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Calamari pancakes

Discussion in 'Spring Paleo Recipes' started by opelecky@yahoo.com, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. opelecky@yahoo.com

    opelecky@yahoo.com New Member

    About 1 lb of calamari (if frozen squeeze the excessive water), 2 garlic cloves or more, some parsley. Grind or maybe use a blender. I have a grinder. Then add salt, white pepper, maybe some turmeric (whatever you like) + 2-3 eggs. I fried mine in lard and they came out crispy. If it's too liquid maybe add a little bit of arrowroot but I've not tried. I just made them yesterday for the first time. I think that they can go nice w/some sauce. Maybe mayonnaise... Enjoy, Olga
  2. digital

    digital Gold

    Grind the the calamari w/ garlic and parsley?
  3. opelecky@yahoo.com

    opelecky@yahoo.com New Member

    Yep. Sorry, I was not checking the forum.

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