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Butters' Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Butters, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Some here have the vest ... the designer has contributed some stuff here .....probably in the C/T thread
  2. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Took some time to write again. But it's getting darker and colder and I'm adding cold showers frequently, so I thought about Jack Kruse. I will try to optimize my diet again. Had a few downs in the spring but I'm Epi-Paleo now most of the time (sometimes cheese) for 4 weeks I think. No cravings again. I now try to improve my sleep and body composition towards muscle gain and ripped. Therefore I use the concept with the little breakfast and big Lunch/dinner after exercise.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Nice to see your post! Hi!

    Dr. K. has a new forum rule ...... no pic - no Jack
    so if you could put up a pic that would be great!
  4. Butters

    Butters New Member

    All right! :D Done!

    One problem I like to adress first.

    I have very bad skin since my puberty, acne if you will. You will only see it if you look from the near. I have no idea, where to begin to adress this. My diet is coconut-oil, kerrygold, conventional lean meat (money issue), vegetables, berries, sometimes starches like sweet potatoes, coffee everyday, almost no alcohol, eggs almost every day (minimum 3). I try to add more fish now and now I use fish-oil. Absolutly no grains for years and I cut milk for 14 days now.

    Hope you can tell me the right direction, I dont like it because I see so many people who eat crap and don't have bad skin.
  5. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Going out on a limb here and this is just my experience as a middle age woman but have you had your testosterone and DHEA levels checked? When I was taking oral DHEA it turned to testosterone and I started to get acne too after years of not having it. Once I switch to DHEA cream and the testosterone came back down it cleared up. Just a thought.
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Butters, try seafoodseafoodseafood. My skin did a 180 when I added daily seafood.
  7. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Tanks for the answers. I didn't got any levels checked.

    What seafood source do you recommend? Wild salmon has a good price here. Not to expensive.
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I recommend oysters mostly, then some sardines and shrimp. Then wild salmon and other fish with their skin intact.
  9. Butters

    Butters New Member

    It's nearly impossible to get these things here where I live. I think I will start with adding MSC Salmon filets for the beginning. For 5 Days now I've also been using coconut-oil for my skin. I was getting worse in the beginning but from now I think it works a little bit. Seems like the pores aren't clogged so much like before. I have to mention my pores are also clogged on the chest and back.

    Since using the Protocoll after the Leptin Rx (for 1 week now) my sleep improved the last 3 days. I nearly fell asleep the moment right after laying down and woke up without the alarm between 7 and 8 a.m. (holidays) and also feel refreshed. Something I missed a long time.

    Diet right now consists of a cup of bulletproof coffee + 20-25g whey isolat or eggs and bacon + carots in the morning right after awakening. For lunch usually nothing or 1-3 teaspoons of coconut-oil or big lunch after I trained hard right before. Usually I eat a big dinner in the evening. Because I have to work mostly from 1 p.m to 8p.m. I can't eat earlier in the evening ( I wish I could) to improve my sleep quality. And then I eat masses of food, because I want muscle gain. I eat a huge protein load (75-100g) and more fat (100-250g) and little carbs depending on my activities and sunlight exposure. The Protein is fish or conventional lean meat. Fat is kerrygold butter and coconut-oil + tbsp omega-3 oil. Dessert often consists of frozen berries 300-750g and a can (400ml, 80g fat) of coconut-milk and when adding carbs I add them here in form of sweet potato squash.

    I have a little problem with my stool now. It really sticky not solid. Could it be the eggs, because I eat them so often, maybe I've got sensitive? I will try to minimize them now and look if something changes, because 3 weeks before it was perfect and I fasted or drank only coffee with coconut-oil and butter in the morning.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I would remove eggs for awhile and see how you go.... Do you have AI disease? I can't remember.....

    Dr k. Tells us to get our suplements in their natural package .....so real seafood...
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hi Butters, i live in North Germany now, but IIRC you do not live close to the coast, do you? You should be able to get fresh herring? Costs only 6 € / kg, very cheap.. and amazing stuff
    just got me lots of whole fresh herring yesterday at the fish market and i got mackerel too, had them for breakfast. The herrings had lots of roe, yay :)
  12. Michael Phils

    Michael Phils New Member

    Butters. I have the kewlfit vest which is similar. Great product and easy to use. I alternate the neck strap between neck and stomach. I should post some updated pics as for the first time in my life I have a six pack. 42 yrs old so it wasnt easy at all.
  13. Butters

    Butters New Member

    I have no AI as I know. My sister has and now she has a think throat and they think she has Hashimotos :(
    My family is not listening to me in eliminating all grains out of the diet. Making me sad. They are still in this whole "everythink in moderation" thing.

    Fresh fish is difficult, I live in Potsdam.
  14. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Big clue... It is how they can collect and transfer energy.

    For me, just reading thru this thread a little the problem is beyond foods. It is more a lifestyle issue where your position in life is making you loose energy. Start to lift those rocks and you will find new clues. If you are under constant attack your skin will soon start to fail, it is built upon energy.

    How do your life look like? Not foodwise but everything else? Give us some meat on our legs and we help you find more clues.
  15. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Most problems aren't present anymore. Since April I live in a new flat and socialisation changed radically. There's now a girlfriend and I have more freedom. So psychologically problems are rare.

    I am a sport student and now I have holidays but do a practicum in a rehab facility. So I'm working 6-7h a day and like I said often afternoon till evening. I try to not stress me at work. Sleep is improving since wednesday and I sleep through till morning and wake up refreshed. Today I saw my stool improving radically, I think it was the eggs. I now eliminate them for minimum one week and then when reintegrating I look to not overdo it with the amount.
  16. Butters

    Butters New Member

    And again without the eggs my stool is nearly perfect, if you know what I mean. I don't like it but they were non pastured eggs anyway and maybe it's good I don't eat them. Yesterday I trained at 2p.m. and ate till 3p.m. . After that I was feeling very hot, drank some ice-water and went bathing in the river. It had 19° C and air was 15°, quite comfortable. People around had pullovers and jackets :)
    Felt so good, I ate 1 tbs coconut-oil after that but wasn't hungry and fasted till this morning 9.30 when I drank a bulletproof-coffee with cinnamon. I didn't get hungry, so I think I am leptin sensitive.

    I plan to eat like a pig the following month, because I want to gain muscle as I said. So I will consume lots of fat and very little carbs. Also I try to bath regularly in the river as temperature gradually falls. Want to sleep without covers this winter and run around only with a t-shirt.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you are doing great! well done.....
  18. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Thank you very much. I feel really, really good after eliminating the eggs from my diet. I now believe there is a huge link between gut and brain because I feel so good without having to run to the toilet. This was a great step for me, because I really enjoy eggs and advocated them to everyone in my near. But I know when to jump over my shadow and admit that I can be wrong too.

    Today I bought 9lbs of Kerrygold Butter :D . I plan to make some ghee at the weekend and I can freeze the butter too. Also I ordered 5lbs of coconut oil yesterday with planning to finish it in September.
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have come to understand that eggs aren't my friend ..... I used to eat a lot of them - and now just once in awhile.

    Oddly - if I soft boil them - I seem to be fine ..... but frying them does not seem to work for me.
  20. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Other question:

    What to do with cold hands and feet? Is it normal when I run around underdressed? I try to wear almost no clothes at home the whole day and minimal clothes outside.

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