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Brents Magnetico Journal

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Brent Patrick, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Appreciated Mate...I am going to hook into the Webinar tomorrow cant wait:)
  2. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    So got way to curios and had to start relisting allready :)
    pay special attention to this part of the webinar 20:30 - 30:00 think this is what he was referring to
    This seems to be a huge hint to the benefit of the your Magnetico to
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  3. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Slam your the man ..I most certainly will thanks so much :):):)

    The best part is the relistening of the Webinars ..thats where all the dots are connected :glasses:
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  4. Sajid Mahmood

    Sajid Mahmood R.I.P Kobe Bryant

    Does the magnetico deplete deuterium?
  5. Allin

    Allin New Member

    What does a magnetic do and when is it used? Helps put the spin of your electrons in one direction, at night in the dark when your body is running its repair or replace your mitochondria program. You can drink deuterium depleted water, improve your ReDox or efficiency of your mitochondria so more DDW is made. I have read where complete combustion of 100 gm. of fat produces about 110 gm. of metabolic (DDW) water, whereas 100 gm. of carbohydrate yields only 55 gm. of water. ( And no there was nothing specific about the type of fat consumed.)

    Remember which cytochromes can (eat) run off of just RED/IR light and produce energy and water? What type of water is made is wholly dependent upon the redox power in the cell at that particular moment based upon the physics present in the environment. This redox power is wholly tied to the environment and the frequencies of starlight that is present and stored in water networks around our bio-molecules that make electric power from electric and magnetic fields in sun light.
  6. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    The following from Jack helps me understand reduction in Brownian motion in relation to sleeping on the Magnetico and its relevance to Deuterium Depletion. So ultimately the earths native magnetic force is able to correctly read RNA DNA for optimal health.

    This also explains whilst sleeping on the Magnetico the importance of pre-loading with DHA and Deuterium Depleted Water and the Increased rate of regeneration the past two weeks I have noticed from my regular workout routine. My n=1

    ''This is a high level science talk. So it may overwhelm some of you. But deuterium is fundamentally a story tied to magnetic fields because its magnetic moment is very different than H+ is and our mitochondria is where our mangeitc fields are generated by humans in our organs to different degrees. That field is linked to metabolic rate of those tissues and how much deuterium is present in them. One of the most pervasive and mysterious phenomena in the universe is magnetism. What is more mysterious is how life uses it. It is among the most complex biologic phenomena in our world. As a scientist knows it, magnetism is the invisible pull that surrounds magnets, electric currents and even the electrons that circle the heart of the atom. Physicists do not wholly understand it, but they use it constantly. Cells use it more than most could ever fathom in the matrix and TCA cycle. I've written lists about magnetic effects in cells but none were meant to be complete. They reflect our knowledge as of today. All the hundreds of thousands of electrical devices in the modern world have fields of magnetic force coursing through them. This includes anyone reading this thread via the blue light from the screen to your retina. The electric and magnetic field in that light are altering the size and shape of things in your retina as you read to change in a way you cannot fathom. Any discovery that promises stronger or better controlled magnetism is immensely important to both practical industry and theoretical science. It is massively important for the biologic syncytium because of is reliance on H+ over deuterium. The change in the magnetic moment is how life controls growth and metabolism in careful ways. The magnetic field we live under in acts like the circuit board for the current in our cell membranes built around the pi electron clouds of DHA in the lipid rafts. Liquid crystals (think H2O) are relatively easily aligned with electric and magnetic fields, which is the basis of the liquid crystal display screens that come with watches, calculators, computers and computer games. Most of these changes in water are due to changes in charges on water’s hydrogen bonding network. On Earth currents move from higher voltages to lower voltages. In space they can move any way they want. This is why Maunder minimum’s and maximum's are something life below on Earth needs to pay attention too. These massive flows of energies can flow in the Birkeland currents of space until they collide with our magnetosphere. When they do sparks and a light show can result. On Earth below at the poles, water is a natural magnetic dipole. In July 2012, the Earth almost was hit by a massive energy flow according to NASA. Water everywhere reacts to the electric and magnetic field it is placed in. This makes it the perfect chemical to imprint patterns from a magnetic field. Magnetic hysteresis occurs in rocks and in water networks. Biology has yet to realize it, but Luc Montagnier water experiments showed it to the world a few years ago. Few realize what he showed them. This is one way we can determine patterns to organize other chemicals within a cell. The cell membrane (DHA) is also known to play a major role in pattern determination. It is also surrounded by water in a cell. That water is DDW and not bulk water. DDW is much more fine tunned to magnetic fields. This is why the matrix makes it. This implies that the cell membrane also has electric and magnetic effects associated with it. One way in which an external static magnetic field can affect body pattern is if a global alignment of membrane components — as a kind of phase transition brought on normally by an endogenous electric field — is involved in pattern determination. DHA inclusion in the cell membrane allows for the generation of this electric field. In this case, a weak external magnetic field (earth) could easily interact with the endogenous electric field to alter the alignment on a global scale. This is precisely what the Earth’s magnetic field does in concert with the massive electric potentials stored in cell membranes everywhere in life. The frequency of this interaction is known as the Schumann resonance. This is how a cell and the Earth’s magnetic field interact on a quantum basis. This is not metaphysical science. It is quantum mechanics at work in matter on this planet. Life uses a DC current to generate its electric fields for regeneration. It does not use an AC field discovered by Tesla. In fact, hid field disrupts all life. The power grid made by man however uses an AC current and then it is rectified before it gets into our homes as a DC current. The AC field has the ability to wreck havoc on the interaction between the magnetic and electric fields in cells because of DDW made in the matrix. Significantly, alternating magnetic fields invariably fail to produce the ‘twisted’ morphology seen in Birkland currents. AC fields produce other abnormalities in significant ways that block key aspects of cellular signaling and morphogenesis. This is especially problematic during growth and development humans. These observations are consistent with the hypothesis that static fields act via the alignment of macroscopic arrays of molecules. Alternating magnetic or electric fields are unable to achieve these effects'' DR JK FB

    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  7. I have a 20 Gauss 'long' single (2 pads 10 Gauss each) for sale. Reason is I am moving back to Ireland I hate to let it go but I have to. I live in the Los Angeles area so that would of course be the easiest option. Please leave a message, my email is patgrif@hotmail.com it's fine to write me there. Patrick
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Patrick! Where have you been :love:
  9. Hi Inger, nice to hear from you. No great changes from me I have just got interested in a lot of different stuff broadly in what could be called 'political' I suppose. But I am following through on Dr Kruse's 'advice' of several years ago and plan to leave Los Angeles in about a month. I am moving back to Ireland to live on the farm I grew up on. I have a physical 'challenge' also I have developed what is called 'drop foot' which is quite annoying and debilitating. Basically is a nerve problem to the point where some nerves do not 'fire' and then that causes muscle problems and so on. It's only on one leg but then I limp and then that throws my back out and then my shoulder hurts etc etc.

    I still follow Dr Kruse's 'protocols' (Protocols of Dr Kruse instead of the Protocols of Zion lol) with sunshine, eating fish and so on. But Jack did warn me that I could not be well in LA and that might well be the case. There is always the issue of nnEMF here of course. In Ireland I will be out in the country and above all I am looking forward to drinking spring water as there is a well on the farm. I will miss the sunshine very much of course that I hope will not depress me totally! It might and they spray chemtrails there also. I find that so annoying as Ireland was always short of sunshine and now the little bit we get they take away from us. Do they spray in Germany and Scandinavia? I am pretty sure they do.

    I am probably putting too much faith in the spring water but at this point it feels urgent that I get it otherwise my health will continue to go down. On the other hand I will be missing the sun. Wish me the best and nice to hear from you Inger. I would not mind a chat with Dr Kruse I don't know if he still does that. If so I am up for it I could use some good advice in this new 'episode' of my life
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am probably putting too much faith in the spring water but at this point .............
    This is deuterium time.
    Are you following it?
    Unless corrected latter, as it stands now
    RO water is THE best water one can get when looking for the cheapest (or expensive) widely available waters that have minimal deuterium content.

    Pellegrino, Poland Spring, glacial waters
    are not even close to ordinary RO when judged by their deuterium content.

    When you go to store, the least expensive waters are often RO waters.

    One of the widely available is Aquafina by Pepsi.
    It was tested 139.5ppm

    Many RO waters do not put on label that they have RO within their process, you have to google to find it out.

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  11. Ted

    Ted New Member

    I was going to buy a Magnetico and then I heard JK on a podcast saying that you need a kill-switch in the room to use it. Is this necessary? I don't think that I can do that.
  12. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Hi Ted can you refer me to that podcast please ,as I have never heard Jack say that ?

    To be honest I use my magnetico on the second floor of my house ( I have wiring running under the bed)I have slept with out cutting the main breaker the first month and the last 7 weeks have slept with cutting the main breaker and have noticed no difference to sleep (deep sleep)
    but having said that I have the magnetico raised from the floor wiring by 3 feet and 3/5 feet from nearest wall socket I suspect there are a lot of variables due to individual wiring setups in each individuals living arrangement.
    But nearly 2 months in sleeping on the magnetico ,I am sleeping deep and waking up fully charged.
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  13. Ted

    Ted New Member

    Hello Brent,

    I'm not sure which podcast it was...maybe the New Me? I'll have to re listen to some and will let you know if I come across it. I didn't think that you needed a kill-switch with the Magnetico, but that is what Jack had said.
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Patrick, I do think they spray here too.... sadly. But not too much. Just, this last summer/fall was very rainy! I still managed to tan a lot tho, as I am always out when the sun is out and I do not have to work. I can do it because I do not work full time.. just 3-4 days/week, and I start work at 11 AM so I always get the morning sun when the sky is clear :). Helps very much :)

    Yeah, I think the nnEMF in Los Angeles is messing you up :(
    When you move to Ireland you could take vacations in the winter to Spain or other places in the sun? That would help a lot :)
    Also you can order glacial water online, it is not too expensive :) Or test your well water for deuterium content, maybe it is great? If not so mu7ch, then further deplete if with freezing it a couple of times, check on youtube how to make DDW :)

    You really need to update on this deuterium issue, it is sooo interesting! :) So many pieces of the puzzle suddenly fall into place, it is so simple, so natural :)

    Take care Patrick, and do not stop reading on the forum, you always learn a lot here :) :)
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  15. Ted

    Ted New Member

    Hello Brent,

    It's this podcast at around the 29:00 mark:
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  16. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Hi Ted

    Thanks for that ,yes Jack mentions the kill switch around the same time as the magnetico
    and I think it comes down to reducing as much nnEMF from your life including bedroom/

    I am in the process of getting my electrician to come to my house to rewire and put a kill switch in the bedroom
    I believe there is a solution to every problem that may arise in your environment. I guess you have to find yours, hope you do Ted as the magnetico is well worth it

    I would not get rid of my magnetico as results so far have been great ,and as previous stated I slept with the mains switch on for the first month and slept very well but everyone's environment is different, ultimately I do want the kill switch .
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Have a listen about the member event just completed in Mexico and when we mention the cenotes and magnetic field...........
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  18. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Yes I did Jack,,,, that's what interested me most with your interview with Nathan , I've already started preparing for a trip too Playa del Carmen this June/July (our winter in Oz) things are in motion cant wait!
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  19. Ted

    Ted New Member

    Hello Brent,

    I agree with your assessment. The Magnetico will improve your environment. Getting rid of the other nnEMF with a kill switch will make it even better. So for now I'll get the Magnetico and look into a kill switch later.
  20. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Mate you wont be disappointed just make sure you preload up on DHA if you haven't already , I think most people run foul with the magnetico as There PUFA'S are out of balance and after decades of very minimal Gauss at around .5- .6 getting a hit of up too 40 times the field strength can cause an "adjustment period"

    If the Individual is having extreme reactions then too me that would imply a real toxic environment full of nnEMF. Fix environment first as we both agree on.

    Having said that Ted if the magnetico was such an issue for some then going to Mexico to the cenotes would pose a major problem but this does not seem to be the case ,Jack has stated the Magnetic field strength is hundreds of times stronger in this area.
    Mexico would appear to be a place to recalibrate the Mind and Body too recharge the batteries.

    Look forward to hearing your experiences with the Magnetico Ted.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
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