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Butters' Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Butters, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Butters

    Butters New Member

    So I managed to see the sunrise yesterday and today. My wife and my daughter beeing not here I have more freedom to experiment.
    I would set my alarm clock to slightly before sunrise and woke up. It was more a cooicidence because I had to go to the supermarket to shop for my breakfast. Then I saw on my way back the red sun sitting between the streets and hitting me right in the face. I decided to follow it into the park and watched it a while.
    Same thing today but without shopping. Unfortunately there are trees in front of the sun.
    Didnt think it was possible to see the red sun rising here in the town. But its winter and the sun will rise more in the east in summer, lets see how that turns out.
    BTW: It was -7°C last and this morning.
  2. Butters

    Butters New Member

    That was today:

    P1020411 (2).JPG

    Unfortunately other pictures wouldnt upload.
  3. Butters

    Butters New Member

    14 days without coffee now. Feeling fine. Not long and I wont even imagine how it tastes.
  4. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Also for more than 2 weeks now I eat a can of mackerels every morning with my breakfast and no matter what I eat with my evening meal I stuff those mackerels in. In addition we have 2-3 times salmon in the evening, I typically fast from breakfast to dinner, no lunch needed. Sometimes I make mussels, seldom prawns because they are expensive.
    I noticed the raynaulds symptoms didnt come back this winter, no white fingertips anymore.
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  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

    If you were a conventional science guy then I guess you'd have to believe that your nuclear genome just changed...
  6. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Yes. The thing is, I did so much wrong that I dont know what could have made it better.
  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    There is the challenge I had to give up.

    I'm too glad to feel better to go experimenting with whether it was more grounding, CT, or sunlight. Instead of trying to isolate each so I can know, I've reorganized my life to get more of each.
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  8. Butters

    Butters New Member

    On a boat trip the weekend. Got some sunburn the day. Next day it was almost gone and now its completely gone. Is that a good sign? I got pretty red that day. So far no peeling in sight.
    Also I get out with my daughter in sunlight in the mornings and midday/afternoon. When we can we go at least upperbody naked, I also pull her shirt off to get the morning light in and condition her for midday sun. She seem to have a lighter skin type than I, or it may develop as she grows. But not even in 45min sunlight midday she got a sunburn. She is better than her mother, who has also light skin.
    I got a aha moment when we was at the lake one time in early morning till midday and not even my wife got a staying sunburn. Only for the day she got red, next day it was gone. That was my aha-moment for hybrid tanning, it must be that, because she got red so fast in the past.
    I dont go for sunscreen for my kid, but my wife sometimes do. At least I convinced her to use no chemical sunscreen but one with minerals only. But she also seldom uses it now.

    On the boat trip I was the only one who didnt use sunscreen. Its amazing how frightened they are about sunburn, but its no wonder if they dont go out in the sun and have the experience that it can fade away pretty quick.
    Sometimes I even dont believe in myself, I was really red one that evening and I had to ditch the midday sun the next day, because I had a burning sensation, but now its gone. Amazing!

    That hybrid tanning thing is really amazing, its so amazing its hard to believe! The was the biggest impact I got for the last month. Thank you Jack!
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  9. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Since I started some e-guitar playing some time ago, I looked for some pedal/amplification set-up that I could use when the kid sleeps without much EMF.
    I ordered multi-effect pedal with headphones connection - yes headphones - to test it. But it should be possible to use with batteries thus low voltage and power to lessen the EMF effect on the headphones.
    So far my readings show no EMF at all between the headphones where my head should be. Testing is progressing. Readings only appear when the meter is moved, but this happens also when the headphones are unplugged. Should be an induction effect on the sensitive meter coils.

    I measured connected to my laptop to and there is also no EMF between the headphones.
    Hm that is weird because I had 4 years ago a thread, where I posted this issue and measured with an phone app a big field. I sold them thereafter.

    This is the thread.
    So my phone app could be wrong, my meter now could be wrong or the headphones could be differ.
    Another member posted a picture with a high field between his headphones.
    So I am a little insecure here.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  10. Butters

    Butters New Member

    So measuring made me curious. I measured my wired phone receiver and right where it sits at the ear its going quite high. That surprised me, but I came to the idea through Inger who tested one time her phone. Could that explain, why my ears feel hot during phone calls and why I intuitively changed the sides after a while?
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Sure Alex.
    I do not like to speak long on my wired phone either… and when I do, I put on the speaker and keep the phone further from my head. It helps.

    It does not emit any RF radiation, but quite a bit of magnetic/electric when you are very close to it. I still prefer to use it instead of my cellphone tho :). Does not feel as bad. Especially with speaker on :)
  12. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Yeah. Thats kind of weird. Because a wired phone is supposed to be safer than a unwired, yet it has other dangers.
    But the headphone stuff is really weird.
    I tested a bit and plugged it them into my stereo system, which is not grounded through the plug - and the headphones are on the end of the scale for electric fields.
  13. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Measure it with the second mode,the one for people with EHS. I measured my air tube headphones and at the plugged in end I get a high reading but not at the head end. However I do not use them much. I just do not like the idea of headphones,never have.Do you really need them ?
  14. Butters

    Butters New Member

    I restarted playing electric guitar. And thats happening when the kid sleeps. And sometimes it is better to have the possibility to choose different sounds. That I can only do with headphones.
    I tried acoustic but its to loud.
  15. Butters

    Butters New Member

    So some things bother me. I thought I would be doing good, because I get sun regularly in the morning, midday and often again in the evening for red light exposure and vit D. Had good progress with sunburn prevention and healing with no peeling.
    But it is not enough.
    My sleep is not so good, despite wearing blueblockers in the evening and getting at least 3min morning sun in the eyes with waking up. I recently added the 50g protein breakfast but so far is seem not to work this time. Maybe my sleep is simply not long enough or something is is wrecking me.

    But what really made me think now in another way is, that is start to suffer massively from insect bites. This year a mosquito called "kriebel mosquito" is on its way with large masses and I got biten a few times. Every time I got something like an local allergic reaction, which looks like a 10-15cm big swelling, red and warm indicating inflammation. Now I got to bites on the ankles and my ankle is bigger than is used to be after a trauma. After 2-3 days the swelling is always almost gone but this reaction cant be normal. This insects released big time histamine in the wound, so it might be a histamine issue for me. Normal bites are always itchy too and maybe larger than on other persons. That makes me think, what would happen when they bite me in the face or throat and I dont want that hinder me to go outside, because I like it.

    I read on the forum it can be issues with DHEA, IL6 and Cortisol. I thought DHEA would be good because of the sunburn healing, but it seems not to be that good.
    Maybe its an omega-6 issue as well, I noticed I get brain freeze while eating big peaces of icecream. So appearently its not an light only issue for me (or maybe I cant see it with my low dopamine right now).
    I consider getting on a huge fish diet right now, despite I really dont like it now with hot temperatures, cut technology way more drastically and prioritize my sleep.
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  16. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    I’ve noticed the same thing with abnormal reactions to insect bites. Poison ivy too. I never got it till my 30s but now I’ll get it badly from just slight exposure. I’m also going to up the fish. Been eating lots of meat and eggs, but maybe not enough water creatures.
  17. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Over the last weeks I pretty much became a sun addict. Despite Im not doing perfect but I try at least to watch the sun in the morning, when its lowest over the rooftops. I cant do a full sunrise, but I try to get at close as possible. At least she has then a orange color. I get morning sun whenever its possible, midday sun when its possible and then evening sun when the time lets me. The sun is still strong for european conditions (UV8-9 midday). I got no sunburn for the last weeks, only slight erythema that fades quickly.
    The last week I got pretty much 2-3 hrs morning sun, some midday sun and and 1-3 hrs afternoon/evening sun. So my wife and daughter. We were really smoked and got to bed really early. Unfortunately the nights were very warm and we didnt sleep that good as I would like to have.
    I began to make room for every sun window I could get. I even broke the convention to wear t-shirt when we got back in the town from the lake and went upperbody free.
    At the same time I made the decision not wanting to change people other than my family. Its is simply not worth the stress. For my family its worth it. I now just can smile about the people who ask, if Im "still" wearing blueblockers at night. I now dont explain if nobody asks why. And the people that asked in the past now are on the same journey.
    When people say I am very tanned I usually just say Im in the sun a lot. I generally dont say anything when people use sunscreen, sometimes I want to slap it out of hand when they use it on kids.
    Situation on the lake. All friends were sitting on blanket in the shadow and were talking. I was the only one searching for the sun. I decided for myself that I wont give in for other people, sacrificing my health and wellbeing, even if that means I have to stand alone and talk to nobody. That is not so difficult perse because Im a more introverted guy, but I guess its showy for people.
  18. Butters

    Butters New Member

    So I tried BAB for the last weeks to try to reset my clock somehow, because despite I sleep good through the night without problems Im not refreshed in the morning. I coupled that with 3-5min morning sun in the eyes right after I wake up.
    But not much is changing.
    I think its is not a leptin thing because I can still go 12 hrs without food without problems and have a early dinner and go through the night without problems.
    Something else must disturb my clock. I now try to hack caffeine, because I got again into it and now I frightenend to got back an addiction despite Im getting a lot of sun, I really think I got the most sun in my life the summer, because I go upperbody naked and grounded almost all the time Im outside in the park.
    I cut the coffee yesterday and I was very sluggish and got some headaches. I never get headaches at all.
    I drank a coffee now and I am on 100%. I only drink iced coffee now, because of the heat and because it tastes better to me.
    So I try to cut the coffee now down to 1 a day in the mid morning after I get outside and my morning sun and then cut the dose and look how I response.
    I need to fix this in the last summer months because "winter is coming" :D. Now joke beside, I think I will not fix this in the winter without strong sun. Anyway I have to go more extreme this winter in case of CT.
    One thing, maybe the flicker effect of my screen at 60hz. I have it on max. brightness and use iris to regulate it to midigate it but maybe that doesnt help it.
    Kind of frustrates me. I do really much good stuff, I didnt do before
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  19. Butters

    Butters New Member

    So I try now everything to fix myself. It seems my shitty environment I thought was not so shitty is responsible. I checked our flat again and it is indeed contaminated from neighbours wifi or bluetooth or mobile phone tower penetrating, I dont know.
    But here is the thing, our bedroom is not so bad, BUT: We slept there together until last summer or so. Then we changed that someone sleep on the couch in the living room and the other person with the kid in the bedroom, because we have only 140cm bed and its to small and get so warm with 3 persons lying together. For a long time now I was constantly sleeping in the living room where I have readings of RF too high for sleeping and maybe that is killing my progress and me.
    The problem is we have almost no money and so far we wont earn much in the future with the jobs we studied and so it show that of course nature is for free you have to have money to go there where civilisation isnt disturbing you AND you can make a living.
    I keep checking the environments where Im my most time in. It shows even some playces in university where I work now have less EMF than my flat.

    I do my best now to stuff in that DHA into my body.
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  20. Butters

    Butters New Member

    I tried 2 drops of lugols 5% again and I noticed right away (one the same day) that my mind and thinking cleared up. Right away. I only used it now for 4 days with one day in between without it. The one time I didnt use it I was more tired.
    So it seems like a halogen or thyroid issue when this resolves some things.
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