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Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by healthy2015, Jul 8, 2022.

  1. Hi
    Jack made a comment about removing BTC from exhanges, we are with Gemini - and was looking to move my BTC over to Coinbase - i that recommended? It does not appear Coinbase is with the same bank as Gemini
  2. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    Coinbase is also an exchange. You are moving water from one end of the boat to another.

    In my opinion self sovereign cold storage is optimal but you need to understand why and how.
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  3. Sorry what does this mean? We are UK based also so we dont have the same options as a US person would, so I am trying to find the right solution for us thank you
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Everyone can buy a cold storage wallet irrespective of where they live.
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  5. Thanks for the reply, so with the cold storage wallet will our BTC still fluctuate
  6. Hi, You need to know what you buy. Buy some to learn, buy more when you understand more. The prices of BTC will all ways fluctuate.
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  7. Does it still fluctuate whilst in cold storage?
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    When you have a chunk of gold its value against anything else fluctuate.
    For example, it fluctuates against US$, Russian Ruble or anything else, oil or wheat or potatoes.
    Also, those fluctuations are not equal.

    There are variety of way to store either of above.
    Way of storage is about safe keeping, convenience but not about value.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2022
  9. Is there any cold storage or secure online places to store BTC? or are they all hardware?
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yes - of course - it fluctuates no matter where you keep it.

    You need to learn more before you buy. Follow Michael Saylor - he has an online academy,

  11. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    BTC Sessions' Youtube videos are a good place to start.
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