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Brents Magnetico Journal

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Brent Patrick, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    we are
    we were noticing that even a summer weight doona was too warm. I thought a doona would be self regulating?

    We now have a linen coverlet and that is warm enuf......more natural I suppose?
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Cool to read Brent :) :)

    I have a 10 gauss magnetico too, and I do sleep in unheated bedroom and window wide open all year long (bed right by the window, no curtains, so I get to see the stars and feel the wind on my face). We get freezing temps here in winter too. I love to sleep in cold!
    Very cool to think about that my magnetico gets an even stronger effect then :) :)

    I need to have warm feet when I go to bed! Or it will be hard to fall asleep. I sometimes use a warm water bottle on my feet, especially in winter. It helps a lot. Otherwise I use a very thin summer duvet, and in winter I use a wool blanket on the top of it if it is too cold, or a little thicker duvet. I cannot sleep if I freeze tho, so I do use as much covers as I need to feel comfortable, but I do adapt pretty well to the cold so I do not need so thick covers anyways. My face and head gets the cold anyways :)
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  3. Hi Caroline

    I found the same regarding the doona ,it became to hot and thus went back to old fashioned woolen blankets so I could peel back or add based on how I was feeling
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  4. Hi Inger

    The socks are a big thing I to cannot sleep without keeping my feet warm the water bottle is a good idea

    summer duvet?? I just looked it up is this the same as a Doona ?

    "Very cool to think about that my magnetico gets an even stronger effect then" :) :)

    I noticed a more balance feeling and more grounded coming out of Winter sleeping on the magnetico
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  5. tsoang

    tsoang New Member

    Hi Brent, have you ever tested the polarity of your sleep pad using a magnet?

    I just got my magnetico sleep pad today. I did a test on the north/south magnetic pole test. My magnet south pole is facing up when I put my magnet on the sleep pad. I made sure my magnet is right on top of a sleep pad magnet. Not in between two magnets. So that means that my magnetico sleep pad is south facing up. I have the label on the sleep pad and I'm following the instruction to up the label side up. From magnetico website, it says it's supposed to be negative side facing up, which is north side facing up. Did I get defective sleep pad?
  6. I have never done that test..I followed directions from magnetico and have had Nil issues.
    If you live in southern hemisphere the direction of the polarity will be different to northern hemisphere.

    I suggest you contact magnetico for clarification the crew are very helpful
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  7. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    Hi Brent, I have been in contact with the magnetico company. They have suggested using strong cardboard or plywood on top of any slats to counter any bulging on the bottom of the pad. My first issue is the off-gassing of using such materials. (My son is extremely allergic to VOC's- redox problem). Do you- or anyone else- have any ideas as a substitute barrier? Also, a barrier doesn't seem to encourage good airflow. I guess, any ideas for a breathable, yet strong platform for the sleep pad?
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    We have a Koala wood bed base and it has holes in it.
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  9. Rena I placed a half inch queen size piece of pine board under the magnetico and it works perfect,if off gassing is an issue I would be looking for a timber that has low emissions. Alternately what Caroline mentioned above would be perfect for you here's a picture of the Koala wood base

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  10. Rena3

    Rena3 Gold

    Thanks Brent and Caroline! Good suggestions and can’t wait to get it!

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