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Discussion in 'The Cave' started by PaulG, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Yup. Though unfortunately I'm within the metro and 10km from the CBD, so the EMF situation is not the greatest. At least all my neighbours are over 70, go to bed at 9pm, and don't have any WiFi :p
  2. haha
    i am in bendigo currently, moving to torquay in 2 weeks for some ocean time
    some weird shit goes on in bendigo. not that big a city (100, 000) but i suspect EMF amplified from a change to the geological structures (quartz and gold) from the gold rush...gotta get out
  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Neil said
    A neighbor has his 3 year old dog on chemotherapy now. We can include pets in with all the human patients.
  5. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Oh, that poor dog! I understand that people are very attached to pets...they are part of the family. I just could not put mine through that kind of treatment.
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I just read that sandstone has porphyrin rings in it's structure. Probably good at absorbing UV..
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Are you still haunted by bad cholesterol science? You shouldn't be. Cholesterol is not something you should waste your time with any longer. Any type of cellular stress lowers our stores of ATP and of magnesium (Mg) because they are coupled together by our ATPase enzyme in mitochondria. This is classically seen in diabetes development. Another interesting thing also occurs to the cell, that we clinicians can follow on our patients regular labs like a Chem 7 or BMP. Their carbon dioxide (CO2) levels also fall, while cells become dehydrated, because mitochondria are actively transfer tons of electrons to O2 to make more ATP to replace the deficit from the stress. This causes a simultaneous drop in CO2. The normal cellular response to ANY cellular stress however is rather telling to review for most lay people and MD's because they may have forgot how that biochemistry works via its connection to the environment. The simultaneous fall in ATP and Mg2+ stimulates the cell to make LDL cholesterol! Yes, you read that correctly folks, the supposedly bad LDL stuff, LOL! It is obviously not bad if the cell is making it for some reason. Let us look why the cell does this. You may want to reread this blog on cholesterol.

    The cell responds to all stress by increasing cholesterol production. If you go into an ICU with a patient with an acute infection and draw their lipids (not often done except by a tool like me) you will find sky high LDL cholesterol. And that is both LDL and HDL, but they LDL fraction is much higher. Higher LDL cholesterol stabilizes the inner mitochondrial membrane function during heavy oxidative phosphylation (cellular energy production). So a raised LDL actually helps mitochondria retain its electric charge to condense H+ inside the matrix to make energy using metallic light hydrogen. Making CO2 and non D20 water is the reason our cells stole a bacteria 600 million years ago. And since the cell is trying to recover from a stressor, it needs a good inner mitochondrial membrane in which to transfer its electrons to make ATP. That is the reason why this occurs. You can review this at your leisure.

    But here is why the cholesterol story tends to trip clinicians up. The cholesterol is needed by the cell for many uses. To be used properly, cholesterol is made to stabilize membranes and make all our hormones. To do this several co factors are also required. If the cells have a lot of toxins around or the use of the cholesterol is too slow it can oxidize and become the real bad stuff called the sdLDL that is oxidized easily (sdLDLox). This is the stuff that can hurt you. How does this happen? Well to make steroids we need an adequate amount of thyroid hormone and vitamin A around to convert the cholesterol to pregnenolone and then to DHEA. T3 is made from solar exposure from sunrise until UVA light appears. Vitamin A is made properly when a normal photoperiod is followed from surise to sunset. Any circadian disruption causes a LOWERED vitamin A cycle as my January 2017 webinar shows. Remember the Hormone 101 blog post that spoke of pregnenolone steal syndrome? So if someone is hypothyroid and/or has low vitamin A levels they can accumulate higher sdLDLox and this lowers the HDL level. Remember from the VAP blog post that a lower HDL means less filtering ability (endocytosis clearing by the liver) in the liver's portal circulation for endotoxins. This process breaks the long loop of the Bazan effect and we lose the ability to replace DHA and recycle Vitamin A in our cells. That means that the liver is no longer as good a sieve to filter any toxins from our guts to keep the antioxidant burden in our general circulation low. If DHA and Vitamin A are not replaced in cell membranes this is how leptin reistance develops as laid out in the Reality 4 blog post. Continuing on, the lowered HDL causes a "leakier" gut too to proteins and the same is true of the blood brain barrier. This means both the gut and brain are more easily exposed to toxins and unwanted toxins that lower the redox potential in cells to further oxidize the blood plasma and lower the exclusion zone further.https://www.nhs.uk/news/heart-and-l...o-link-between-cholesterol-and-heart-disease/
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  8. Coldsnow

    Coldsnow New Member

  9. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Just glancing thru this thread .......huge amount of wisdom here.

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