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Bryce, Ready For Change, Ready For Vibrancy

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Bryce Boyer, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. Bryce Boyer

    Bryce Boyer New Member

    Hey All!

    My name is Bryce. I own a holistic wellness practice out of a Chinese medicine center in Beverly, MA where I do many things from body work to health coaching, to in home EMF safety analysis (going to do a building biology program when I have the time/money for it), to educating people on the practices of a mito. I've been studying Dr.Kruse for over 2 years now and have implemented a ton of his protocols into my daily life. Haven't missed a night without blue blockers in 3 years now, get outside in unfiltered sun EVERY DAY for sometimes hours a day, constantly grounding, eating local/paleo/keto centric diet. I do CT on days where I'm not feeling overly fatigued or weak, mostly just cold showers until I get stronger and more stable. I live in an EMF minimized home to what I could reasonably do and have completely changed my lifestyle to try to recover from debilitating fatigue and stress related issues from 5 years ago. Overal I'm doing significantly better than I once was, thanks to this community and Dr.Kruse, as well as some other biohackers and wise individuals I've had the honor of spending time with as mentors/friends.

    Currently my biggest challenges are fatigue radiating from my throat that can also cause anxiety/nausea or sometimes the other way around and waking up in the middle of the night CONSTANTLY. I just got a 23andMe to learn more about my haplotype and phenotype as well as a 10 gauss magnetico sleep pad. The sleep thing is really the biggest frustration and hurdle I want to get through. At this point I'm willing to do almost anything I can.

    Like many of you, I'm sick of feeling sick and just want to be healthy so I can support others efficiently and enjoy my life. Here to help anybody I can, here to learn, here to be with you all as we grow together. Blessings to you all :love:

    PS if you have any insights into the magnetico pad I'd really appreciate hearing them.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Bryce and welcome.....

    Please start a journal in the optimal journal section and give Dr. K. some health history. Also your Mom's and Gran's.

    Do you have 5G there?

    How do you do when you get away from civilisation for a few weeks?
    Do you go camping? swimming in rivers? fishing?
    Have you spent iany time in the Yucatan?

    What happened five years ago when all your issues started? Where did you live then?

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