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Brain disease/chronic fatigue/ocd diet hack

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by Chaostheory, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    So I've recently come to the realization that my disease is probably mitochondrial in nature. I have testing that shows it, mito hacks make me feel stronger mentally...but I'm stuck on what to do to get more resilient so I can continue to heal versus fall back into my old habits.

    The other day and yesterday I went and looked at the sunrise, and went on a walk. I stood barefoot outside and waded through a local lake. I also spent $5 to be in an infared tanning bed for 30 mins (this felt really good).

    Most of my lab tests are fairly normal, but they were done after receiving fecal transplants, which I think may have normalized a lot of things in my body. However, I do still have gut inflammation, adrenal burnout, and mitochondrial issues.

    I have a lot of signs of choline deficiency. I'm going to try duck eggs (intolerant to regular eggs) as well as a phosphatidylcholine supplement or maybe MSM (I think I'll do MSM). Phosphatidylserine from soy has helped a little in the past. I'll also supplement uridine. I've also been taking resistant starch for the butyrate (from potato starch). Before going to a doctor, I was trying some crazy things like nsi-189 which didn't work as well as I'd hoped.

    I've been occasionally taking acetyl-l-carnitine and alpha-lipoic-acid (is also in one of my blood sugar supplements).

    Some hacks I've been thinking of trying: restore4life to help arrest the gut issue, creatine for overall body energy/strength, and I really need something to help with my food cravings/addiction and I was thinking forskolin might be able to help me with that as well as help with thyroid (feel free to tell me other ways to do this).

    The infared made me feel better and more resilient to the cold lake, but is being in a tanning bed healthy? I'm not sure. I'll probably just buy an infared reptile lamp anyway so I don't have to go to the tanning salon except maybe for their uva bed.

    One question: the only big things I've changed recently are pqq versus coq10 for the last week (ran out of coq10 & had some pqq lying around), infrared bed for 30 mins one day plus some outside sun last few days, and wading through a local lake the last few days. I'm starting to feel a little more alive, or aware, really. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the lake is what did the most for me. What do you think?

    The three things I'm adding into my RX: reconnecting with busy friends I've been avoiding, tai chi or qui gong to move things through my body, and maybe babysitting or some kind of social work so I can feel good helping others. Also I printed out the Change RX and skimmed over that.

    Oh, another thing I've been doing based off of what I watched on a youtube video: Primal Play. It's specific physical exercises that are good for your brain, I found it through the terry wahl's website.

    Would just a regular infrared reptile lamp from a pet store be good enough as far as infrared goes?

    I also have been taking magcalm at night and doing some epsom salt baths, and think I may be low on potassium since i’m getting muscle twitches. How much potassium should i take and what brand? Should I also be supplementing boron? I’m working up to 37.5 mg iodine (was low in it since i live in michigan), and some selenium.

    My final idea for my brain is to put LLLT on my thyroid and brain to help for myelination purposes. Would that be better than the infrared?
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  2. matthewsb77

    matthewsb77 New Member

    Hey Chaostheory! Thanks for the post. Sounds like we're in a similar position, though I'm a little worse off than you. I'm learning a ton and would love help if I can.

    First, a question for you: what tests are showing that your mitochondria aren't working properly? I mean, what was measured? Also, what kind of UV bed were you using? Did it have UVA, -B, and -C?

    Also curious about the lake -- what is the benefit there? I'm genuinely curious, as I don't think I've gotten that far in Kruse's discussions yet.

    As far as NIR light therapy goes, look at what Dr. Lawrence Wilson suggests on this for a potential design. He also has a whole book on the subject of NIR therapy, but you've gotta ignore the Nutritional Balancing system he advocates. (I've used it, it's good, but a couple decades behind all the EMF and other modern problems.) http://drlwilson.com/SAUNAS/SAUNA PLANS.htm If you don't want to or can't build a whole unit, you can use one Sylvania 250W red heat lamp. I highly recommend doing a full four-bulb set-up, though (not three as might be shown in Dr. L's plans). It makes a huge difference to get your whole body exposed. And do it naked. More fun, and more exposure. I felt a huge difference between one lamp and four, seriously. And if you can do the full set-up, get this light bulb as well for the UV: http://www.blacklight.com/items/ftbpa19blb

    And if you can spend the money, I recommend the Magnetico that Kruse recommends. First INSTANT on it I felt different. The next morning I woke up with a smile on my face for the first time in years. I was so sick when I started it that I sometimes couldn't bathe myself.

    I don't know enough about the cholines or LLLT to help you there. I DO know what a biohacker friend of mine says, which is that the laser therapies aren't necessary if you have red bulbs and UV. But that's just one person telling you what one other person has said. . . don't take my word on that.

    For iodine, I recommend Nature's Way Kelp. Cheap and effective, though some might disagree with me on it. If you're trying to get boron, Endomet Laboratories has a Calcium/Magnesium/Boron supplement that is relatively inexpensive and works fine. Others may have a negative opinion about Ca/Mg, but it's where I've gotten mine. Also make sure that if there's a thyroid issue, that you're also taking selenium. I can't remember exactly why this is necessary, but you need that and iodine together.

    And though it might sound like obsession, people on this forum aren't kidding when they say to manage your light environment. If you aren't already doing it, make sure you take AT LEAST the step of doing morning sunlight right away to set your clock, and blue-blockers, covered skin, and minimal light at night. Some on here say total darkness or red only after sunset. I find that a little extreme because then I would have no social interaction whatsoever (I'm coming out of a phase of being unable to even do staircases, so my interaction comes from the two people I live with, in the evenings). And again, can't say enough for the NIR sauna units. If you or anyone you know has decent hands-on skills for building, you can build the whole thing for $100 or less, including the bulbs. I have a timer added to mine, too, which is nice.

    Gut-wise: don't overlook the simple stuff. Sauerkraut, kombucha (sparingly, as it contains a lot of aldehydes), probiotics.

    I'm also finding CBD is helping a lot.

    EMFs: what's your environment like? Are you grounded? Around computers and cell phone a lot? I'm sure you already know this, but if you're not at least minimizing your EMFs, that can affect your whole system, including your thyroid. I believe I remember reading something about radiation destroying the thyroid? And Kruse talks about how the thyroid can get destroyed by the wrong light, over time. . . so again, refer back to the bit about light environment.

    For improving mito capacity and health, you can also look into Magnesium bicarbonate. It's the form of magnesium best suited for improving energy in the mitochondria. My friend Matt Blackburn makes the stuff still, I believe, or you can get it from PristineHydro.

    This one's a little "out there" and some would say pseudo-science, so don't do it on its own, but worth looking into: German New Medicine, and German New Medicine thyroid. Google those. You can get a look at some potential emotional conflicts and how they can cause actual rings on the brain (shown in CT scans) and how that affects certain functions of organs in the body. It didn't do anything, but I know some people whose lives totally changed overnight with awareness of a traumatic trigger and how it related to their symptoms.

    Muscle twitching can also be about Mg deficiency, I believe. Instead of supplementing potassium long-term and potentially imbalancing something you're not aware of, I'd recommend trying a megadose of K for a couple days (like, too much if you were to take it regularly) and see what changes.

    I do Epsom salt baths every few days. I don't know how much they help me.

    Hope this helps. I tried to be as detailed and exhaustive as possible, addressing all the points I could, as I really appreciate it when people do the same for me. Much Love.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Silver

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
  4. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Also, don't miss the simple stuff...more sunlight and a good, unfluoridated water source. If you're brave, maybe try CT. And as said above, minimize exposures to manmade EMFs, which is probably the hardest task in our modern world.
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