I wanted to see if I can save the money from this test; at least for a short while. Are there clues I can look for that can indicate what I should do as we are in winter now in Aus. I have always had low Vit D despite never using sunscreen and being an absolute sun bunny all my life. I've only ever had one bad sunburn and for the last few summers I pretty much can't seem to burn even on a full summer's day in Australia.
    My mother and grandmother were born in Northern England but they both have darkish skin- most think my mum is Italian (my dad is)...
    I always thought my ability to tan came from my father's genes, at least before finding these forums.

    I probably need to buy this DNA test but I would rather spend the money on something like the FIREWAVe by EMR-Tek
    and then the rest of my money should go to Bitcoin... ;)
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Speaking about what to buy healthwise when money is severely limited (as in my case).
    I would spend it on testing.
    This minimal amount of testing covers a very large area of today's problems that a large part of the population has.
    Correcting discovered imbalances should bring most bang for the buck.

    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14)
    Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential
    Vitamin D
    fasting insulin
    potassium RBC

    I have originally very light skin.
    To increase my sunlight tolerance I use MT-2 injections. (Melanotan)
  3. Chantelle

    Chantelle Silver

    Thanks @JanSz
    I guess it will give me clues as to what to focus on.
  4. What time of the day do you start sunbathing? Ive heard that the first few hours of daylight prepare you for vit production later on in the day, but you dont burn easily, so maybe getting out early isnt your problem. Its a tough one, my vit d levels are always low - last October (after masses of exposure during the summer months) they were 20. Im using liquid d3 with mag to bring my levels up again. Sean mentioned red light supplementation can help keep your levels stable.
  5. Chantelle

    Chantelle Silver

    Lately I have been going out first thing in the morning and trying to look at the sun (can't even see it until about 8am from my angle)
    I think my liver is the issue. I'm just trying to do the best for my circadian rhythm at the moment. It's also pretty cold now... so I'm getting less sun.

    Doing cold showers at least 5 days out of 7...

    @JanSz I just ordered the panels... $256 later...
    At least I will have some new data to work from. Im hoping my D levels are higher than 2 years ago when last checked.

    I can pretty much sit in the middle of a hot sunny Australian summer day (where most burn) and I'm fine. I don't know what that says but maybe I have a good solar callus despite not making VIT D properly due to liver/kidney?
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  6. Sounds like your solar callus is A1. I used to burn pretty quick until 2 years ago when i started sunbathing daily - now I can go all day.
    Can you drive to a better location? I have to drive for ten minutes to get a good view of the rising sun.
  7. Chantelle

    Chantelle Silver

    Yeah. I gotta be little less lazy in the AMs. I miss summer. @Matt Fowler do you use any red light in winter?

    I just bought some Vit D with Vit K
    I heard that it's better that way. But I think the key is fixing my liver up a bit. I Know I need that morning sun rise...
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2021
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  8. Its summer over here right now and we've got some beautiful weather. May was a complete wash out, but now theyre predicting 3 months of sun, which is excellent - if they'sre right!

    Dont be too hard on yourself, its not easy keeping up with the sunrises, especially when you have a variable light cycle throughout the year. I find it hard to keep adapting to different sleep/wake times, thats partly why I need to get to the tropics this year.

    As for the red light, I have a mitogen panel but I stopped using it. Jack recommends only using red light if you have a health professional to give you instructions based on your individual context. Having said that, I might start giving it ago in the evenings for a short time and see how I feel.

    Im supplementing vit D right now because my levels were really low. Im planning to get them up to scratch and then use a sperti fiji in the winter.

    ---Vit K2 absorbes UV light (How to Find Your Inner Masterpiece blog post)

    Also, the tests Jan recommended are probably a good idea too. Im trying to find a UK lab to get some bloods done.
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