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Bracelets and The Kruse Cruise

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by MrPinkies, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    If you are going on the Kruse cruise.. be excited.. very very excited! ;) <small sample!!> Kruisecruise.jpg
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  3. cinnamon

    cinnamon Gold

    I simply could not decide which bracelet to get. So I got two!
    Thank you, Kate! They are beautiful. :)

    Oh, and the pics below were taken in my yard the day after I got back from the cruise. The leaves are from the magnolia tree at Jack's house in NOLA. :D

    black.jpg white.jpg

    I think maybe I will switch between the two bracelets as the seasons change. ;):cool:

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  4. Grmoline

    Grmoline Gold

    I think I got first pick, since I was the first to jump into the supply you sent to NOLA. I love it!!! Thank you!
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  5. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Cinnamon!!!!! They are beautiful on you!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! My heart just overflows when I see pictures like this!!!
  6. RobH

    RobH Gold

    We love ours. Kate / Gretchen, watched your podcast on Autism. Wow. Really great stuff and so personal. Thank you! Will be referring some folks there.

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  7. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Hey Rob... was it you that was saying that your 4 year old wanted a bracelet???

    and thank you... Thank you so much for your feed back!!! :) It was personal, but, it felt phenomenal to share...

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