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Brand new, thanks for having us!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Emma C, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Hi Caroline :)

    when you said "there is radar there at the airport" what do you mean? I mean, I get the basics of what you are saying, but the airport is pretty far from us. I can't imagine that is a concern?
  2. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Thank you!
  3. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Hi Chad,

    So...gut, chest and back, huh? I've been screwing that up! I've been going for face, arms and legs (it's freezing, so I keep wrapped in my robe). Oops.
  4. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    No solar! We aren't sure what is stopping us from opting out, other than Dominion just being ass holes. I'm going to follow through with the link that SkiCoach gave me and see where we get. However, both my husband and I feel worse when we come home. Not sure what it is exactly, but this house is not our ideal environment.
  5. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Hi! (I don't know your name),

    Great ideas! What are the ages of your kids? Never thought about moccasins! love that.

    Have you taken your kids to PDC? We'd love to! Are your kids in school? Ours are, for now, but I think that ship is getting ready to sail.

    We have a very cold creek on the back of our property and the kids pretty much live in that if it's above 60 outside. However, I read something about how electrical lines are not properly grounded and the return electrical current is just put into the ground to return to the station and can sometimes "hop onto" underground water. Have you heard about this?
  6. johnsonmd

    johnsonmd Gold

    My name is Michelle. I have 9 adult kids from 25 to 36. I spend alot of time with the 37 grand kids from 1 month old to 16 years old. Most of whom are home schooled.
    If the kids love to play in the creek, I would guess it's because it feels good. You could try to get a meter and test it. Maybe get some leather and let the kids make their own moccasins.

    I take the kids up into the mountains to our cabin. It's a higher elevation and greater UV. They play in the river and go fishing. Lots of sun! Barely any cell phone service. Nobody around.
    I am longing to take a trip to Mexico, just haven't yet.

    Been doing hospice care for stepdad. Who is now cancer free! Yay!
    caroline likes this.
  7. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Wow, that's a lot of grandkids! Where do you live?
  8. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Hi Emma,
    Wow, you have done a lot to learn about and make adjustments around all this invisible stuff that is hurting you and your family. Kudos on all you've done to bring down the intensity of all the waves that have been assaulting you and your kids.
    If you need anymore encouragement to help you get to the place where you can actually do the move, here are a couple of ideas: If your backyard (reason you chose the place) measures at 300 microwatts/meter squared, that is a BIG DEAL for you and for your kids.
    To start making the invisable visible to you, you might want to buy a meter that measures RF (radio frequency--cell phones, smart meters, WIFI, etc.) You might also want to buy a meter that measures the magnetic fields that come with anything electrical--can show you the strength (measured in milligauss) of the electric fields around anything electrical in your home and outside. You might want to contact Less EMF.com or Safe Living Technologies or...with questions--they have been helpful to me in the past. You might want to check with the person who did your survey for recommendations. You can do this.
    caroline likes this.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    never assume anything! you are right - the airport is pretty far away .....but....

    what kind of an airport is it? like - could there be stuff underground?
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

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