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Ca channel blockers

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by NeilBB, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Looking into the for the winter since the sun (which is a natural calcium blocker per Jack) will be hidden. Did you try this and which brand are you using?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The H2 receptor antagonists (H2RA) are a class of drugs used to block the action of histamine on parietal cells (specifically the histamine H2 receptors) in the stomach, decreasing the production of acid by these cells. You know you can't take Tagament with a calcium channel blocker right Neil? Why?
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    In a longitudinal study of elderly African Americans published in 2007, long-term use of H2 blockers appeared to increase the risk of cognitive decline.


    What happens to oxygen consumption in mitochondrial neurons.
  6. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    Party line relates to cytochrome p450 inhibition action of cimetidine, which is supposedly much less so with the newer H2 blockers...
  7. Erik

    Erik New Member

    so drinking magnesium Chloride (I cant get mg malate) would help EMF effects a little???
  8. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    Ben Greenfield mentioned a US Patent for Transdermal Magnesium Chloride that raised DHEA-S levels in 17 out of 20 subjects who applied the oil twice a day for one month

  9. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Thank you! interesting
  10. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Heh, @Josh (Paleo Osteo) liked one of the posts on this page, and it showed up on the "Recent Activity" feed. I clicked through and saw this 9-month-old comment. ;)

    Joanne Nova referenced a paper in her article with was published in response to the "Antarctic sea ice is melting due to global warming" theme -- http://joannenova.com.au/2014/05/th...ting-couldnt-be-caused-by-volcanoes-could-it/

    Seismic detection of an active subglacial magmatic complex in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica -- http://www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/v6/n12/full/ngeo1992.html

    She then went on to mention this topic many times on her blog:


    Volcanic Ice Melting -- http://joannenova.com.au/2014/06/surprise-west-antarctic-volcano-melts-ice/

    Thwaites Glacier, the large, rapidly changing outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, is not only being eroded by the ocean, it’s being melted from below by geothermal heat, researchers at the Institute for Geophysics at The University of Texas at Austin (UTIG) report in the current edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    According to his findings, the minimum average geothermal heat flow beneath Thwaites Glacier is about 100 milliwatts per square meter, with hotspots over 200 milliwatts per square meter. For comparison, the averagee heat flow of the Earth’s continents is less than 65 milliwatts per square meter.

    Study ref -- http://dx.doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1405184111



    From -- http://joannenova.com.au/2014/10/we...nce-it-was-the-volcanoes-that-melted-the-ice/


    Antarctic Ice is 1.7 million square kilometers above average. -- http://joannenova.com.au/2014/09/antarctic-sea-ice-record-high-600000km2-more-than-previous-record/

    See the website for details http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/ . Below is the sea ice chart for the last 2 years. The 'S. hemisphere ice anomaly' chart shows the relative ice coverage for around a 30-year period -- http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/seaice.anomaly.antarctic.png , clearly showing the increase since 1979


    Me personally, I tend to buy the idea that geothermal stressors like volcanoes are the biggest potential driver for any Antarctic ice melt.

    So far, it doesn't seem like the melting caused by said geothermal stressors is not significant enough to cause any regression in the area of the Antarctic ice sheet area.

    Whether or not area is indicative of potential sea level rises is a different story, but for that, I say that we just measure the sea level changes. JoNova again talks about the massive changes in sea level across the millenia:

    - http://joannenova.com.au/2014/10/mo...-an-insult-to-geology-and-sea-level-research/
    - http://joannenova.com.au/2014/10/se...mpared-to-cherry-picked-adjusted-instruments/

    I mean holy shit! That's a 150m change in sea levels :eek:

    Quoting the last linked article:

    Here’s the IPCC view (http://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/ar4/wg1/en/figure-5-17.html) of the late 20th Century rates of sea level rise. Under the relentless influence of extra CO2 sea levels have … slopped all over the place.

    Average rates vary from something like 10 to 20cm a century in this one graph.​

    There are obviously a lot larger factors that control the climate of this planet, and given that we don't really understand them fully yet, my personal viewpoint right now is that we really have no control over whether or where we live is going to be screwed up in the coming centuries :confused:

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  11. ^^^ comforting :p
  12. nicld

    nicld Gold

    What would be the therapeutic dose of verapamil be?

    If anyone on this and would be willing to share their dose any information would be appreciated and yes I do know that everyone's N=1 is different. Just looking for some information.
  13. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    None. Light creates something called h2o2 in really special circumstances. You wouldn't want to mess with that. Taking verapamil creates an unnatural frequency your body must resonate with, that takes energy, which is light, carried by electrons. Again, light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We didn't get here taking pills and thinking pills will get any of us out is thinking that fire puts out fire.... Again, light!!!!!!!
  14. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    Triggering a net effect doesn't mean the outcome is coherent. Moral of the clinical story in this thread........
  15. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

    No patent is needed - I buy Zechstein Mg flakes - naturally mined in Northern Holland - and dissolve in distilled water to max saturation - here you go - I have the best Mg Oil. Most probably patent is needed if MgCl2 is made chemically + have some other Mg salts at a "patented' concentration.
  16. very helpful.
  17. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Interesting thread. We need all the tools we can find to mitigate nnEMFs effects on our cells.

    Personally, I am averse to using artificial drugs like calcium channel blockers as a "first choice, go-to approach" to minimizing VGCC calcium ion influx. In fact, I am generally against anything not native to the body unless there is a very good reason to do so.

    Dr Mercola and others are pushing magnesium supplementation to counteract the problem-- he recommends 1-2 grams mag. per day. I'm sure transdermal mag. is just as good if not better than oral ingestion.

    He also recommends herbs and spices that act as antioxidants to mitigate downstream reactive oxygen species problems caused by peroxynitrites. Dr Kruse seems to be dismissive of exogenous antioxidants so he may not support this idea.
  18. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    menthol found in mint leaves Ive heard is a calcioum channel blocker. Ive got wild mint coming out of the ground now so its even seasonal for my lattitude.
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  19. is CBD oil an adequate Ca blocker? I tried it and I do feel better when going to the city.
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sunlight is the best C channel blocker I know. Maybe this is why it is a "mitochondrial vaccine" for autoimmunity and cancer? “We found that UV-B light boosted the production of vitamin D, and of regulatory T cells, which play an important role keeping our immune systems in check.

    “Our findings have important implications for future interventions including the recommendations fora healthy lifestyle and a possible role for phototherapy and / or vitamin D supplementation in the prevention or treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.” https://m.medicalxpress.com/news/20...EwLvtaKrnTtP256flWE_nwZXkwTvkPF1DV8rXzkVCrCDo
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