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Butters' Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Butters, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Fitting to the schedule of moving and new environment I ate my first 6 oysters of my life. The first one was very weird, but then it got better. Took a good fight to open them for the first time :D
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  2. Butters

    Butters New Member

    And here we come, last day of 2019 and second Oyster dinner ever. Good ending for 2019.
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  3. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Weird, weird... So I have an indoor work job and eat not much fish these times. Also I eat many carbs and stuff.
    But... I introduced CT via cold showering for 5min for 2 weeks every morning I had to go to work (help with waking up). The water has 10°C now, so optimal. Now I thought it is time for some CT in the tub. Ive done it with a hat. I did 10min first day - no shivering. 15mins today, no shivering. It was very easy. Very strange and I was surprised.
    I do use my Fire wave every morning before work and every day I can manage, but its mostly usable for spots and I do chest face and thyroid most of the time. I have no problem to rise up in the morning usually and dont need coffee, no I even dont want it. When I drink I usually leave at least half of the cup. Its like my body dont want it. I have no enery leaks morning to night. It is the first time for a long period that I dont feel addicted a bit to coffee.
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  4. Butters

    Butters New Member

    And my beard is still growing fuller. May be improvement due to red light therapy. Sign of improved DC current flow?
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    awesome Alex, very possible it is the redlight who helps beard growth,
    and maybe the better environment too? :)
  6. Butters

    Butters New Member

    One point for the environment I think is the coffee topic. I had not to force myself, it came naturally that I dont have to think about coffee anymore. It wasnt possible in Leipzig.
    Redlight maybe too. I dont know if I have the right treatment distance, but I definitely have to build something to make the height adjustment easier.
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  7. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Finally going for my 1st acoustic guitar. Not the luxury one but Im excited to get the vibes out of it :D. Its only start of the sun period and I am almost as dark as I can get btw. Every lunch break (I have 1hrs ;)) I get outside and go for the sun instead of food. Dont care what people think. I go for my lonely place to get upperbody naked.
  8. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Its a long time, since I posted something. But Im still there and doing things. Its just more difficult this times to stay focused. Im still working almost every day so Corona doesnt change something for me this way. But the life home is more difficult because the kids are home all the time. Which is partly great because I think they get more outside time than in the kindergarten. My outdoor time though, I regret has reduce a bit. I try to get out as much as I can, but its not near as last year (which doesnt surprise me, because last year I wasnt working full time and had only one kid).
    But some of my behaviour/environment must influence my heteroplasmy etc. because since february I got 3 times visual migraines, all of them after blinding/reflecting light. I didnt get them since I was 15 or so, when I had it about a year or so but it stopped after I done more sports in my free time. So now after this long time I got this again. And now Im very alarmed because my mother used to have real migraines, when I was a kid and she was working in the hospital. It stopped for he btw. when she was not working at the hospital anymore and did some kind of private practice. My sister, who is slightly younger than me has migraines/ headaches regularly I think, but is just ignorant of nature, so no sun etc.. So because of that history, I have to change something because I think I tapped into a slighty higher heteroplasmy or received a warning signal.

    What I did wrong since I started work:

    -I started to drink more coffee at work, first not because of addiction but for having a mini break at work, I dont know what water and what beans they use on work so maybe its wrecking me
    -because of siginificant less free time, I started to go to bed more late, to be able to do more things - especially since beginning of the year, but I didnt use that time efficient either
    -I got lazy on the fish eating, very lazy and ate the food from work, which is a mess
    -we can talk work environment
    -I got into drinking beer regularly, which is not much, mostly because there is really good beer in the region of germany, but that might destroyed my sleep further

    What I have changed so far since the 3rd migraine attack and since the last week:

    -I massively ditched the coffee on work and at home, to almost nothing - I work on nothing and drink more water
    -I dont go to bed at 11pm anymore, I try to go at 10-10.30pm and I lay down with my daughter at 7-8pm and allow it to let myself fall asleep, which made a HUGE difference on my everyday energy level and my rising energy level the mornings after
    -I try more to get that earliest morning sun I can get here in that region on my balcony at least for 5min, which is around 5° azimuth
    -I limited my beer consume, but I have to do that even more
    -I upped the fish, but I can do much, much more on that, because my workplace is indoors, so perse blue light toxic with wifi etc.
    -I reintroduced the redlight panel so far only one time and I will do it only for the eyes and head, because of the condition and to counter the blue light toxicity (I try to wear at least long trousers on work, because of the skin) - Im on the search for a good protocol especially for the eyes which is my main concern because of eye floaters and myopia and because I dont want to become blind someday at -6,5 diopters.
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Try do a biohack Alex! I do now :)
    Seafood only, with a few things like veggies etc thrown in as condiments.
    But mainly only seafood.

    Try eat about kilo of seafood every day. Go more naked in the sun.
    Please try it for a few weeks and see how you feel :) :) I am so curious :)

    Why are you drinking beer when there are delicious organic wines like Malbec and Bordeaux etc. cheaply available in Germany? Do them instead :) between 5 and 10 euro / bottle you get great wine :)
  10. Butters

    Butters New Member

    You are right Inger. Im in the process of letting it go. The coffee is already gone in the morning and at work. I feel so much greaty without. I only drink coffee at home, when I can control the process and water and only at noon. I recognized that I drink more water when ditching coffee. It will safe money and stress too. Because I a) wont drink coffee out in bars (because its anyway most of the time shitty b) wont have "coffee breaks" anytime I drink coffee and so cannnot feel disturbed, when something comes in between that "coffee break". The first thing I recognized in vacation the second at work. I get more stuff done and feel a lot less stressed.
    A Kilo seafood a day is way too much for me. I cant even eat a kilo of anything a day :D And its too expensive for that. For the moment I try to get in at least 100g of seafood everyday and than I would be good.
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Oh Alex... 100 grams / day? That is so little :(

    I am a woman, 165 cm, 56 kg.
    I easily get 3 x 200 g of seafood in every day. Easily. or 2 x 300 grams.
    You could at least try 500 grams. If you do the less fatty ones like cod or pollock, or wild salmon, it is even easier! And they are not expensive either, if you buy the frozen ones from Aldi. I do that too. I try to go for wild caught. And cheap. It works.
    If you really cant afford it, take a small job on the side, like cleaning. I do too. If you do cleaning or gardening 1-2 hours a few times/week you will get the money for the seafood together :)

    Good you stopped drinking crap coffee. It really makes a difference what quality it is. Bad coffee is like poison to my body really. Good coffee is just fine :) I have to keep the consumption low though, too much is not good.
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  12. Butters

    Butters New Member

    So its been quite since last summer. And thats because it hasnt changed so much, until now. There is a little bit of a turn and Im afraid it gets worse, so I would like to take steps immediately.
    My health over the past months was generally very good - generally. I didnt mention that I had have sinusitis 3 times last year. Which made me frighten a bit, because of chronic issues and I was alerted. But the last one was in October and I havent had another again. I think a big thing was, that I completely stopped cleaning my nose after the last sinusitis. I havent had a problem since then. Maybe I pushed secret up in the past because of nose cleaning - through the pressure.
    Since October no real sickness, generally feeling fresh most of the time.
    But now 21 days ago out of nothing I had an epididymitis, according to the doctor I was a mild form. I had a little bit swelling, no reddness no fever etc. a bit of pain. He gave me antibiotics, but nothing of the "floxx" stuff, that I would have taken. Just a general antibiotic for a few days. It went away, would have probably faster, if I had time to rest, but unfortunately I had two children in the house and there wasnt much rest. Over all the symptoms finally disappeared after one day I could rest most of the time on the couch.
    7 days ago I got sudden onset of vertigo and I should mention I drank about 6 cups of coffee this day (usually only 2 little espressi). I was not so bad that I would vomit but I couldnt focus point. I got better day to day but unfortunately its not completely solved in the moment. The turning went away after one night, but there still is a bit of dazed feeling. I had something like this out of nothing 11 years ago, but it resolved quicker than now. From that that day it was no coffee for me, which at least clearned my mind somehow.
    But now its like my epididymitis is coming back. So far again no redness and swelling but a little pain. I was a little more physical active the last days so I hope that is only a irritation. I look how it goes with a little rest. But otherwise I should have a look on an inflammation issue.
    Maybe the two symtoms are conncected, the timed connection is a noticable.
    I first thought, it was good the I had no major inflammation during epididymitis, but there is the question why it happend at all.
    I try to use every bit of sun since the equinox to get my gut bacteria back in shape. Maybe I have to use my red light panel to a bigger extent too.
  13. Butters

    Butters New Member

    So one good thing: no inflammation in the testicles, only a little irritation.
    Bad thing: Got another vertigo episode today at work, which lessens over the hours but now I have increased ear noises. I also have had mild tinnitus, which I usually dont recognize despite its totally quiet. So that think is frighten me a bit. They made a hearing test and the doc said I have ears like a lynx, I seem to hear to the 20kHz Range with a good dB curve.
    I should say I get minor hearing losses here and then, some milliseconds pressure drop in one ear the a tinnitus for some seconds. After moving from Leipzig to my destination where I live now for 1,5 years I had half a year no single one. I should say I changed the destination for EMF reasons and the background EMF is very low, so it must be the EMF I make with my devices or at work.
    My biggest burden is, I get afraid very quickly of major diseae which stresses my further. I have to learn to relax more in such situations.
  14. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Short Update:

    My Vertigo has been gone for long time now. I still dont drink coffee anymore and it has been over 2 months now, I dont miss it a bit. Only since the last 2 weeks is has been programmed in my mind, that I dont should drink coffee anymore if I have time to (at work). So long it did take to program a bad habit out. I feel much better now. Work colleges recognized that I am more calm and I indeed am. The epididymitis seem to be gone, but sometimes when I do weight training our some things with much groin action it gets still irritated afterward and I recognize it in the evenings, I hope it doesnt come back. I incorporated cold showers back in. Lets see how long this takes to program in my mind. The desire to shower warm is still there, when I must wash my hair with warm water. But I feel cold showers doing me massive favor. I eat more fish.
  15. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    The thought of a warm shower does sound wonderful but I dont desire one nowadays, the only time I feel warm water these days is washing dishes
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  16. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Still no Coffee, dont miss it. Take the Money to buy fish, eat It. I almost eat fish every morning now. Starting with farmed smoked Salmon 200g. Then Here and then in the evening fish to. I notice the more I eat fish the more I desire it. I think I have a mild Pollen allergy which Symptoms quickly disappear when I go into cold water.
  17. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Aaaaand still no coffee. Feeling good about it. One time I drank a half coffee because I ordered something wrong, got a caffeine flash a few hrs later - felt not good.
    Staying with the fish pretty much every day. We were at the baltic sea for holidays and the water had 17°. That was not so bad as I expected, despite I was not doing CT for almost a year.
    But I packed on some fat over the summer, got indeed a bit loose on sugar and sweets. Try to reverse it over the winter.
    I reopened a thread about electric guitar playing and EMF, because I got excited to begin again after playing for 1 year exclusively acoustic - which is good - but I want to add something to that.
    Last electric guitar EMF I checked (battery powered foot pedal without amp) was almost zero. I need to know what happens when an actual amp is connected.
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    New podcast out today from El Salvador. “Out of the three-legged stool, light, water, and magnetism, by far the most complex and the most interesting one to me is always light”
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  19. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Check for Dirty Electricity too..............

  20. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Thank you. This definitely helps, not on my question but in general. The story with the red light is nuts, really unbelievable if you havent seen this with your own eyes. Thats when I get goosebumps.
    Seems the countries are going to steal step by step the rights of freedom for those who dont take the jabs. Its slower here in germany I think, but its coming.

    @Sean Waters : I have a meter, but no amp to check :) I have a naked electric guitar with a battery driven pedal. There is only readings from the magnetic field of the pickups in front and few centimeters above not behind and that is not an alternating field.
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