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BTC the Decentralized Nature Connection of mTOR/Autophagy Switch and NAD

Discussion in 'The Kruse Longevity Center' started by ND Hauf, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    * Some random bullet points......

    * I need to come back to this after further research. It's simply a thought I had while Arrowhead hunting in the backcountry after weeks of trying to digest/process the endless amounts of knowledge captured in the forums and members area. I love the quilt and appreciate the work and time invested in it.

    * At times I think BTC has started mining me and everything around me. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to get more. (Gamification maybe?) My conviction for BTC is very strong as is my commitment to health. Everywhere I look I see a connection. I might be "convincing/tricking" myself the connection is there but BTC is the only thing that fascinates me as much as Nature and Health. So....for me the connection is real. It allows me to better process. Hopefully I'm understanding this somewhat correctly as I've learned in the Electrical and Automation world NO DATA IS BETTER THAN FALSE DATA.

    * Is the connection simply the Decentralized aspect of BTC/Nature?

    * What activates the switch that limits mTOR and activates Autophagy? Understanding how to turn this switch off and on is paramount.

    * Anabolism state (improving muscle mass) vs. Catabolism (repairing/removing) state

    * I've practiced intermittent fasting for years and never connected the dots on why I feel better when doing so until I found JK and his badass members.

    * mTOR/Autophagy switch cycle = cleaning out the weak/unhealthy BTC hands similar to what lysosomes do to our mitochondria during autophagy. Dysfunctional free radicals are disposed of which is healthy for the cell/network. Is this more specifically the time that damaged Mitochondria is healed (Mitophagy) ? The lysosome shakes out the cells weak hands that are unhealthy for the cell/network.

    * Haters like to criticize the volatility of BTC....it's not a Steady Eddy growth investment vehicle, not a good store of value.....it's too erratic….doesn't have a consistent enough up and to the right linear growth pattern day to day etc.. The "volatility" could be what makes BTC stronger/healthier. I've found the more randomly I "cycle" my exercises/diet/limited supplements/intermittent time restricted eating the better I feel. Keep my body guessing and working. Very few things in nature are straight/linear. An aspen groves root system zig zags with the winding stream and gains strength through this to with stand extreme winds.

    * Humans have gotten away from the feast or famine way of life (refrigeration). Is this why some struggle with the ability to cycle back and forth from mTOR to Autophagy?

    * A large drop or increase in the daily price of BTC can shock the mental side similar to fight or flight. Jumps heart rate similar to exercise before/during a hunt after a long famine/fast.....Hash Rate

    * Cyclical Hash Rate of BTC coupled with built in difficulty adjustments = mTOR Autophagy Cycle of humans? When in synch all is healthy. A little distress is also not all bad as it makes the system/network stronger and seek out new sources of energy/Hash Power. i.e. China ban makes hash rate more decentralized.

    * Are "Diseases of Civilization" a result of the masses no longer cycling back and forth? The switch is broken/mis-wired/shorting out? Processed foods, seed oils, and sugar are short circuiting the mTOR/Autophagy switch.

    * A switch in the Industrial Electrical world (where I mine fiat) when not properly grounded will not work properly and cause compounding problems to the system. Biologically grounding myself to the earth and decentralized nature helps keep my switch operational. A simple preventative maintenance practice.

    * Being in an excessive state of Autophagy is probably not good. This is something that probably everyone needs to find their sweet spot based on their own biology. My personal character defect of leaning towards more is better/go big or go home attitude needs to be kept in check when cycling back and forth.

    *If I understand correctly good Metabolic flexibility coupled with mTOR/Autophagy switch operating properly might allow for some pizza, cake, Huckleberry pie, etc. in moderation.

    * Is the sweet spot for intermittent fasting a 4-8 hour window with the 4 hour window only being used once a week? Implement exercise/Nitric Oxide Dump right before breaking the fast a good thing??

    * Need to figure out the NAD connection...…..

    *If understood correctly NAD turns on gene repair( fixes broken DNA). Excessive nnEMF is terrible for NAD levels. Alcohol depletes NAD (good thing I don't drink). NAD drops drastically with age.

    * Is NAD+ IV injections used in maintenance doses every few months beneficial or detrimental. If the body makes NAD supplementation could kill the body's ability to make on it's own resulting in dependence on continued supplementation.

    * If understood correctly NAD is still in early stages of research and very difficult to measure NAD levels in humans through normal blood work.

    * Could Optimized NAD levels + an operating mTOR/Autophagy switch = Healthy Metabolic Hash Rate = Anti-aging switches all turned on???? How does methylation fit into this?? Could this help control inflammation and keep chronic inflammation at bay?
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I like and appreciate reading your thoughts .....keep them coming

    I like how you work your way thru Jack's stuff..... trying to connect the dots.

    The only thing I seem to know for sure -

    wealth = health

    We have spent the last 10 months or so trying to figure out how to get more BTC. We have done a pretty good job. I am really trying to be less frantic about all this and try to get thru all the information and evaluate and then re evaluate.

    I continually wish I was a lot smarter - but I will do the best I can with what I was given.
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  3. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    *Between Epi-Paleo Rx and deeper dives in the Rabbit hole that is my membership benefits @JK II believe I'm 90% there on mTOR/Autophagy.

    * I haven't found much regarding NAD but still searching.

    * BTC difficulty adjustment in Hash Rate = Circadian Rhythm

    * Found this gem buried in one of the Forums...

    @jk "What life are you waiting for? No one is born on third base. We all begin at home plate. Only you can decide if you want to grow through life or waste it. We either are blossoming or decaying. Let's keep watering the gardening and growing together. None of us were born to be a spectator, to be seated on the sidelines, to be a bench-warmer. None of us were placed on this Earth to settle for mediocre, to be just average, or to merely live a ho-hum existence in a cocoon. Growth is the intentional acceptance of our very own responsibility to become all that we are truly capable of. When we consistently stretch and expand our capacities; our own growth leads us from nominal to phenomenal! All the "spectator seats" are already taken in life. So consider getting in the game! Personal growth is self-leadership. Live, change, grow today." @JK
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  4. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    * Electron Transport Chain - I now clearly see how 5G dicks with pretty much everything Mito related thanks to {CYTOCHOME 1 chain from @JK} https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/cytochrome-1.26279/

    * I grew up in a very rural area in the Rockies. I remember my parents listening to AM radio and all the things that would tweak the signal....my sisters hairdryer, the crock pot, or in the car when we would drive under or near a three phase power line. What in the hell is 5G doing to our proton/electron signaling of our mitochondria??? Can't be good at all.

    * Ionization vs. Polarization

    * @JK has an insane library of info. on nnEMF it's pretty much all here just have to read/listen to it all (a few times over)

    * I never realized how a basic understanding of circuitry in my electrical world would aid in polishing my glass eye view of health.

    * NAD depletes with age but why? Can the decline curve be frozen or reversed naturally or is IV supplementation necessary with time.

    * WEHI Videos hit nicely for me. I tend to learn and retain best with a hands on practical approach or analogy of some sort so the visualization and animation are helpful. https://www.youtube.com/user/WEHImovies/videos
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